What do people think of this episode now it's been here a while?

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  1. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    My thoughts haven't really changed.

    Open world: I like some of the signs but its Gotham. The only feature I like and would like to see again as it was executed here is the 100 weekly. Great weekly and works for all kinds of players.

    Duo: It's OK. Elite duo is fine and gives more players access to the elite side of content.

    Alert: Best content in the episode. I wasn't bothered about elite alerts but this changed my mind. Quixotic done a great job with this. Like the instances, interesting mechanics, elite alert relatively harder but doable. Certain mechanics I would like to see again in a raid (portals, Queen Diana spell/trail)

    Flashtastic Voyage raid: The latter two bosses had potential but the execution wasn't there for me. Gorilla Grodd fight is a fairly solid boss fight, not overly difficult but you still have to keep an eye on mechanics and what Grodd is doing.

    Flash to the Future raid: The difficulty system is interesting. The execution of the raid in this episode is in my opinion terrible and ruins the whole episode. No raid should be that short and easy to get rewards. And badly lacks any kind of design or mechanics. Redeemed slightly by the no death feats.

    EU server is a ghost town at the moment, many of my friends and league mates have quit or taken breaks and I have been playing other games more recently. Doesn't take long to gear at all because of Flash to the Future, and not everyone runs content on alts. Here's hoping next episode is better.
  2. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Adding on top of this cuz 100% right. If I didnt need to go into the watchtower for league donations I would never be in there. As is now, only one toon ever has to go there and I'm in and out in like 3mins. I'm sure there's a lot of players like that. Watchtower just isn't a place I want to be
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  3. nawanda Dedicated Player

    The open world boss concept was fun, but the number of cycles required to attain enough secondary currency to buy all the things you needed to get all the feats was way out of kilter. In addition, in both those episodes, we were given open world bosses in lieu of a raid. This means that the system caused a lot of anger and frustration and led to many players feeling burned out and bored with DCUO.

    It felt as though the developers had decided that their objective was to keep us playing for as long as possible but had lost sight of the need for gameplay to actually be fun.

    I’d rather go and play something else or do something else with my life than be a hamster on a wheel, forced to keep going by artificially engineered excessive need. Eg over 100 cycles of the Wonderverse bosses. Over 50 hours’ play, most of it spent stood around, all of it brainless and simple.

    The OP, when asked why they don’t just continue farming Doomsday in the current DLC, says they can’t find a farming group. That should tell him/her all they need to know about the community’s feelings about repeatedly having to kill an open world boss dozens and dozens of times.
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  4. Shalayah Committed Player

    My stance hasn’t changed at all.

    I don’t miss bounties and I won’t ever miss them. Bounties are fun and cool the first few times around. But once you reach a certain level it becomes annoying and tiring. I’m fine with them having feats tied to them via how many times you can beat said boss, but when there is a secondary currency that forces you to grind bounties just to progress….. Yeah no thanks.

    With that being said I like the episode. I don’t have to spend too much time worrying about it. I can run my dailies and hop off or I can run my dailies and then get other feats out of the way.
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  5. zNot Dedicated Player

    This episode kinda proofs to me that we as endgame or some would say „elitists“ players have been saying about How important good raids are (design,length,etc) and how important high difficulty on elite raids are for longevity,etc the Duo and alert are TOP tier new maps everything with average difficulty on Elite to attract as many people as possible did it work out? Imo No the empty servers proof it,as many many people here said before the episode became a ghostown. No hate btw!

    and this episode still become a ghostown with this top tier duo and alert? Where are the people that say „Raids are overrated“? This episode Proofs that Raids are key in a episode. And this is probably the best proof that there is out there,origin crisis won because of the raids thats how much people care about good raids.

    Also i would love if we would get a different progression system during episodes..
  6. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    That's kind of out of context. There are no real rewards for killing doomsday, outside of the 50 times feat. He drops a pissant amount of N'th metal, It's almost an insult. "Here's your one nugget of nth metal, enjoy!" and very very rarely drops the psy ops henchmen. Not worth the time or trouble to fight him except for the weekly reset for 8 coins.

    EDIT: I do agree that the other bounties were excessive in what you needed to do with them. I feel the idea of them is fine but the implementation was sorely lacking with gated gear etc.. but this whole game IS a hamster wheel. It's like that song from the Lion King 2? movie where the prairie dogs are singing about having to dig tunnels to get away from the hyenas so they can dig more tunnels to get away from the hyenas etc... Next dlc your goggles may be pretty weak, the DLC after that they're useless, go, Go, GO after that gear that has a small stat increase, grind, Grind, GRIND that small upgrade!
  7. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    See that’s the thing. Someone can’t say they enjoy running open world bosses but then say they don’t do it because they don’t give rewards. If you actually enjoyed it you’d (not you specifically) do it regardless when done with everything else. Sometimes when I’m bored I just run raids loot locked. Why? Cause I like running raids.

    When people say they like something with the above example, they enjoy the loot, not the actual gameplay
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  8. Brit Loyal Player

    I do not remotely miss bounty farming. Wonderverse and Legion were two of the most boring episodes I had experienced and greatly killed a lot of my daily desire to play. Flashpoint has been okay, but wasn't anything special enough to help recover some of that passion I felt previously. My total play amount decreased steadily over the course of Wonderverse and then tanked during Legion, and while it's recovered a bit with Flashpoint, it is nowhere near where it used to be.

    Flashpoint isn't bad by any means. I don't dislike it. But it hasn't been the homerun smash I needed to bring back my interest from how massively Legion killed all desire to play.

    The one thing I find most interesting about Flashpoint is that even as an endgame Healer, it feels like pulling teeth to get an invite for the Doomsday bounty. Nobody wants to run it, even just once for the weekly, and when people do run it, they just want to swarm it as a group of solo players. It feels like there is this strong predisposition now from players to avoid anything that remotely feels like the Legion bounty farming. "Form a group for a Bounty? Nope. I'm afraid if we do it, the developers might think that we didn't hate the Bounty spam and they'll bring it back."
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  9. nawanda Dedicated Player

    This is the whole point. By saying killing open world bounties 100s of time is fun, but then by saying that they won’t do it if there is no point/reward, one is kind of exposing that it isn’t being done 100s of times for pleasure, but out of necessity. What I and others are saying to the devs is, stop creating that false necessity, because it isn’t fun, it’s a horrible chore. Players should be spending that time in a DLC working out and attempting meaningful feats in group content, not jabbing themselves in the eye with a fork to stay awake.
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  10. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Forgot to add, I think the adjustable difficulty (now that it's working correctly) is great. So many of the "we need harder content" people have gone real quiet since learning that they weren't actually running the higher levels.
  11. DamageControlPS Active Player

    Don’t know who you are referring to? Most of those people have quit the game because even this stage 5 is really really easy it’s a 15 minute run with no wipes. Everyone who knows mechanics are still blasting through the raid for most marks.
  12. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club


    What did we learn??

    Is there some poeple who were asking for harder content who never played the hard content to begin with??

    It is something we have seen for a lonnnnngggg time in many games.

    Heck ages ago there was this game called Icewind Dale 2 where as soon as the game was released we had the usual crowd complaining that the game was too easy.
    But somehow those same people managed to reveal that they had edited the game to give their characters UBER High level end game gear.

    Did something similar happen here?
  13. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    I don't hate it. Kid Flash was (and still is) my favorite comic book character (even though it was Wally) so I love his inclusion and the that we finally got his helm.

    The content is well done for mostly rehashed material. It looks good.

    Unfortunately I'm insanely bored. We're fighting the same joker goons and Strykers Island inmates, gorilla grodd, the rogues as we have pretty much since launch (or in the case of the rogues since they were introduced).

    Most nights when I get home I log onto the game for a few hours but I really only play for about a half an hour. I'm not even working on my alts.

    Also the game has just been awful lately in terms of lag, disconnects, visual quality.
  14. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Long story but I'll try to explain as best I can. When the raids came out, there was some tuning to be done even after it went live. Lots of angry posts about how easy it was on all settings. Eventually, the devs figured out that while the settings they implemented were drastically harder than the base level, players were only ever seeing level 2 even if they picked max/ level 5 for the 1st few weeks. Basically, the server was picking your difficulty and it really only ever selected level 2. So everyone was feeling like champs for knocking out critical with ease.

    A post was made by the devs explaining what happened and to now select the harder levels and leave feedback. Which almost no one did so I'm assuming it's because most didn't beat it and if they did, it was enough of a struggle to keep their thoughts to themselves. The ones that did play it all said "ok this is good". Unfortunately some didn't realize even after all this that they had been playing the easy version so they were still complaining that it was too easy even tho they never actually played true severe or critical.
  15. Yaiba Committed Player

    A free dlc with so many reused assets, but it's a free dlc so I won't complain :rolleyes:
  16. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Well, if they had the Phase system in place back then it wouldn't have been so bad but...

    If you are comparing the complete waste of time trying to find a good phase after the first few weeks compared to earlier episodes that more duos and solos were the norm, the amount of "boring" isn't even close. Those queues would pop pretty easily all weekend, bounties, get em' on reset day or you will be waiting around for awhile.