What do you think of the new DLC?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aetrius, Jan 10, 2022.

  1. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    Speaking out against what you dislike doesn’t make it any less condescending when you completely invalidate anyone else that has an opinion different from yours. Debating is normal, however you have had a clear habit throughout threads of completely dismissing other’s opinions and it’s old. Get off your high horse.
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  2. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    Thank you. I noticed that too. Dude needs to take a chill pill XD
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  3. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I mentioned previously, but I’m very underwhelmed with it. I really only “enjoy” the duo. The alert just isn’t good and really has one fight worth writing home about. The raid is overly generic and fine. The open world feels uninspired and if the Hall of Justice wasn’t there it’d just feel like metropolis. Coming after an episode with largely no new playable content (though I sincerely understand the huge effort that went into it) I was hoping for more from this.
  4. Enemy Ace Well-Known Player

    Ok, but that definitely meets the definition of "cookie cutter."
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  5. Green Action Active Player

    so it was reported back in 2016 and still hasn't been fixed LOL *facepalm*
  6. Max Maximus Well-Known Player

    I liked everything about the new DLC, almost everything. The open-world was very interesting and I liked the references. I hate that noise from the toys of the ultraviolet lanterns. After finishing the feat of destroying these toys and avoiding them. The duo has very interesting fights in the elite. I love seeing Sinetro mumbling and Lex crying about losing his power. Alert is a lot of fun and has a good fight. Raid also has its moments and I liked the mechanics.
  7. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    The real question that arises for me, is actually, how will the next DLC be, which is the continuation of this one... like metal 2. I know that possibly the final boss will be perpetua, and the others. But the problem is the most basic, how will the open world be?, will they recycle an alert again?, will it be like this DLC, or will they try to change,... that is the question...