What have I missed?

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  1. JayJay2515 New Player

    Now before I say anything I want to clarify this isn't a "I'm back everybody!!!!" thread, it kinda is but I'm not craving attention.

    Anyway I took a break from DCUO I have no clue for how long but I want to start playing again. I originally stopped when GTAV came out plus the amount of stress trying to run Nexus and Paradox. Another reason I lost interest was the Plus games on ps3

    With T6 being announced I feel the urge to get my DCUO on and I need to stop my ps4 from collecting dust until Watch Dogs comes out. Basically what I'm trying to figure out is what should I know heading back into the game? I'm a full T5 (Hero) controller with a couple of T.whatever level that gear is you buy from the SoT DLC.
  2. Jiffex New Player

    GTA V killed DCUO. GU 36 killed DCUO. Oh and ESO killed DCUO. And we got a unicorn trinket.
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  3. LL New Player

    Wow ...lol...
  4. LL New Player

    Ummm you have t 5.9 to get now. It is the gear dropping from war of light. Also more skill points as more feats in war of light but also sons of Trigon.

    There are big changes coming if you clip, or jump cancel. Also new weapon mastery is coming which will change combat for t6

    Lots of other stuff, but u need owl for this I never remember everything. :)
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  5. JayJay2515 New Player

    Thanks is there anything else I need to know regarding buffs, nerfs, vault drops, voice changes etc?
  6. Breakforce Loyal Player

    Well you might also notice hair growing in places that didnt have hair before.
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  7. Ava1Spade New Player

    There are wolverines in the ventilation system of the Hall of Doom.

    The Arkham Monster has been nerfed.

    The dragons protecting the Daily Planet will not aggro unless you use superpowers on them.

    After being slighted yet again by fate and not being able to be with Nora, Mr. Freeze has opted for a lifestyle change, and after his 6 month vacation to Sweden, he is now officially known as "Mrs. Freeze".
  8. Zeldelia New Player

    Sorcery and Nature got revamped as well.
  9. ToneMD New Player

    They made Rage OP, causing many to turn to celestial to show that it wasn't OP.
    Results are inconclusive.

    They also stopped allowing us to charge our lazers.

    Lastly, they took valuable crown-designing-time to make a lame April Fools joke that is kinda sorta funny.

    Gimme mah crown you DEVS!
  10. TheDarkMantis New Player

    There's more stuff.
  11. Ghaladh Dedicated Player

    In this way he will never return! You guys have the enthusiasm of an octogenarian. :-D Can't you even make up stories to make things more interesting?

    Let me save this thread.

    So, with the last expansion, Supermen went crazy and retired from crime-fighting to open a fast-food with the Flash. They brag for having the fastest service on earth (they actually makes deliveries all over the planet.
    Batman married Oracle and departed for a honeymoon on Mogo to never be seen again.
    Wonder Woman opened a Victoria's Secret shop. Now the heroes are tutored by Justin Bieber, Edward the Sparkly Vampire and Harry Potter. For inexplicable reasons there has been a migration toward the villain side.
    You start the game as T5, any power kills everything instantly, even the healing powers.
    Brainiac is allied to the Secret Society in order to kill Justin Bieber and is revered as a hero also amongst the JL members.

    Other things are going on, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for you.
  12. somerandombats New Player

    i would play that as a villian
  13. Epic Wins New Player

    you missed nothing, game feels the same except for rage tanking which seems like a descent change.

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