What are your top 5 things you want fixed in DCUO

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Evil Leaper, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Evil Leaper New Player

    This is a thread to help the developers here what we as a community think should be fixed in this game. Please don't put others down for their own personal opinions and try to be constructive.

    1. The sound bugs. (I want to hear exobits and dialogue.
    2. Trolls need a better way to give power. (I would like it if they gave power with each power they used.)
    3. Need to stop rezing under the floor.
    4. Need to retool the roles so people would want to play them instead of DPS role.
    5. The highest CR gear should be purchasable so it's not luck based.
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  2. Notangie New Player

    1. The community
    2. Luck playing too big a role in skill points and now actual gear
    3. Make Checkmate and Knight purchaseable again (I know it's related to #2, but it's annoying enough to be mentioned specifically)
    4. Fix getting a deserter penalty for disconnecting
    5. The community
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  3. tell me more New Player

    1) D0ts overwriting.
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  4. Lantern Landen New Player

    ... You said community twice ...

    ... And I can't argue.... The horror :(
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  5. Lantern Landen New Player

    1. No more "MOOOOAAARR POWer!!!"
    2. No more "CR 7,645 for khan!!"
    3. No more political debates in TRADE CHAT

    Now onto realistic things....

    1. Deeper story content, maybe a little edgier and gritty

    That's my main gripe. I'm actually a very content person
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  6. Savage Mind Committed Player

    Only 1 thing. Grounding in PvP. Feels like I'm playing tag and I am always it.
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  7. Evil Leaper New Player

    If I had to add a number 6 it would be tiered PvP matching. I'm tired of being CR 77 and going up against CR 84's.
  8. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    1. The combat mechanics. Some NPCs don't play by the same rules as us, some seem to be able to magically block in the middle of an attack, and, most importantly, if I'm a little laggy, it shouldn't turn this into a frustrating guessing game. No other game punishes me this much if I get a bit of lag.

    2. The vault. It is awful at the moment and the number one thing I'd like to see is scaling of marks.

    3. The disparity between tiers for challenges/duos/alerts/raids. At least five of each type for each tier so that there is plenty for every kind of player to do. And I think that at least the non-top tiers should follow the T2 system where you can pick up bits of appropriate level gear by running the content and then top up your suit by buying the tier gear. Make it so playing the content, instead of mindlessly grinding it ad nauseam, is fun and rewarding.

    4. Better control of the community. People spouting off their racist/homophobic/misogynistic/offensive rhetoric in chat should be dealt with. There should be people monitoring the game. Further, and I understand the devs are fighting an uphill battle on this one, abuse of the kick function and general ******-ness from the community needs to stop.

    5. There are still too many powers that are not useful, especially in the iconic and movement powers. I'd like to see these tweaked so that every power can be effectively in end game content.
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  9. NyteSkye New Player

    They have already been said but here it goes.

    1. Community.

    2. Vault.

    3. Promethium Boxes... Like, I don't want constant base items.

    4. LFG. There needs to be a channel for different tiers of content. Maybe not a need but if lower stuff needs to get run, then this is their chance. Perhaps (I know this will sound pretty stupid, even I'm laughing how stupid it sounds, but we've all read worse) CR based channels? Like... A fresh CR 43 wants to run Kahn, but in today's LFG all we see is Nexus, Paradox, Nexus, Paradox, Nexass, Pairofcox, flooding the LFG channel... So, when they are CR 43, they can shout for content within that T2 range, and not have to worry about being overrun by content that takes years to finish with a crappy group. Yes Origin Crisis, I'm looking directly at YOU!

    5. I can't think of anything else at the moment... I'm sure it's on the tip of my tongue too...
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  10. Ryejin New Player

    1) Powers to be balanced (this includes Iconics). Also fix the bugs on powers. I hate gemstone shield not working right.

    2) More of a story line. It's really lacking. Not that this would ever happen, but it would be awesome if zones phased a bit depending on your actions. For instance heroes and villains both kill Braniac for their raids. All of a sudden quest complete, certain buildings are no longer bottled. Small changes like that, which would give the game the feel that you had some impact on the world.

    3) Another starting zone, with a few extra mentors. I'd love it if they expanded central city, and gave us Flash / Zoom, and perhaps Green Arrow / Catwoman. (I find it funny, that when you load the game up, you see WW, SM BM on the left, JK, Lex & CW instead of Circe on the right)

    4) More customization of our skins. A lot of times when I make a new character I'm almost forced to put on some sort of mask, cause the faces on the human skins are flat out ugly. Also why is every female body built in with triple Ds? I like boobs as much as the next guy, but really wtf. I've made like 1 chick toon, just because of that reason. They all look like they had implants to work in the adult industry. And no I don't want to make a midget sprit who looks like she's 10 y/o.

    5) Better raid designs. I know the devs have stated, that it's our fault that raids aren't using 2 tanks. Now even 2 healers for that matter, sometimes even skimping on trolls. However I do blame the devs. Create mechanics that force players into it. The FoS 2 instance had a good mechanic, that you let people bug it by warping to a rally point. Certain things might need to be reworked. Not questioning that, but really it'll be for the benefit of the game in the long run.
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  11. Blight KOBRA Commander

    1. More Character Customization Options: New hair styles, new skin styles, different weapon stances.

    2. Henchmen/Sidekick Customization: The option to be able to customize the look of our henchmen and accomplices.

    3. Power Color Customization: Ability to change the color pallets of the different powersets.

    4. Trenchcoat Style Revamp: Trenchcoats will be reworked to be worn as a backpiece instead of a chest piece, to allow players to choose whatever chest AND belt style they want to display on their characters.

    5. Make All Top Tier Gear Purchasable: No more high level gear rewarded from alerts or raids, that includes mod plans. All the current max level gear and weapons and plans should be available to purchase from vendors.
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  12. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Enickma for President 2014!!

    Just kidding :) I think trade should stop being trolled all together . There's times when my items shoot straight up through chat and it feels like no one even saw it.
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  13. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    1. Power Deficiency. I don't even troll anymore because of it. Maybe the DPS should get a massive boost to their power pool and the trolls give more power to them. I think different roles deserve different amounts of Power IMO. Mainly DPS though.

    2. Legends countering. Countering in general, but I think countering in legends is worse. I've blocked, then used a move, do actual damage (most was two ticks; Catwoman #2 move) and then somehow get block broke when there is no countering symbol above my head. That's something that needs to be fixed or it's simply for the new players so they have an advantage, or they could keep practicing?

    3. Origin Crisis and T5 gear all together. Nough' said.

    4. The Community can't be fixed entirely, but there are things WE and The Devs can do to strengthen it.

    5. Combat Rating. I'm tired of trying to get into raids where people ask for 99+/100 in CR. I'm TRYING to get to that amount of CR. A lot of those people are hypocrites because they were once in the exact same place as we are when it comes to this. Yet, they disregard the knowledge of understanding and obviously deserve to be treated the way they treat others. I highly advice everyone join a league. Leagues tackle problems like this together and it's a great experience.

    6. Emotes that allow us to actually sit on the furniture.
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  14. revolter1 New Player

    I love this guy :p
    The idea of the trench coat as back style is really cool, and I love the idea of changing the color of our power: this means NO BLUE/RED LANTERNS!!!
  15. jessiejames4211 New Player

    i strongly disagree u should have to earn the top gear and plans
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  16. Notangie New Player

    You might want to google the definition of 'earn'

    The best gear dropping in an instance=granted
    The best gear purchased with marks=earned
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  17. jessiejames4211 New Player

    srry but vender machine Armour makes it so a hole bunch of people who dont no how toplay the game have the same cr and make for really long raids .. like real life there is different tear of people the ones who want it and will replay till they get it and the quiters u no what i got from dox td the shield i have gotten it 8 times already ,, but guess what thats life !
  18. Belgicano New Player

    disagree. That means ppl paying for their gear/plans by replaying alerts, duos, solos ..whatever.

    Again, i dont wanna see people getting their full top gear in one week then shouting cr500 for everything and coming here saying that they are bored
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  19. Zuse Loyal Player

    everything you guys/girls said

    but the one thing im looking forward the most is the nature update, i want that power to look better
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  20. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    All of them but especially #5!!!!!
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