What are you listening to now?

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by DrNooB, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Faust74 Loyal Player

    At this very moment. STYX: Suite Madame Blue.

    Edit: now Iron Butterfly: In-a-gadda-da-vida

    I'm in a classic rock mood tonight.
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  2. Ilunis Dedicated Player

    Oh, those crazy Swedes.
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  3. DrNooB New Player

    Childish Gambino - Heartbeat
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  4. Karmapolice Well-Known Player

    How about some classics? It's too early for metal. :confused:

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  5. Alice Liddell Well-Known Player

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  6. Battle Man Committed Player

    Today's lesson in violence is brought to you by:

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  7. Kung-Fu_Karl New Player

    al green
    barry white
    dmx - its dark and hell is hot
    jamiroquai - travelling without moving
    jimmy cliffs the harder they come the harder they fall
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  8. Octantis New Player

    Listening to my usual playlist. It's quite long so I'll list the top 10 (by playcount):
    1) "PARIS" - BT
    2) "Noots" - Sum 41
    3) "Off the Map" - Alkaline Trio
    4) "Superman" - Goldfinger
    5) "Time of Your Life" - The Yo-Yo's
    6) "Because of the Shame" - Against Me!
    7) "All Signs Point to Lauderdale" - A Day to Remember
    8) "This is Letting Go" - Rise Against
    9) "The Hell Song" - Sum 41
    10) "The Artist in the Ambulance" - Thrice

    And ... here's 5 more because I like them too much not to list them:

    11) "Champagne's for Celebrating (I'll Have a Martini)" - Mayday Parade
    12) "Give it Up" - Midtown
    13) "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage" - Panic! at the Disco
    14) "Here I Go Again" - The Sunstreak
    15) "Finding Something to Do" - Hellogoodbye

    I could seriously just write down all 2663 songs on my iTunes ... but I'll force myself to be content with these.
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  9. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Magazine - from The Correct Use Of Soap.

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  10. Deathmark New Player

    I've been playing APB: Reloaded and adapting my own victory themes from real songs (there is a music editor in the game and so you can write your own tunes, or adapt some real ones, a victory theme is the theme your opponents will hear when you kill them, it only lasts 5 seconds though so you gotta pick the catchy bit). The two i worked on today were what i consider to be two classics in their respective genres (punk and pop rock). Absolute gems of songwriting (<--if i can write this sentence without sounding like a tw*t which i of course can't).

    (i know this next one is weird for a victory theme but whatevs...i #^@&* love the go-go's...its hard to believe at one time there was a pop rock all girl band topping the charts and they actually played instruments and wrote their tunes...)
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  11. MrBlazEakaJB New Player

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  12. Minx New Player

    Feeling all mushy atm so ...yeah.

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  13. MrBlazEakaJB New Player

    All of that mean muggin really don't mean nothin
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  14. Alan Scott New Player

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  15. Madphinger New Player

    My 2 favorite bands at the moment.
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  16. Johnnylagz117 New Player

    HOPSIN - ill mind of hopsin. great song lyrics wise it's realistic not not throwing money n wasting your time.

    BAD MEETS EVIL- im on everything

    HOSPIN- I sag my pants
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  17. Karmapolice Well-Known Player

    Haha, I played that game for a little bit. I liked browsing the auction house for victory songs that players made and sold. Most of my time in that game was designing clothes and driving around listening to music.
    And speaking of that, when I played Saint's Row 2, I really liked how your character would sometimes sing along to the radio. And then I found this that someone made of all the player voices singing along to Take On Me. It reminds of being in a car with a bunch of friends singing off key. I love it.
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  18. MercPony Devoted Player

    Decided to listen to some video game tracks. Here's whats playing right now :)
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  19. Deathmark New Player

    That is fitting with what i posted above because i believe Take on me isw one of the possibly top five POP song ever written. I mean it too, the first A-ha record is a regular on my ipod.

    I didnt play SR2 but i played the 3rd, there's only one scene in the game where your char sings to the radio and it's to that awfuk sublime song.
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  20. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

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