What do you think of Omnibus now, since its release?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aduzar Light, Oct 25, 2021.

  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Careful with that last one. If you say you can carry a raid around here some will start saying you shouldn't be able to do that...you know because 'it wasn't designed that way'. Even though single or few players have saved bad raids since raids were invented.

    But as I said before, I'm all for you having fun with it. I'm sure some farmers shoveling poop in the pigpen are crazy happy too....It's just not what I signed up for personally.
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  2. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Hell, as long as Captain "Elite Raids Aren't Hard Enough" "Crap They Made It too Hard" doesn't catch wind, I'll be fine.

    And to be frank... I'm having too much fun monster hunting again. Everything I spent all that time learning to kill can actually kill me again, so it's actually worth fighting again. I'm not gonna cry about it. These days my biggest worry isn't trying to find something meaningful to do - it's finding an empty phase so I can finally get my Doomsday vid.

    It's been worse than this. I'll take it.
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  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I've not had much problems with Omnibus either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  4. Sgt. Rock Active Player

    It’s mind numbingly boring, because for those of us who have already run old instances dozens or tens of dozens of times or a hundred times & gotten the feats OLD CONTENT IS BORING. Same goes for Save The Universe.

    Checklist is too long - Run 8 alerts a week when you include both OB & STU, it’s like going to the dentist over & over again to complete these, once you finally are able to do so of course. Solos are almost as bad but at least we can check those off quicker.

    Because of queues wait times I can’t even PUG these raids, if I can’t build a group or get in one I usually log out after doing dailies & waiting a while, maybe I’ll get to actually complete the checklists next week & have Rip Hunter & Steve Trevor reward me?? Who knows??

    Such great design devs & such joy for paying members the changes you made have created paying members so bored waiting around that they log out. Why waste time waiting around doing nothing in this game when I can play a dozen or a hundred other games & you know, have fun playing the game.

    But hey all those new styles look just great on my toons while they wait around for queues to pop....LOL jk I just log out & play Valhalla.

    I believe a more pertinent question is, “How many times does your group cancel out of queue, to pick a shorter raid, alert, etc.”
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  5. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Personally, I find save the universe very interesting, for the farm of the marks sources and other often interesting loot

    On the other hand, the negative point of save the universe and anthology, it's the number of solo/duo to do 5 it's a deadly bore! Shouldn't you favor group play for a game called MMO rather than having too many solo instances to do?
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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    We'll never see the stats, but I think a cool stat to see would be how many times Omni raids are queued, then cancelled on...and out of all the Omni raids that start, how many finish with a 8 name scorecard?...or finish at all?
  7. JailhouseBat Active Player

    I like the concept. I like the trips down memory lane. As we've gone on its turned into a strictly business, checklist thing. Of course ive seen the dark underbelly too lol. The healer with dps arts. The tank with no pulls in his loadout lol.
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  8. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I've had an "off and on" thing going with DC like a toxic abusive relationship that I just can't get enough of, for like a decade. Here's my take on the On Duty and game in general.

    Omnibus is interesting. A hit or miss in a sense. Definitely like the stat clamping, to an extent. I do kinda miss running old stuff for feats and being able to mop the floor with adds and pummel the bosses though.

    Save the Universe: I like it, but unless I am missing something, can't seem to que them all up at once.

    The ally system seems cool. Although I'm still getting the hang of it.

    Artifacts: at least mine are still competitive. I was expecting them to be obsolete, so I was happy to see that I could still hand out a beating.

    Sucks that my Omni gear is outdated now, but it is expected.

    Community: ha, not much has changed. Some people need to learn their role and mechanics of raids, others need still points and it shows. Some are toxic, some are simply too impatient. At 333 I am dishing out more damage than most 343's I've come across. Had a couple question whether or not one of characters could heal a flashpoint raid, I laughed and said 'you'll live'- he they did too.

    The new place (whatever it's called, where heroes and villains can congregate like the watchtower or hall of doom) is nice. Can finally finish off a few old style feats. I like the layout, and except for money spammers, the chat there seems pleasant so far.

    PvP: been broken for so long I'll likely never get the rest of my feats from there. DC should just give those things away (but not, because some of them took some work to be handing out for free).

    Dr Fate vendor: I kinda wish the various form changes weren't in there, and they were only obtainable through content. I remember getting the kryptonite chunk years ago, when hardly anyone had it. You could strut through the watchtower and get a crowd asking how you got it.

    Anyway, back again, some positive changes, some things never change.
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  9. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    it's crap. from day one. a grab bag of all group content? no specifying which content u want to do??? wtf???
    Try the GW2 GUI approach:

    select a category, it shows your class via a simple graphic in the group, others join of leave, start when ready. using a GUI, as an alternative to LFG chat. Not a replacement to LFG chat. Some of us play solo and don't want to hear or speak to u dirty console users. Dirty console users perpetuate the exclusive releases of games. Dirty console users!!!!! Learn from history!! If you ID10Ts & your parents stop buying consoles, then all games fall back into the natural order of one platform. Macs never stood a chance, going to Power PC with no games to Intel for some games, and soon away from intel, wtf, apple? numbnuts. sheesh. Consoles, lessopn learned with Atari 2600, nintendo, sega, psn... into the absurd newer consoles since then in tight spaces with hot parts.... earlier consoles had a overheat failure rate... F consoles!
    bonus, u can do meaningful work on a PC! besides play games. :rolleyes:
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  10. VariableFire Loyal Player

    While I find the canceling on various raids and alerts to be worse, another aggravating thing that has cropped up are impatient duo partners. I run some of my alts through the duos for the Omnibus rewards and it's 50/50 whether my partner will leave when the burn isn't maxed out because, obviously, my alts aren't maxed out. This is regardless of whether the duo is actually going badly. Really need to make it so we can choose through the scoreboard to put people on ignore. Manually adding the names is difficult and possibly misleading depending on if they tried anything funny with their name.
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  11. CandySlinger Active Player

    If there was a small exclusion list I’d use omnibus more often. This mostly comes up with iconic solo instances where I just cancel the que instead, but just the knowledge that could avoid a spam group or curate it to avoid a particularly annoying boss fight. There are days where I will do anything for sourcemarks, and days where I just want to say “but I won’t do that”.
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Just a note on queuing. If you use 'custom' menu you can queue all the STU stuff at once, all 3 versions even (clamped, upscaled, Elite). Obviously no one would do this randomly more than likely, the results you'll get with randoms in clamped vs Elite is wildly different, but queuing 'reg' (scaled up) duo/alert/raid is not a bad idea. Also if you have a list of things you'd like to run (maybe a style or easy completable feat) in different DLCs or specific alerts/raids, reg and elite runs even. You can queue them all at once in custom....you can't in Omni or 'latest episodes' menus. You'll likely get fillers from Omni, but you should get into something you want/need vs pure random runs.

    You don't need to use the new menu for anything but getting the Omni checklist done...1 raid, 1 alert and 3 solo/duos, and the rest you can do custom with better control. Not crapping on the new menu, but it leaves some things to be desired.
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  13. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    I think it’s good for the game, but I need a little more incentive for end game players. I’d do it if they even just gave 5 Grains of Time a week.
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  14. Supremo BR Well-Known Player

    I have been playing this game for what 9 years and I refuse do go back to old content to suffer. It would make more sense to make that an optional.
  15. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Just a quick question: of you que STU in regular on duty que, does it still count towards the STU mission for three reward from Rip?
  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yes. However you get there, it counts for the journal entry AND you will get time grains on the 1st pass. Any further returns during the same reset time will only get you the 'standard' 280 max loot, but will count towards the STU count feats and journal checklist (5 solo/duos, 3 alerts 1 raid...per week). You won't get the 294/296/298 gear in the scaled content though, so if you need that, make sure to hit reg/elite on the first pass.

    For example, on Thursday I'll queue up my Duo directly as elite...from custom OR the new 'STU' menu. Once I've gotten that, I'll queue my Omni duos. If I land in Hades, it counts for Omni duo, the 2nd STU duo for the week and STU counter feat. I'll already have looted my grains and 294/296/298 gear for the day, so I don't miss out on any of that either. Hades doesn't hit a lot, but TD and ToTD do, so you can get a lot of '2 birds-1 stone' there, clear your Omni counts AND get an STU count at the same time.

    Of course, as it's an Omni run you might be facing Ares with no tank....or running TD with 3 trolls, but hey...that's Omni in all it's glory!
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  17. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Ya, I've had some TD runs already with some pretty chalky groups lol. 2 trolls and 2 dps, but it's manageable lol.
    Thanks for the input for sure! (AV too!)
  18. KoscheiDeath Well-Known Player

    Omnibus was fun for the first week of its inception, that's about it for me. I think the nostalgia made me enjoy it more than I should've in the beginning but now it's just meh. The rewards aren't worth my time and the large majority of the player base clearly isn't/wasn't ready for mechanics heavy content. People will still queue as a support role but can't actually play it, people are impatient and unwilling to communicate and finally, people have gotten used to content that required little to no attention and had no mechanics but Omnibus is filled with instances where "tougher" mechanics are prevalent, this was just a recipe for disaster.

    I ran an Omnibus instance last night and got into the BOP Alert and boy was that a trip, took us around 60-80 minutes because people were just ignoring basic mechanics and some folks who had queued as support roles did so only to "get in faster". Lucky are those who are not having any issues with Omnibus but my experiences have been really 50/50 so far and it's definitely put me off running Omni more often.

    I seriously think that before implementing a clamp system and the Omnibus thing, the devs should've put an emphasis on teaching the player base how to play the game. This game never had any solid tutorials in-game and it shows and with the addition of new systems like Allies, Artifacts, etc., it's just a lot more stuff for those uninitiated players to figure out on their own.

    Not a bad system per say but I think it has a few kinks that need some work before it's truly a "good" system, for me personally of course.
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  19. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Hero or Vill?
  20. KoscheiDeath Well-Known Player

    Both, why?