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  1. jerhaha New Player

    I am a 152cr 246sp dps/healer. I have other toons and can do any role. Some of the feats I have are granny gold star, do not go gentle into that black night, and ever living. I have pvped a lot! my toons name is Jerhaha. DC is my favorite and only game I play. i really hope everyone reads this lengthy post and comment below especially all of the people in charge of making this great game. I hope I do not insult anyone and I appreciate everyone efforts in making this great game and all of your work put into it especially with pvp. I hope this is worthy for the DC staff to read and I'm sure lots of people comment and I'm sure it's rough :) hope no one is insulted because I mean the best. Again DC is awesome


    Home Turf was the first update that came out that started the decline and death of PVP for dcuo. Every update after that has made PVP less and less fun and the combination of all of the updates has made 90% of its PVP population either quit DC altogether or only play pve. Most people who pve only do it for feats now. the PVP gears stats have remained the same since fos's pve gears stats and just been cycled. Please adjust the toughness of the PVP gear and allow pve gear in PVP matches again. This way people can use their pve rings neck faces etc in PVP again, pve actual gear won't matter in PVP because if you are missing any of the 8 peices of PVP gear you will be weak as heck without the toughness. Please add role buffs. Please keep the debuffs wether it's just the controller or all roles,, please take away all skill point gear and stats balancing or at least make a separate PVP mode where anyone who likes PVP doesn't have to have anything to do with it :,( please make the PVP gear for roles again, please allow consumables in PVP again, please let us go into matches with full supercharges, please make it so you have to spend replays in PVP to get loot more than once a day again, and all of these updates honesltly has made it so no serious DC players have time to teach new people how to play or carry them through raids, they also have no time to PVP. I feel like dcuo was originally so popular because of its PVP. The best thing that could be done for PVP would be to get rid of every update made to arenas since checkmate was out, before seeds and unpaid, and boost the stats of the t4 gear.
  2. jerhaha New Player

    Meant to say most people who PVP***** only do it for feats, (not pve)
  3. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    Please add role buffs - ANSWER NO

    Remove Skill Points - ANSWER NO HELL NO

    please make the PVP gear for roles again - NO it don't need to be role specific it grants all stats mod as you desire to make it what you are trying to achieve

    Please allow consumables in PVP again - ANSWER NO

    Please let us go into matches with full supercharges - ANSWER NO

    Spend replays in PVP - Terrible Idea failed the first time they tried to do it players were robbed for suits and money

    All of these updates honestly has made it so no serious DC players have time to teach new people how to play - Incorrect you can still teach those trying to learn stop crying already

    The best thing that could be done for PVP would be to get rid of every update made to arenas since checkmate was out - No that is a ridiculous idea
    As being part of this so called 99% my final answer is NO and HELL NO

    BUMP THIS POST LoL this player done bumped they head.
  4. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    yea NO to all of that!!!!
    spend replays to play the maps more than once a day your out of your dang mind.. and we dont need separate role gear either. speak for your self
  5. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    I would like to see the return of RPS, and Role Based gear.

    But to the rest of what you said....NO.

  6. Businessman Ultra Well-Known Player

    This is the dumbest thing I'll see in 2016.

    If anything, fights do need to be taken back to the length they had pre-WM. Getting rid of counter damage would be a great next step since weapon and power damage were nerfed. PvE gear needs to be completely removed from Arenas, especially with the problems it's caused with pets. I'd much rather go into a 5v5 where everyone drops orbitals and henchmen again. Anyone in PvE gear should stand absolutely no chance against someone in PvP gear, anywhere. SP needs to matter in both PvP and PvE again. I liked the roles in PvP, but as much as I hated having to grind to to top gear from the start twice on a few toons (thank you seasons...) I'd rather there just be a single PvP gear set. There need to be a lot more feats, styles, and rewards gained from PvP (7 prestige? Really?).
  7. unscathed Active Player

    Made up statistics are fun. Especially when you use them to act like you're speaking for others.

    People were upset when loot locks were placed on PvP, and it reduced the number of people PvP'ing. Why request this?
    Allow PvE gear and its stats in PvP? People hated "glass cannon" PvP.
    Take away SP stats? I've never heard anyone request this, ever.
    Make a PvP mode where stats don't matter? That's what Legends is for.
    Go into matches with full supercharges? They removed that with reason.
  8. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    The only thing most people are going to agree with in that post is that the hometurf era marked the beginning of the end for pvp.
  9. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    I only want pets gone! They are so freaking cheap, cheesey, cheats....etc! I had a sorcery guys with 2 damng things beating tje crap out of me. How do you win? Simply put, you can't!
  10. Captain Carkus Well-Known Player

    This post gave me cancer.
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  11. Nitrac Well-Known Player

    Add MANY MANY more feats to PvP.

    Monthly 5s/2s/1s tournaments/rankings provided by Daybreak.

    PvE and PvP updates completely separated.

    Continued frequent updates for PvP that are supported by the competitive community. (Not people who only pug arenas or do PvP only for feats :))
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  12. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    your joking right? must be a troll thread
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