What do you guys do for Fun / Chase

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by timetrapper52, Aug 28, 2021.

  1. timetrapper52 Active Player

    I'm Having a hard time trying to find things to chase. I often find its not meaningful

    Like I don't care about highest CR or SP its not important I have done elite with min and clear just fine

    But I Do care about aesthetics Styles, Trinket Skins, Artifact Builds
    Would also love to see more Trinket Skins especially supply drop ones since its lacking rn

    Ya so you see I don't really find much to chase. DCUO seems to have too many number based systems for its progression you get this higher number your more powerful but I don't really care about it. It unlocks nothing new. Its also lacking meaningful side content other than On Duty. The World Boss Chains they added for those 2 episodes were cool I would like to see more of that but it must have more variety of rewards for the vender otherwise I wont care to do them

    It would also be nice if Our Weapons actually looked cool with effects like in other games that is a rare drop but Weapons in this game is like it does not exist because its not cool as you can guess

    Stats is not Endgame. Obtainable Rewards is the best kind of Endgame
    I would like to see more variety of rewards, not only that but different gameplay paths to obtain these rewards

    One more thing even if I see something cool its always in a time capsule :oops: and not gameplay related and this causes things to do in the game to not be meaningful because its the same thing over and over and not much obtainable rewards that is actually cool

    Yes I have a league & stuff that I help do feats with and socialize but personally my goals are not satisfied because I prefer obtainable rewards and not numbers and my game time is much lower because I cant find a good chase or a different way to play because there so focused with the on duty and everything else takes a step back. We need systems around bounties that is ongoing that could be a good side content for DCUO. I'm sure there's more ideas
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  2. TheRealDemon Dedicated Player

    Well if you're looking for something to chase try rare names. People often chase those and old styles. For fun I just play the game, and like socialize pretty much. There's all kinds of things to get into even if you aren't running a missoon.
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  3. Shalayah Committed Player

    I sometimes chase a certain amount of cash. Like lets say I want 20 billion cash. I do everything possible to reach that goal. (Reselling rare items, flip catalysts, sell rare styles, seasonals, farming collections, heck the tier 2 trinkets that now give feats are going for a lump sum right now. That’s a nice chase for people into making money.
  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I used to see how high of an alert or raid I can solo or figure a way to do a mechanic that's not really doable solo. Not so much anymore. I guess Crown is as high as I'll get.
  5. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    Base items to some degree
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  6. inferno Loyal Player

    All these years after I've one all I can when a dlc is winding down, I would make these mini-games or "chases" to keep entertained. I'm almost positive what ever suggestion is made here; I've already done it.

    Now, I'm just sure anymore. I'm at that point where I'm logging in my main; do science spire and Phantom zone and log off. Almost like a motor reflex.
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  7. timetrapper52 Active Player

    The whole game sure does feel like a chore

    There needs to be more tools / content to make the game feel like a place to hangout

    I believe meeting and interacting with players and even if possible making your own kind of content with those players with RP have been some of the best and most enjoyable experiences you can have

    It also helps to build a much more friendly community

    There being caught up with artificial numbers and being toxic about those things is kinda laughable

    A few things could be reworked to make the game more sociable like adding a public base / league list, you wanna open up the game as much as possible to create situations to enjoy

    The LFG System could also be reworked, It needs its own menu that is categorized where players can create there groups and others can look at that menu and see what fits there needs at that moment

    We also need tooltips for player inspect to see what style / material there using this is going to drive players to improve on there overall styles / flex

    They should also fully merge heros and villans (maybe). They probably gonna need to do some rework there. I know were now sharing the same hub idk if they can chat / group with each other but they should be able to its gonna open up the game alot more
    Having Factions is pretty outdated these days
  8. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I do this.
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  9. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    I used to spend time chasing cool builds that are effective or getting some feats, but right now Im chasing the new styles/trinkets.
  10. Zoe· Content Creator

    I make videos. Either on how to make an iconic style or where to get stuff. I work on alts, etc. There is plenty to do honestly.
  11. Time Beacon Active Player

    Took me ages to solo nexus Haha damn robots
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  12. MetehanWayne Level 30

    Well, I'm opening new characters and playing with them to spend my time... Guess I'm obsessed.
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  13. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    nothing. bupkiss. nada. before the update, I would've got everything I needed done on my mains & then spent the rest of my time showing my alts a little love. now, after doing everything I need to get done on my mains, I have to spend all that time I would've had to play with my alts having to run those mains through stuff that pays marks. so, yeah. if the question was: what did you used to do? the answer is: play my alts. but as to what do you do now? %$&£ all.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    This is true. With the fact that to get credit for the Omnis...and that's still bugged apparently...I'm running a lot more 'have' to work on my main, and it's cutting into alt time for sure. Save the guided tour missions and maybe 1 solo each, alts have only been in to collect their 1 a day Rip hunter coin and apply gear where I was sitting at 331, as source in WV is no longer a thing.

    Now...have I had a few runs that were 'fun'? Depends on your definition of 'fun' I guess. Queued Omni into a False Idols run the other night and it ended up ok although people were still skipping mechanics (not hitting anvils) and still rushing past adds, leaving 1 or 2 behind to die (thought that wasn't happening anymore?), but we got it done and it was a 'challenge'?....Challenge-y? Challenge-ish? Sure. However it was great that after the 40-50 min I spent in there that Immediately after I got to run Prime via Omni as FI didn't count towards the Omni raid journal entry. But hey.....I got 10 marks right?
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  15. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Making videos is not really part of the game though. It's about the game, sure...but not really part of it.

    If that counts though...one thing I like to do in game is sleep. I've knocked out quite a few times while running the tour missions and a video I've watched 4 or 5 times in a row comes up. Same with when I rando queue into the Batscape duo with someone who either can't or doesn't hit the video cut skip button. Snoozy-snooze time. So yeah....I guess that's an in-game hobby too.
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  16. Zoe· Content Creator

    Well...Its not just hitting the button. You still have to do things in game. So...

    Thats just what I like to do for fun when I play the game.
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  17. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I get what he means, but its the nuance hes missing.

    Kinda like calling you a "YouTuber" because you make content on the platform. Its like, Yes...But no...
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