What are you listening to now?

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by DrNooB, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Gettin' funky with it.
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  2. YodaDog New Player

    Really diggin on this new drop from Jose Gonzalez...

    But by all means, watch Max's 500 videos first....smh... love ya, Max.
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  3. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Wait, is there a limit to how many vids I can post? No? Cool.

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  4. risen New Player

    Brand new - Handcuffs
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  5. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

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  6. OMG Well-Known Player

    I heard this the other day just made me think something different & I mean in a good way.

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  7. Gafa New Player

    >Music hasn't been clean since Eminem
    >It's 2013
    >asks to keep it clean
    >Therefore, I'm listening to nothing.
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  8. DrNooB New Player

    Ha! I see what you did there! I bet nothing sounds really empty. ;)

    OT: Listening to Wale - Mirros
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  9. Alice Liddell Well-Known Player

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  10. Deathmark New Player

    Nothing like a bit of poncey morrissey when you get up

    This song has had the distinction for the past two years or so of being usually the first thing ill start playing whenever i pick up a guitar.
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  11. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    I like this one.

    And this one.

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  12. Battle Man Committed Player

    +1 for Volbeat

    They are rooted in death metal and kick much butt!

    See Michael Poulsen from back in the day as the front man for Dominus.

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  13. recespieces31 New Player

    Notorious B.I.G featuring Bone Thugs N' Harmony- Notorious Thugs
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  14. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

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  15. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Yeah they are and yeah they do! Got to love them Danish!
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  16. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Wow, the Blue Man group has really changed over the years.
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  17. xXMDKXx New Player

    Faith No More's classic but always good The Real thing

    Who would ever thought that their could be a smooth jazz metal with a hint of hip-hop in it.
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  18. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Faith No More is muy bueno. I'm partial to "King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime"

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  19. Battle Man Committed Player

    Today was especially brutal.

    Let me share it with you.
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  20. Entity Committed Player

    Track-The world is (below the heavens)
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