What a progess point should mean.

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  1. Flair Well-Known Player

    In most games a progress point is a device that ensures players are capable of handling more difficult content. This serves to give said player something to strive towards. It also helps more established players complete appropriate content without worrying about having to carry players who are not quite ready to do it yet.

    In DCUO the progress points reset. Why? If I was capable of doing an expert raid last week, doesn't that mean that I have "progressed" far enough to still be able to do the same content this week?

    I fully understand the need for the company to make money, but forcing us to either wait a week or spend replays to do the raid over after the normal version is a bit extreme. Capable players should have a choice of which raid we wish to do so long as we have completed it at least once before. Those that replay are still going to replay. A lot of us replay the normal raids as well as the experts. We should always however have a choice to decide which version of the raid we complete for the weekly included raid.

    At the very least, Daybreak should be more transparent with its use of progress points as a tool for burning replays. The reset has nothing to do with progression. Change the name to Privilege Points to reflect the fact that we are paying extra for something added if you continue to introduce content in his manner.
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  2. CaptainColdilocks Committed Player

    Reminder: khandaq novice vs. normal

    The loot lockout on "harder" raids is not a new thing.
  3. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Progress points for elite content should last ONE MONTH IMO.
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  4. lukelucky Devoted Player

    No but not having a choice weekly is.
  5. Flair Well-Known Player

    Exactly. I am not advocating for more free content, simply the choice to do content we feel is more appropriate for our current goals.
  6. CaptainColdilocks Committed Player

    Valid point.
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