What do you think of the new DLC?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aetrius, Jan 10, 2022.

  1. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Roads? Seriously? You are mad because they used a lamp already in the game? Waste of time responding to you anymore.
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  2. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    Uhhh no. You were just asking what was copy-pasted.... So I answered?
  3. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    More funny how you don't know how to create maps, so you are assuming just because everything is placed in different positions, that it's not copy-paste XD lmaooo
  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I like everything except the mxy fight. So group of friend runs we just leave after the 2nd fight. It’s clearly not hard just annoying and it is way too long/ too much standing around time. The open world is nice looking but yeah, could have some non enemies walking around but they put it out on schedule and if adding those had added delays then whatever.
  5. JeanGrey Level 30

    This was the first EP launch I was a part of and honestly I've enjoyed it. Some of the content is pretty difficult but overall I think it was a pretty good DLC. I just wish they focussed more on story.
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  6. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    Do you ever get tired of having a pompous attitude towards anyone that criticizes anything the devs do/have done? I feel like half of the battle of trying to actually make valid critiques is having to fight you off in the comment section.
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  7. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Well this thread has officially been derailed all to hell.
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  8. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    I tried..
  9. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    If we are parking the terrible launch to one side.......

    It has good points and things that could be worked on.

    Every piece of content has its highlights, and things that either didn't work out or could have been executed better.

    Open world was fine, not bad but not amazing either. Just fine.

    The duo was alright, I like the Sinestro fight especially in elite. Kinda wish they kept some of the pools in the shields to reduce safe zones but can understand why it got patched.

    The alert - Batman Who Laughs is a really fun fight, but let down by the rest of the alert imo.

    The raid - A decent raid, although still some bugs on first boss especially for PS players. The elite versions are interesting, although I don't think we need S2-S4. The Anti-Monitor fight is disappointing compared to the rest of the raid in my opinion, whichever version of the raid it is.

    For me it's definitely the best episode we have had since Wonderverse overall, but it isn't perfect.
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  10. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    I wasn't mad... I was answering dumb questions...
  11. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    Someone asked how corners were cut... Copy-pasting was a mere example. I then proceeded to elaborate on what was copy-pasted.. Now I'm getting hate? I never said I didn't like the episode, don't get it twisted. I love it!
  12. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    Pretty much in agreement with the overall sentiment. Not bad but not great either. I think I appreciate it. With Save the Universe the grind was set up in such a way that it was best to focus on just one character. I've been having fun catching my alts up to end game level. I'm not sure when it was all done but you can tell a lot of work has gone into "cleaning up" a lot of lower tiered instances. I don't know if it was done over time, all at once, did I wake up in a parallel universe where the initial brainiac ship mission was always that way? I think it would have been nice if we could have incorporated more obscure missions into Save the Universe, show the work done to everyone.

    And as always you take a step forward while taking two back. Going to have to check on the bugs forum if its been reported but yesterday the lag was such that ads and bosses would become invincible forcing you to wait it out, wipe, disband or quit. This happened on several toons and all levels of game play from early solo missions up to alerts and raids. This is like some year one update disaster sh!@.

    The open world is kind of a drag. Loathe as I am to admit it it would have been nice if the bounties were set up as perpetual adversaries ala Patchwork Themyscira and New earth. Not much feeling of resistance anywhere. My weakest toons can burn through all three dailies in a few minutes.

    Love the use of our League halls in the alert.

    The statues of the JLA in the display cases would make great base items. Wish there was a version of the 6d Superman fight with animated statues of you know, the Legion of Doom...

    I like some of the changes i've seen over the past year but I don't think you guys are close to what you can really do. We gave some love to making the experience great for new and entry toons. Time to focus 100% efforts on end game now.
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  13. Enemy Ace Well-Known Player

    For the alert, you don't recognize your league hall?
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  14. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    I forgot which dev mentioned it, there is gonna be a raid in the House of Legends. I think the story is there but seemingly less because it's a multipart story, that has not yet been completed yet. Like all prior story arcs in the game. Batcave and Brainiac took 3 dlcs?
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  15. FlexVibrant Well-Known Player

    I love the duo, alert and raid.
  16. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    The new DLC is pretty well done. We have all levels of content. Challenging until you learn mechanics. If I would make a change, I would have each raid difficulty past standard it's own lockout or first time attempting it, has it's own lockout.
  17. Sentiency Well-Known Player

    I wasn’t responding to you, I was responding to the person I quoted.
  18. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    My bad, I just woke up :p
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  19. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    The things I didn't like: Putting Louis Lane as a BOSS, in the raid, is pure filler.

    Another good and more relevant character missed that place ...

    note that it is a fairly inexpensive episode, like thanagar, that is, it is fast digestion

    and I also agree that the open world graphics are not the best in some parts... especially in plants

    I feel that after the blow of criticism that they gave to the house of legends at the time, they already anticipated that the same thing would happen to these episodes (lol the other one is still missing) and then they did not put so much effort ... I know because at the time when The allies came out, they were announced with emotion, drums and trumpets ... after the blow they gave him, in this episode that supposedly everything about allies was going to end up balancing, they launched only ONE ally (I still have money for a loaf)
    ... I think it's something reasonable, Do not invest in what will not give optimal results ...

    The problem is that the ideas are not bad, they are good, with the capacity for great success, but they do not know how to achieve it or how to carry it out.
  20. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Let’s see. I clearly point out a lot of actual feedback about the episode including the good and bad. There’s a difference between feedback and just wanting to nitpick because you wanna be edgy and hate everything around you. Funny how I get called a white knight when I’ve been banned from the forums before for speaking out against them lol.

    So a fight that’s meant to take place in your league hall is not supposed to look like your league hall? I’m pretty sure someone already stated that that piece of content was paying respects to how it happened in the comics.