What did you like the most about DCUO when you started?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Zoe·, Aug 4, 2022.

  1. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I liked being a red lantern, still do.

    But I also liked the idea of having two possible builds according to each power and role, which gave us 4 possible builds. What I want them to bring back for DPS role is more variety of possibilities, nowadays every DPS power has a cookie cutter build for maximum damage.
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  2. LipstickHeroine Active Player

    The open world. Flying around and exploring the cities of Metropolis and Gotham still hold a certain satisfaction. They did an excellent job on their construction. They feel very "alive", and look stunning.
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  3. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    Over the years i really hoped for anime bat family styles but they never came
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  4. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    I started back around 2012 and I enjoyed just playing the game.

    It didn't feel like a huge grind when I first started playing and to me it seemed like there was a lot more balance where you could truly be any powerset and enjoy the game the way you wanted to.
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  5. Boss Dark Side Active Player

    I've always enjoyed exploring the open worlds. When first starting, there was so much in Gotham in Metro to see. And then the open worlds for the episodes. Whenever a new one drops, I enjoy exploring and see the maps.

    I've been playing since Atlantis episode dropped, off and on.

    When Wonderverse hit, that's when everything changed. First, I loved that episode. I enjoyed Patchwork and the boss spamming. When we are all trapped together during those looooong waits in between bosses.... this is when I started meeting people, getting into a decent league and really learning about the game. Oh, there was so much I didn't know! (LFG for example!) But it was fun times for me. I do realize it was a different time with Covid in its first year and lots more people at home.

    But learning so much is a double edged sword. I realized how deficient I was and so began the grind. Of course, that never stops and takes over in your desire to be a viable player.

    Now, it's just the grind. Lot less to explore (those DC maps were small) and a lot less to do in large groups. I thought Barbie spamming might be fun while everyone was into it, but the nightmare bats turned the experience into everyone fighting over how to kill them.

    I wish there was more solo content for the days when I'm not feeling the group work. I do enjoy raids and participate in elite from time to time, but I'm not necessarily in for that every time I log on. Dailies and weeklies are fine, but I long for some solo content I can immerse myself in and figure out on my own, etc.
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  6. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    DCUO is my first MMO ever. My sister & I started playing back in January 2014 when we got our new PS4s for Christmas. I loved the fact that I could be cat girl (leopard skin lol) and all the wonderful & interesting new people I got to meet. It was through my sister I got to become a part of the Justice Girls family (Justice Girls Dark, EBIL!), and I later got brave and started my own league Thunger_Cats_Only (RAWR! ) on the Hero side. I have met some of the best most talented people in both leagues over the years. I truly treasure them. I was blessed to be part of two of the best leagues in DCUO. They mean a lot to me.

    As far as the game itself, I loved, loved, LOVED, getting stronger and going back an smashing those bosses who gave me so much grief. It was fun. I really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed growing my characters on Hero/Villain sides. It was fun. I hope someday it will be agian.

    But I will say it is the people whom I have met and formed relationships with who keep me playing. Justice Girls, Thunder_Cats, y’all are awesome & I love you both!
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  7. Swamarian Committed Player

    I liked, and still like just flying around.
    I also have fond memories of doing the open world bounties. I remember villain side, we formed a group, with someone who was level 8 to do the first bounty. After that we decided to keep going, and persuaded her to tag along. We managed to get all of the bounties in both Metropolis and Gotham without her dying once. That felt good.
    Once Battle for Earth released, doing the avatars in South Gotham. Occasionally, you'd get 2-3 avatars up at the same time, and things could get hectic.
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  8. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    That first year in particular, I loved PVP, it was splendid chaos. The FOS one in particular, so many toons, nobody knew what to do, everyone just killing whoever is front of them. Grabbing crystals, why am I grabbing this, I don't know!! Just run with it, where to? Who knows! Particle effects everywhere, I can't see my toon!

    It was glorious.
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  9. Chewy Stuff Well-Known Player

    The great things:
    - You actually felt like a super hero after leveling up (No stat clamp)
    - DPS was skill dependent.
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  10. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    The leveling missions that got me to become a member of the Justice League (and when I finally starting paying, finding out how the villains storyline matched with the heros in the leveling missions was nice) along with the customizing features in general.

    Teen Titans: Judas Project
    It's one of the few DLC that I felt somewhat remembered that we're supposed to be heros/villains and similar to the introductory leveling missions was kind of different depending on if you were a hero or a villian.
    There are probably better examples in the earlier years, but I wasn't around for them the same way I was for Titans. Additionally, even if I have played them, it's not really the same flavor for me because I run them sparingly whenever they happen to pop in Omnibus (or only did them once or twice just to progress initially on my main) whereas I was around to grind for Titans when it was "new".
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  11. Drewbolt Greatest Healer of this Generation

    Open world PVP battles with a few dozen heroes against villains for nothing but the right to stand on a rooftop.
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  12. Swamarian Committed Player

    One thing I miss was the big hero vs. villain battles near the Superman statue, where we'd fight until we crashed the server.
    I remember the Thanksgiving football game, with Mepps as the referee. I have no ides who won, but that was besides the point.
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  13. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I started right after the infamous playstation hack. I actually bought the game, and had to wait 2 weeks to even play it because new players couldnt make an account until after the hack.

    I started on Blood will run server. And I was a few months behind the day 1 people. There was one villain that was level 30, who I ran into over and over in the open world and SHE would kill me over and over. It became an obsession for me to become better at pvp just so I could progress without being griefed. She was my arch nemesis, but also made me better.

    Then, Star labs fight club, those were the good ol days. Arenas were fun too, but the pvp open world server was even better. It truly felt like the DC universe and I was making a name for myself.

    I really miss rock paper scissor pvp gameplay.
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  14. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    - the sincere childlike wonder of throwing myself off of the rooftops of gotham
    - batman welcoming me to the cave/JLA membership
    - having to run all pre 15 mentor missions (well, hive and titans) it opened up the wider dcu outside of batman for me
    - clayface/grundy launching me into space

    I was fortunate enough to make good friends and have had the best of times for years but, I'll always miss the rookie days
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  15. zNot Dedicated Player

    100% this
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  16. Proxystar #Perception

    Okay so I'm going to reply to this post without reading the rest of the thread first, because it means my views won't get skewed by those of others, at least on this first post - and sorry it's going to be long, because there's a bit to unpack

    I hate the segregation of content. I hate that they've separated content out into different difficulty levels, part of the enjoyment of the game in its early days was that we were all playing the same content, together, we were in it together.

    I believe the introduction of elite content and even further still elite+ content has separated the community and created an unhealthy level of disdain and toxicity amongst players that didn't exist previously. We all had to cooperate to beat "the content" that we were all given and we all got along better as a result.

    This is true of event mode also, I honestly wish they'd just scrap it all and have decent, yet challenging normal content again. If you look at all the old raids there was really just one version (although I know there was an attempt at novice/expert FOS).

    The content was challenging enough even for the elite players and they always vote Paradox as their favorite content of the past - for a reason,

    Look at Nexus and Paradox, Despite the fact I know this content caused a few people to leave, I still think it was the games peak period, most of the community enjoyed this period infinitely more than what's going on now with event, normal, elite, elite+ - there's just way too much player separation now and I think it's damaging the game and the community.

    It needs to be streamlined with just normal again, we should all be playing together, learning together and enjoying the game. together.. The developers need to stop coddling the players at both ends of the spectrum, the elite for wanting super hard content nigh on impossible and the event players who don't even want to try and just kill stuff with clown box and gag glove. Perhaps if people want to use gag glove the developers should actually be making the power viable and not just a hot piece of garbage used only by an event player.

    Survival Mode should stay as a seasonal challenge once a year where we all get to test ourselves in an arena that has no rival, no elite+ or critical to dilute its significance, Survival Mode would be it, that's the yearly peak of the mountain. This was also how it functioned in the past where everyone would strive to get server firsts, strive to beat it. People didn't even need these inordinate rewards either, they were stoked just to get pets and a shiny reskinned shirt.

    The insatiable desire that seems to have come about for exclusive rewards I can't help but feel isn't also part of this problem. This whole "look at what I have that makes me better than you" mentality is just so toxic, it's therefore no surprise players keep walking in the other direction when they see all these people lording some of the coolest items in game over them.

    It's not even like they can have a reasonable attempt at getting them either, because segments of the community insist on exclusivity, things never returning and the fact content is again separated almost certainly ensures newer players will perpetually struggle to break in to groups constantly deeming them unworthy. This mentality was never there in the past (or certainly significantly less so) when the content, was the content.

    Another massive enjoyment in the past was PvP. I know the developers never seem to want to hear this or listen to this aspect, but it's really the cold hard truth. A lot of enjoyment and I mean a lot was the player versus player (PvP) interactions, even when they seemed a bit absurd. There is a massive portion of the modern players within this game that has just engaged "wuss" mode when it comes to PvP and any and all PvP interaction must immediately be removed or else. Take for example event interactions during seasonal, heaven forbid a villain or hero stifle your progress in a fun seasonal event in open world.

    It seems like the only thing people care about is "getting their dailies done" as quickly and as effortlessly as possible so they can move on to their next 60 characters. The developers are partly guilty of creating this mentality because of the seasonal reward pricing pushing players to want to run their content as quickly as possible and on as many alts as possible simply to get rewards.

    But this shift in mentality has sucked all the fun out of unpredictable daily open world experience. We're like robots now - Can you tell the difference between yourself and another player out in open world?

    Some of the funniest and fun interactions on a PVP level were when you least expected them. Fighting a bounty in open world, when damn a hero just came along and healed them, sure it sucked on one level, but it was entirely fun and appropriate on another level, If you wanted to beat the bounty, you just got a bigger group lol :D

    Also the PVP open world raid type experiences were amazing - heaps and heaps of heroes and villains would interact, fight and play around outside night clubs and PD's,

    The hospital roof in little Bohemia was also a hot spot. This just doesn't happen any more, because they've broken it all and it's ruined.

    This massive element of the game would entertain players for hours especially if they were just chilling or on some PvE down time - If you were looking for something to do you'd just go play around in PvP phase for fun.

    Part of the problem with PvP, right now are the immortal tanks and healers, you just can't beat them because you can never stop their healing enough to get the KO. There was a period in this game where debuffs were placed on to movement powers to achieve balance and I think these would be useful to bring back for example.

    If you came against an ice tank for example you'd hit tornado pull and it would rip their shield off. These are the types of things that need to return, I at least think so anyway, as a start, there could also be a separate move that acts as a "healing debuff".

    Whatever is done, whether it be that or some other idea, they need to do something, because, leaving it in this state is so damaging to the game more widely and it's not seemingly realized. The developers need to get past this blockade they've put up where they're doing nothing because they seemingly can't please everyone, but by doing nothing, they've assured a goal of pleasing absolutely no one.

    Open world Raids - one of my favorite pieces of content were the open world raids and alerts in the Hand of Fate, originally this content was out in Gotham and Metro open worlds, but the lag experienced forced them to put them inside instances. I have fun memories of massive groups just pouring into a boss fight and destroying it. I wouldn't mind seeing a return to some of these open world missions that add an extra flavor of interaction and send you back out to Metro and Gotham.

    A return to daily bounties would also be great. I remember Lightning Strikes DLC and we had the conduit in Central City and the daily route of Flash Rogue bounties, you'd need to get together a whole group for it and you'd go around finding them. It was fun and you'd log in each day.

    There's actually nothing worse I think than all these new open world weekly bounties, people wait until reset moment, spam the hell out of them and then the entire #$#% is dead for the rest of the week. Hope you're not running late that week because if you hit any of it after the weekend, good luck.
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  17. Proxystar #Perception

    Omnipotence Gear is no longer special. There's a part of me that likes the new omnipotence gear system, but there's another part of me that loathes it completely, especially now that it's utterly out of control. The food required to level the item has infinitely increased and it no longer feels like a special chase item. I thought this was a cool idea initially but the more it's been developed as the method in which to get OP gear the more I've come to actually dislike it.

    I used to enjoy running content in the hope of getting the OP drop, perhaps it was the thrill of the chase and I knew hardly anyone had the item, so if you ever got it, it was legitimately special. I can't help but feel that omnipotence gear has just become another way to farm a players money.

    In thinking about this the other day and talking a few others, even the collections felt a bit more special because you'd have to chase them and there was certainly something to be said about a satisfaction being obtained through the thrill of the chase.

    I think they should put a bit more RNG back in to the omnipotence stuff to make it truly special and with respect to the R&D of building and improving gear I think that should be expanded to build on omnibus, certain gear should be upgrade able by finding materials throughout the whole game and it could be restricted to items like rings, neck, face and weapon or something - but that's a separate idea.

    The chat was cleaner. I'm not going to dwell on this point but there's something to be said about the sad state of in game chat, its overrun with gold bots, racism and other ridiculous rhetoric. There's nothing wrong with a bit of fun banter, but when there's N bombs and other rubbish going on that never used to happen when its frankly a bit revolting :)

    The Rat Race wasn't so intense. - content seemed to remain relevant for longer, we weren't on this DLC to DLC treadmill so hard, take Origin Crisis as an example again, the subsequent DLC (Sons of Trigon) didn't replace Origin Crisis' gear it gave a leg up for the people still struggling.

    it was the same before that also with the T4 gear sets and the T3 Kryptonian sets - the gear system during those periods was far, far more satisfying and natural.

    All we've got now is the 'New DLC, Gear Reset, Get Renown or not, Rat Race Reset" every 3-5 months now and it's absurd and crazy the entire current progression model is just outright horrible, dissatisfying, unnatural and broken.

    Worse yet, it seems to be a race to see who can spend the most replay badges the quickest, Smash it Day one and get back to Destiny 2. I'm failing to see how that's at all helpful to the longevity of the game.

    I still think it was a mistake to let replay badges be shared amongst players because it removes the financial accountability a person had to skip content.

    You kept playing for longer because when it's your own money being used to skip you were less likely to spam, used your replays more wisely and were more likely to use them to catch up after missing than smashing content in the first week so you can uninstall for 4 months.

    That's all I'll put down here for now. Honestly I'm sure there's more, but that might give you some of my personal insight.
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  18. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    I joined when the game first went free to play. Before that I tried Champions Online, and City of Heroes, so when I came to DCUO I found the combat was... refreshing... I decided to spend a little and become a Green Lantern, after seeing somebody run over an enemy with a train, then attack him with a helicopter. :eek: :D

    And talking of enemies... I found that I really enjoyed beating up iconics - Scarecrow and Bane spring to mind from those early days. Later, when I created a Meta character, I discovered the simple joy to be had beating up gorillas on the beach at Little Bohemia (sometimes I go back there still with my Cr373 character and smack a couple of gorillas about, just for old times' sake). :D
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  19. Zoe· YouTuber

    Love that. I think the main thing about the leveling missions is that they are simple enough, does not feel too much repetitive and are enjoyable for the most part :) I wish I was able to run them again for the first time just to experience this again lol
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  20. C3alix Committed Player

    I will forever say OC is the greatest episode DCUO has made so far (still hard to believe it came out almost 10 years ago).
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