What does the stat update mean for stealth gameplay?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Beta Cell, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Beta Cell New Player

    I left DCUO years ago, but the new update has piqued my interest by lifting many of the restrictions that initially drove me away. I am former COX player, I still dabble in Champions online and Wildstar as well.

    In all of these games I have access to my preferred MMO play-style which is the assassin/stalker.
    One of the things that drove me away from DCUO is that stealth was basically not working. When out in the open world, mobs would see though stealth and attack. There was also no obvious way to apply meaningful burst damage when exiting stealth. [I haven't played in years so this may have changed]

    I would like to ask the community and the devs if traditional rogue/stalker/assassin game-play would/should be considered in the upcoming revamp.
    If stealth is to play a more prominent role in DCUO, I would also be interested in how the players think it should be done.

    I have always wanted to like DCUO and the stats matter update is attractive, but the implementation of the stealth role would make the difference between DCUO "having my curiosity" and "having my attention".
  2. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Will probably not affect the broken/useless state stealth currently is in. If stealth was anything but a buff and thus an option relevant for tactics, you should be able to enter areas in stealth directly while the mission text tells you to go back and do something first in order to avoid detection - any of these instances however behave as if you entered without stealth if you try. The devs in DCUO have no interest to add tactical options, their "content" is focused on providing one exact way the players have to deal with it (following the game mechanics) with outgearing and overblasting it "later" being the only alternative.

    On top of that, the majority of the current community is mentally overchallenged with the concept of "alternative ways of playing" in itself (see the "play the game my way"-discussion and how your post looks when you leave out the "the game" part of the formula ;)); and a huge part of them would consider you trying to glitch "their" raid if you tried anything with stealth due to the quantum glitch we were facing.... a year ago or something? Followed by the clown box glitch etc. In other words: neither the community can handle different approaches to the game nor the game itself/AI is prepared for players trying anything but a) playing the game by its mechanics or b) blasting older content totally overgeared.

    You should stay away from the game and wait/hope for more intelligent game design to come back.... soon ;) But you will most likely not find it in games by companies owned by an investment fund.

    This thread would prolly have gone totally unnoticed, but some of the "more intelligent" people here will now think I called them out for being/behaving dumb and start flaming.
  3. Try Hard Well-Known Player

    Truthfully we wont know until everything is up on test.If you really want to come back to the game,and be satisfied with stealth your best bet would be to wait till it hits test server then join it to give feedback...then hope your concerns are listened to and changes implemented.

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