What do people think of this episode now it's been here a while?

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  1. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    Early on in the lifespan of this episode I posted on here asking if anyone else was missing the bounty farming from WV and Legion, and the overwhelming majority said "No".

    Interestingly, most of the people who said no, basically just said that. One word. No. No explanation, no discussion, just NO. (occasionally I'd get a "no, are you mental??")
    The few people who actually agreed with me and missed the farming seemed more open to explain their reasoning and what they missed about it.

    Well, I wanted to pose this question again, now that the episode has been here for a while and see if people have changed their minds or not.

    Do you miss the bounty farming??
    (and if the answer is no, what actually are you doing to keep yourself occupied in this game??)

    Personally, I'm bored stupid with this episode. There is basically NOTHING to do other than stockpile currency and resources! Thursdays are kind of ok, because I have the weekly stuff and raids to do, but once they're done, that's it (I don't reset the loot drops). For the rest of the week I'll get on, do my daily stuff and then I'm off to play Genshin Impact for hours instead.
    I probably play DCUO for a maximum of about half an hour a day at this point, and it feels more like an obligation than something I actually want to do.
    It seems like a lot of people are staying away too, as queue times on EU are worse than ever! It often takes me half an hour to get into the stabilizer mission, which is usually an insta-pop

    I know bounty farming could get REALLY dull at times, but at least we actually had something to do every day, something to work towards. This DLC just feels like a boring chore that I have to do every day. It's not very fun either.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    Not the worst DLC, not the best DLC, some where in the middle.

    Definitely do not miss bounty farming.
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  3. TheRealDemon Dedicated Player

    I like it it's pretty neat.
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  4. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    The episode is quite okay, in my opinion.

    Uh... not really. I've had enough during WV and Legion to last for some time.

    I have 8 active characters as of now. I run seasonal on them every day. I do Flashpoint weeklies and dailies once a week.
    Sometimes I might go hunt a few SPs for my alts or help a friend out. Mess around with styles, decorate my base, play some older raids (in hopes of getting rare drops).
    But I don't force myself into it. If I don't feel like it, I don't do it. :)

    For me it pops straight away. Well, maybe a few seconds of waiting, depending on the time of day. I'm EU as well.

    I think a slight drop in active population is occurring everywhere and it has nothing to do with the state of the game.
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  5. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    See, I'm running 3 'active' characters at the moment (by the end of Legion I was running 13, which was WAAAAAYYYY to many to keep up with lol).

    I've got my main character focusing on finishing the OP item (nearly finished), my 2nd is stockpiling currency so she can collect all the styles from the gear vendor so I can unlock the half price feat on alts, and my 3rd character is just stockpiling Casino Tokens ready for that feat unlock.
    I ran a few things on some alts during double currency week just to get some currency 'in the bank', and I'll probably do that again next week seeing as it's triple currency, but as I'm very close to making the style items half price, it won't take much to power-level those lesser used alts.

    Doing the daily stuff on my 3 main characters takes me about an hour, max. And it's incredibly dull and repetitive doing the same things over and over. I can't even be bothered doing the duo or alert anymore because I'm so bored with them (and they don't pay out enough).
    (also, I am aware that bounty farming was also dull and repetitive, but it was still more fun than I feel the game is currently)

    Add in that I've never been much of an SP grinder or rare drop item collector, and the fact that I recently overhauled a ton of my bases and styles, so I don't even have that distraction to keep me around lol. I just find the same seriously lacking right now
  6. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    The reason why people just wrote "No" and felt no need to explain further....most of them already said what they had to in various threads where people expressed their hate/lack of love for those Open World Boss merry-go-round sessions. That "no" was self-explanatory.

    To answer your question today...no I don't miss those bounty spams, thank you very much. I keep myself busy running content on any number of my 11 toons (1 steady main, 10 alts). I've got outdoor dailies, a duo, a cool alert and two raids to do. I'm finishing up their gear sets or accessories, while also anticipating new vendor additions. Also working on the occasional feat here and there, while formulating a plan of attack for the seasonal that's already here.

    I feel for people in the EU, but it's not that dead here in the US on PS/PC side (can't speak for XBox and Switch). There was no way that I could stomach a third round of ring around the bounties. This break was desperately needed, and has given me the chance to bring up some long ignored alts rather quickly.
  7. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    My active toons are all 336+. Normally I would've had and played more but I'm currently a premium with only 8 characters slots, the rest are hibernating. :oops:

    I don't run duos/alerts either, just open world dailies (and it mostly goes for every episode).
    I can sometimes do an elite duo on my main if I'm in the mood, but I can't be bothered to run alerts, it's my least favorite type of group content in general.

    I just turn on the music or chat with friends and do things on auto-pilot. Goes more or less smooth.

    You don't have to struggle with staying online and searching for a reason to play.
    It's alright to step away for a time, take breaks and play something else. :) Variety is healthy, no big deal in skipping a day or two.
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  8. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    So, you didn't like the repetition of the bounty farming, yet you'll happily run the same dailies, duo, alert and raids on multiple toons? Does that not get boring and repetitive for you? Because it bores the crap out of me! I am so sick of those raids now!
    And even though I've only really been working on 3 toons myself, I have about 10 who are in a position to be power-levelled next week during triple currency, and that's with me only playing for like an hour a day!!

    Btw, just for the record, I was one of those people moaning about having 2 boss farming DLCs in a row. I thought it was too much as well, and I wanted a return to a more traditional episode structure as much as anyone. But, now we have a more traditional DLC, I'm just finding it really dull.

    Also, everyone said the last DLCs were terrible for alts, but I disagree. As I've said in another reply in this thread, by the end of the lifespan of Legion I had 13 characters at cr328 or higher! Legion was great for alts, especially if you wanted to power-level lower CR alts! I'll admit it It wasn't good if you wanted all the generator mods and catalysts etc on your alts, but I didn't think they were bad for levelling up alts. Quite the opposite in fact!
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  9. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    Lol I pretty much always play this game in auto-pilot these days, that's why I tend to stay away from elite stuff now (I'm too much of a liability coz I'm not concentrating) ;)

    I don't struggle with staying online, I bail out of DC pretty quick now. I'm spending most of my time playing Genshin Impact recently and I've been having a ton of fun on there (and their events are always new and different). I still play DC every day, but just to get dailies done on my main, maybe my two main alts (if I can be bothered...) then I'm off to Genshin. It almost feels like I have to get my 'chores' done first on DC, then I can go and have fun on Genshin lol
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  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    See, with the current content, I mix it up. I do the dailies on my main...might do the Duo today or the alert. Switch to one of my alts, and do the dailies and then maybe one of the raids I haven't done yet, then switch again. On another toon I might work on some new looks, and another toon I might work on a new loadout/rotation to up my game. If my peoples are working on feats and i'm up for it, I might join them. And if not i'll run some more content on a few more alts before calling it a night. I can easily entertain myself for 3+ hours before I get off and watch some TV or YouTube and then catch some ZZzzz.

    Not sure what's so "sickening" about these raids. While the challenge isn't there for some of these hardcore experts, I still have yet to step foot in Flashtastic Voyage...so there's still something to look forward to for me.

    Where's the bad here?

    If we had gotten a third episode with Open Word Bosses/Bounties there would have been a much bigger uproar here. People were vehemently upset when Legion dropped. And that episode lasted a LONG time. Another round of the same without time in-between to tweak the formula would have been the breaking point for way too many.

    The ONLY reason my alts were able to catch up in time for Episode 40 was the fact that episode 39 ran for so long. As it was, I only really had time to properly focus on about 5 toons because we had to run around in circles deliriously in order to get that secondary currency for the high priced items. I still have stuff to complete in Wonderverse...but i'm leaving that for a bonus currency week on that, which will have given me sufficient distance from that episode and the ring around the roses routine we already dealt with for months.

    I'm not going to say this is THE best episode ever YAY!!!! But I also won't say it's the worst or most boring. I had a worse time with Amazon Fury part1, which had open world and daily stuff to do, but that ONE dreadfully long alert (made long because of insane health pools to compensate for Weapon Mastery) and ZERO raids...that was the worst (content wise).
  11. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    I definitely do not miss the boss grinding and personally hope it never comes back. First I think they are boring. And personally the raids have always been more fun than open world bosses who are usually just rank and spank. There are so many people that there’s no reason for me to do objectives since By the time I get to one someone else is doing it so I just stay pew pewing.

    I feel like if you enjoy fighting the bosses for fun than nothing is stopping you from spending all day fighting doomsday. Just like someone who enjoys the raids could spend all day doing the raids. People just don’t do it because they don’t get anything from them. So that begs the question. Do you actually like doing them or do you just like the rewards? If you liked them than there would be no issue doing them even without rewards.

    But to me the bigger issue with the open word bosses weren’t the grind itself. It was that you were forced to grind them because there were gear licked behind them and feats locked behind them (mainly gear). So if I had to stay there on one character all day than I can’t do my alts. I’d rather do something because I like it than doing something because I have to do it. So that’s my biggest issue with the open world bosses.

    As for this dlc. I actually liked it. Yes it was on the easier side. I would’ve personally liked them a little harder. But I definitely enjoyed the mechanics more than the cheap brainwash and just block on skull mechanics than plaques recent mechanics. Mechanics could’ve definitely been turned up a bit, but difficulty aside I did like this dlc. In recent dlcs I went from have 3 end game toons down to one with a bunch of alts getting left overs. This dlc I have 2 main rooms running elite and one alts running regular. I also have 4 other alts who all run open world if I have time and another 2 toons who only do seasonal.

    I feel like the majority of people saying they are bored spammed everything weekone to be the Shinny people with the max cr tha had nothing to do after since they only run for rewards. If you genuinely like something than you should be able to play the things without being bored even if ther were no rewards
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  12. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    If you haven't finished the OP item, you really haven't played the episode. I'm sorry but I have it done on 3 toons, level 19 on another and 15 on a 5th. Every player I know has it finished it on their main. It's fine if you aren't a serious grinder or something, but fronting like you're an "active daily player" is disingenuous. Same thing with not having finished the styles by now.

    Not going for SP or Rare drops means you don't have an interest in an enormous part of the game, perhaps the biggest part. That's a you thing, not a "lacking" game experience.

    You complain about a lack of things to do, but then state that you aren't doing or haven't done what there IS to do....so, pick a lane?
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  13. Drewbolt Greatest Healer of this Generation

    I'm fine with this episode in terms of chores. It feels like there's less to do, and that's because there is. I'm happy that my primary game doesn't feel like a part-time job. I like that I feel like I have time to actually work on my favorite alts and work on several bases without the feeling that I'm wasting my time fighting bosses in a circle. I actually feel like I have time to run old raids for styles, base items, and feats. I've even finally gone back to testing out loadouts and artifacts. I am significantly more likely, now, to do my old rotation of every open world question for the current relevant content and choosing at my whim which of the instances to run, if any, every single day.

    As for the episode, this episode didn't go the way I thought it would, in a negative way. The base items are mostly rogues banners and balloons; I can't work with that. If the devs are reading this, I really need you to provide the Flash Museum rogues weapons exhibits or literally anything of good substance. I'm never going to use the doomsday styles. I hate that many of the enemies are literally just reused enemies from recent usage. I would have been way happier with the inclusion of the Speed Force Flux raid, base items, and styles from the Anniversary event because those felt more Flashpoint-esque.

    Storytelling is still basically non-existent. I don't understand the storyline because there are no explanations that help transition from one part to the next. I don't know why, with the fate of the world in the balance, we go into a prison to fight Heatwave. I'm sure someone will comment the answers, but I have no idea how we went from stopping the war by beating Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Reverse Flash to somehow being in a nightmare where Bart Allen looks stupid with his mouth hanging open and his stupid hair (I'm also salty that we are getting his hair when there are tons of npc hairstyles we have not been given). How did we get on Brainiac's ship? Did I teleport there? Please devs, include an optional storyline plaque system that explains things. I still have no idea why 31st century happened. Suddenly, I'm in the future with the Teen Titans who are doomed to an eternity of fighting the Eye of Ekron-controlled legionaires and fighting Mordru who just sort of randomly appears. Why is he there? For the love of storytelling, tell a story.

    Regardless, I'm happier now than in previous DLCs, but I swear I'm out if this DLC takes 5 months before the next one comes out. I'm not that patient.
  14. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    So you got the OP item done on 3 toons....I mean.....cool.......do you want a medal or something? It's not exactly hard to get the OP item done in this episode is it?
    Like I've said, I'm only logging on for an hour a day and I'm like 3 bits of 'food' and 2 catalysts away from finishing it.....and I haven't even been trying to get it done!
    If I could actually be bothered playing for longer I would have had it done on 3 or more toons as well. It'll get finished soon so I'm not really that bothered, I just don't really care that much at the moment because the game is so boring.

    Also, yes....I do grind for SP, but I don't go searching for specific feats from older content because....what's the point? If I didn't get them while the DLC was active, oh well. Never mind. It's not the end of the world. Life's too short to go sweating over every last drop of SP....
    I also don't go for the rare items because most of the time I don't care about them. I don't particularly like auras and think most of them look crap, so don't go chasing after them, and I don't need to sell anything on the broker for big money because I don't usually need big money to buy things (because I don't really care about buying expensive rare drops), so what's the point in going for them? Also, my luck is awful and I wouldn't get them even if I did go for them, so...
    (also, maybe don't assume that people play this game exactly the same way you play it? We all have different goals and motivations....)

    Yeah, I am complaining about a lack of things to do....... but that's because I've pretty much already done all the things there are to do in this game over the last 7 years I've been playing it! I want something to do other than the same 4 dailies, a duo and an alert.

    Seriously, go play another free game like Genshin (I'm sorry, I know I keep banging on about this game in this thread) to see the disparity in content drops. The current limited time summer event on there is freaking HUGE. A whole new open world map (that keeps expanding), every two days something new happens and there's new quests to do, stuff to find and secrets to uncover, and every new event they bring out is totally different! We've had 'guitar hero' style mini games, Fall Guy-like multiplayer mini games, gliding and archery tournaments, new domains, new characters to obtain, new bosses to fight, super tough 'Survival Mode' style domains (for the 'hardcore' players), boats you can sail around in, a MASSIVE housing system that puts DCs to shame.....all kinds of cool stuff.

    Then look at DCUO. Summer event is here. Yay. Exactly the same as last year. Again. Except there's about 10 new things to buy. Cool.

    What I'm saying is, even though bounty farming could be boring and tedious, it felt like a step forward. They tried something new, but everyone kicked off. Now they've stepped back and the game feels like it's basically standing still now.
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  15. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    Lol yeah, the storytelling in this game drives me crazy!!! The devs always talk about "how cool the story they've come up with is", but I'm with you. I never have any clue what's going on.
    I've still got no idea why we fight Heatwave in a prison either, and I've got no idea why Brainiac is even involved in Flashpoint at all! Flashpoint is about Flash and Reverse Flash, and a war that breaks out between Atlantis and Themyscira when Flash breaks the timeline. What the hell has a Superman villain got to do with all this? Not a clue lol.

    I mean, wouldn't the final raid have made much more sense (and be a lot cooler) if we had to step in the middle of Aquaman and Wonder Womans war. I mean, we stop the war in the alert (I think) and then we go into Kid Flashes nightmare, then fight Brainiac.....What?? What is that all about??
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  16. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Ok but if you enjoy grinding open world bosses what exactly is stopping you from doing that? You can fight doomsday and there are even to sub bosses in the generals that you can fight over and over. Nothing is stopping you from actually spending all day fight them.
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  17. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    It's not that I particularly enjoyed grinding the bosses (the idea was good but the execution definitely needed work), but why would I spend all day farming Doomsday? Yeah, there's nothing stopping me from doing it but what's the point? I've already got the feats for farming him. It's not like I'd get anything from it other than paltry amounts of Nth Metal. There is literally no point.

    It's like saying "If you like farming bosses, why not just go back and farm WV or Legion??"......erm, because I did farm it while it was active? I've already brought everything from the vendor, got all the feats and have over 1000 currency burning a hole in my pocket. It's literally pointless going back to those.

    Also, no-one is even farming Doomsday. It can be hard enough to find a phase to beat him once, let alone find a farming phase! Most people (myself included) will have grinded those feats day 1. Ain't no groups running that anymore lol
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  18. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    Same here, I got about 4 of my new alts to cr300 within a week, I've never thought 31 Century was repetitive like I do with Flashpoint Gotham, atleast it kept me busy with the bounty spams when I was done with raids, I am still curious as to why most people like Flashpoint Gotham over 31st Century when 31st Century was more Alt friendly lmao.
  19. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I don't think the Bounty Spam Marathon was perfect, but I do think the balance of things to do to contribute to meaningful progression was a little more "thought out" in WV and 31st. Not to mention that the additional progression method plus 3 actual months of additional shelf-life on the DLC made it very alt friendly and very progression friendly.

    And I already kill old bounties all day for fun, it's nice to get something back for it; and running the WV/31st bounties on Alts was a great way to earn extra Gear drops for raising CR; maybe stop trying to FORCE people to run 100 Bounty cycles for the additional Vendor items, price controls could have been friendlier, but overall I was happier with it because the DLC's pacing and content let me experiment quite a lot (even if I'm not the biggest fan of 31st Met as an area).

    Flashpoint (which I thought would be a little more representative of the actual Flashpoint storyline that it was - different but also valid criticism) from a progression standpoint?

    Seems like 10 lbs. of **** in a 5 lbs. bag. - the expectations for vendor cost and requirements versus actual shelf-life of the episode seem very skewed in favor of "Replay Badges or Bust" mentality players (I prefer to use mine for transferring SP to alts). Also, removing the Elite Weapon / Neck / Rings was just kind of crappy. Seems like kowtowing to the "keep elite elite" crowd, when endgame progression should be expanding the willingness of people to cross that line into the harder content.

    The alert seemed a little more spread out than the 31st alert but it felt sort of artificially spread out, like maybe give it a little more breathing room and call it an Operation instead; the Raids were fun, ish, even if the Voyage was a little light on mechanics and Future was a bit of a messy "giant boss fight" - also, does it being one never-ending bossfight really merit making it its own Raid?
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  20. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    ROFL. I don't care how or why you play. You said you don't grind SP. You want to change your story to you DO grind SP? Cool. Whatever. Regardless of how or why you play, trying to act as though you're active when your own statements detail the ways in which you are clearly not, is disingenuous. My only assumption is that you are able to comprehend your very own written words.

    If you prefer unlocking characters and sailing boats in some other game, then by all means, enjoy it.

    And if what you truly enjoy is attempting to argue others into missing bounties, or whatever this thread is, then by all means please continue. I hope you find enjoyment in whatever you play, and however you decide to play it.