What aspects of the game are you willing to give up?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ghostof91, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Ghostof91 New Player

    My question is since players will like memory stretched features such as, new cities, body size, new animations, and new weapons etc. To be added what aspects of Dcuo would you give up?

    Me personally would rather to limit the size of Metropolis and Gotham in exchange for more new cities with leveling missions, and to make all weapons attack to have one color for exchange for more weapons, this is mainly directed to ps3 players as this game cant extent its abilities without the idea of ps3 in mind.
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  2. SGS_JonLegend Well-Known Player

    I'd be willing to give up the PvE Phase, so players were always in PvP if they were in open world. Cause, the threat of Villians attacking you should always be a very real one. Or Heroes attacking Villians. The only Safe Haven should be WT/HoD.
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  3. Ghostof91 New Player

    Agree dont know why players hate the concept of PvP when its the most fun thing in games these days.
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  4. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    I would give up PVP all together and it doesn't matter if it gives more room for anything.
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  5. spack2k Steadfast Player

    i would give up ps3 :eek:
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  6. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    The basic concept of the game is supposed to be heroes vs villians...and tbh (at least to me) they seem to be two worlds appart that barely know the other faction exists!
    They could probably have some "protected areas" so as to let new players do stuff without some CR100^ trolling them, but i'd love to see more conflict between factions.
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  7. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    GU 36 Were AM and WM started ruining fun for pve.
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  8. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    This happens, I'llquit the game.. Why does everyone wanna grief each other In pvp and thinks it should be rewarded? If I'm a low lvl and I can't level up due to someone Consistenly standing there at the questing area I need to do, I'd be quite ticked off. Seriously: Leave them seperated.
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  9. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    I'd give up arenas. If they can't get it right, might as well remove it.
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  10. Ghostof91 New Player

    Well, I understand the differences of oppinion regarding PvP and pve and do not wish to start such, so I will say for those who dont like Pve and vice versa theres a reason why we have two phases enjoy.;)

    On second thought you can be aliitle more helpful and give exchange wishes of such removal.
  11. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I would give up pvp and ps3. I would also give up the controller role.
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  12. Ummagumma Active Player

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  13. SGS_JonLegend Well-Known Player

    I'm willing to bet that there would be a number of players in your faction that would come to help you out if this were the case. I can assure you I'd be out there a lot more often if that were the case.
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  14. JSnaples Committed Player

    Oh yeah it's so fun to be ganked by villains when doing a mission. Getting rid of Pve phase is a HORRIBLE idea. The last thing I want is to be forced to be in a situation where I get killed by 5 villains and then they take my shoes, talk trash in the chat and then run away
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  15. Ghostof91 New Player

    Your missing the point, gank or no gank its up to you, if a car slowly comes your way will you stand there, I dont think so, defending yourself, making yourself evasive, using movement supercharg to you shoot 50 ft in the air away from danger is also an option and that is what I call an ideal action game, or theirs Pve phase, but again is there something you would replace.
  16. JSnaples Committed Player

    Oh so if 5 cars are coming for me it's obviously my fault I get hit right? I don't think you have ever been to Chinatown rally or Fight club in Pvp phase. People in Pvp phase gank ALL THE TIME they will chase you down, hit you, then let their league mates stun you then you are a dead man. I have spent a lot of time in pvp phase so trust me, taking away Pve phase is a horrible idea
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  17. Ghostof91 New Player

    I agree never said for Pve phase to go, just was stating the fact that you have the choiced to escape, it will just require skills and work, while at the same time making useless movement powers come in to use which is about being creative with your loadout.
  18. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    <_< >_>

    I'd give up DCUO.

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  19. JSnaples Committed Player

    Oh so I should change my loadout because people gank?
    It would make no sense to have villains and heroes at a constant war and can't take that away. Whether you agree or disagree with Pve phase being taken away it is still a bad idea.
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  20. Ghostof91 New Player

    "The choice is YOURS"