What Happened to VIT?

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  1. IzzyLizzard Well-Known Player

    anything that has to do with power gets increased with vit, that means, break out power back, power back from prom neck pieces, tactical mods in your weapon, power regen, the more vit you have the more power will be oozing from you, which is good for a controller, you can split mod your gear but it cuts your vit down, and all the things i mention will be lowered because of it.
  2. Agnetta Dedicated Player

    did you see the latest friday night legends with odyssey trying one of the t5 raids? Even wearing SIX pieces of t5 gear each, the trollers were forced to power spam the entire time. they even showed the scorecard a few times. guess where the 2 trollers were on the scoreboard in terms of damage out? dead LAST.

    if trollers are not spamming as much power as they possibly can, i doubt it will be possible to complete t5 content.
  3. Sore Steadfast Player

    1) Controllers run challenges and duos too. Many in DPS stance to get it over faster. If they are happy with their power out, it's none of your business where they put their excess skillpoints

    2) Here's a spreadsheet. Tweak the numbers. Put in your stats. See what gives you a better result for your NEXT skillpoint. I haven't played with it in a while. I'm sure VIT is better than CUNNING for your first innate. As yout VIT gets higher, you'll reach a point that is no longer true. Do you know where that line is? Play with the spreadsheet. OR...just continue to make stuff up like you have been so far.

    http://files.enjin.com/208137/Files/Vit Modeling.xlsx
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  4. C Falcon Active Player

    But it does split in a group and thats where it matters the most. I hit over 1k with my power dump in duos and I have 1262 vit and only have 58 sp on my troller.

    Oh and as far as the low sp thing with my toon goes, I chose to get 120 + on my tank, 116 on my healer and i had no intention of grinding sp on my troll until my league asked me to make them decent. I've chosen to have this character at 87 cr ( no plb rings) with 45 sp for some time and have had few issues running this way.

    2 good trolls with decent stats are better than 1 bad troll with superior stats being carried the entire way by a good troll with decent stats.
  5. Dead_Corps New Player

    I wasn't talkin about trollers but the other roles. Sorry if I confused you on this.

    @Izzy Yes I might not have 146sp on my main troll but then again I can log out and come back as what ever I want to be. I think having 95sp is just fine and I have yet come across a raid where we didn't have power.
  6. IzzyLizzard Well-Known Player

    what exacly did i make up?
    im ok, i dont want to play with a spread sheet, id rather play DCUO. i can FEEL the power the higher my vit gets, and thats all that matters really.
    as for excess skill points, what excess? you dont have excess until your finished, and the way i see it trolls have alot more vit to buy now before their they have extra SP.
  7. Dead_Corps New Player

    not to double post but who controls a DUO? you get 110 from killing adds. I DUO in troller stance maybe but with full DPS gear on. Defib gone speed drain gone. You just don't need them. Speed feat every time
  8. Mountie New Player

    Its called diminishing returns. It is there to make min maxing less effective and allow a more rounded character development. look it up.
  9. BomombRook New Player

    Lol love it when people think like this. Reminds me of all the times I saved a tank, dps and even healers with my CC powers. I rarely power any dpser that burns a bar in 2 or 3 seconds really. That is why there is weapons to power yourself because a tank and healer need power more then a dpser really. You will say I am wrong but then again for T5 raids, you will need 2 tanks, power moves will use more of your power, which means no more power dumping and controllers will be able to use their control power more without people saying what you said.

    DLC 7= The promise land for controllers lmao.
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  10. Dead_Corps New Player

    But if you watch FUNDA is spamming his mass terror the whole time not power out.
  11. Dead_Corps New Player

    5 vit or crit chance hum let me think.... I'll take crit chance thank you and I didn't even have to think. You can only mod so much crit chance but you can mod so much more vit.
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  12. BomombRook New Player

    Really? Doubt you say anything about tanks trying to dps.......
  13. BomombRook New Player

    Uhm what if, now stay with me, what if the controllers used CC and they all had full t5? Seriously people think that trolls are meant to dump yet why is it I have seen some great controllers power dump and use CC moves. Hope t5 shows a controller can do more then just power dump and also it will teach people to use their damn weapons as well instead of spamming powers only( as a troll it's annoying to see people spam powers and complain when I cc to save their butts).
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  14. Nitefelina New Player

    Who is talking about t5? I'm talking about the game as it currently stands. Also you are basing your new opinion on a test server video of a group who it's trying to figure out what they are even doing. Obviously the damage of the support group will go down, but as strategies are figured out then the dps will go up. Natural progression deary, welcome to mmos.
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  15. Worlok New Player

    t5 is going to be so fun to troll. i can't remember the last time i had to go all out.

    first, original vit sp, then all cunning sp, then new vit sp, then dom sp. that's how i see it. honestly, you get enough vit from fully socketed tier 3 gear that skipping vit for cunning sounds better to me. but hey, you need like 50 sp for both.

    i absolutely condemn using powers and combos for the purpose of dps. you cc when you need to, you power when you need to, you debuff when you need to and your damage will come along on it's own. i recently specced out of my dps innates into the new vit and the power i get feels far superior to the small amount of damage that i lost. then again, i'm a light troll. i'm not exactly designed to hurt anything these days.
  16. Plum Crazy Committed Player

    Well I used to be spect troll/dps and usually wiped the floor in damage when paired with inexperienced dps but now have spect completely into the new vits which brought me from 1316 to 1368 vit and I'am waiting until I actually play the new stuff before I decide on keeping the old or rolling with the new. I use a 2h for trolling so my damage out is always a bit high because of the weapon which sadly many confuse with dpsing. From the looks of the new content maybe we gona need all the vit we can get also your typical power spamming dps might not be to welcome in the new stuff.
  17. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    The controllers came last for a number of reasons. First, our weapons were bugged, so we were off our combos. But more importantly we didn't have remix colas available, but we did have Vita 3 and Prec 4 colas. Trollers used vita. Everyone else used Precision.

    As to spamming power? I've never debuffed more in the entire history of this game.
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  18. ramoramo86 New Player

    ok well something i just learned from readin this thread is that i should actually spend SP on cunning. I have never used a single SP on cunning just maxed out fight on dom. How does cunning help me as a controller?
  19. hoaxone Committed Player

    lots of false info on this thread.vit increases power out.not just from PoT.cunning increase critical chance.higher vit will make cunning more effective.now for T5 and that video.the bosses are the issues..the only cc that should be utilized is debuff.if ur trying to control a boss,ur wasting power.the mobs in the tunnels were a joke.nothings gonna change.if u don't wanna control the blue bar..then u should change jobs.
  20. Echephyle New Player

    If you give up 30 skill points away from damage out, your troll will die horribly in pvp. You'll be hitting the enemy with your best combo and they'll laugh it off and walk away.