What’s going on with the bans?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by nawanda, Oct 16, 2022.

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  1. nawanda Loyal Player

    A league member of mine (yes naively, yes, stupidly, yes, they are taking responsibly for their actions blah blah blah - before all the puritans jump in) bought one of those incorrectly priced packs per character (5 characters total) last week and now is banned. They realised quickly what they had done and messaged me in a panic to say they might be facing a ban.

    When they try to connect to the game they can’t and they have received no notification as to whether the ban is permanent or otherwise.

    Given the extreme lenience which systemic glitchers are treated with, I expect they will be unbanned eventually, because you seemingly have to actually kill a DI employee dressed as Batman to get permanently banned from DCUO, and I think that people who have broken the rules should be punished more severely than they are around here, but a bit of communication and an update wouldn’t do any harm, either.

    There is also, as has been covered elsewhere, the point that people who bought a small number of these items were led down a bit of a garden path by DI error. Yes, the offer was too good to be true, and I wouldn’t have bought any, but I can see why some otherwise rule-abiding players impulsively did.
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  2. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I kinda agree, in regards to guilt. I've been playing this game for years, bugs is part & parcel of the DCUO life, so if I'd've seen the packs going at 1, I'd've instantly thought, " yeah, no, " & left it alone. but! I can totally see a newer, far less experienced player going in there & seeing it, & thinking, " awesome! " & snapping it up. I don't know where the devs drew the line, though. purchase one? two? purchase ten? it's an ugly situation.
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  3. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Didn't this occur during a sale on the Market Place?
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  4. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    Daybreak has to have sales records from marketplace; I’m sure the IRS will be grumpy if there’s not.

    Use those records; refund the people their 7 cents or whatever (they were buying these packs for a penny each); and erase their ill-gotten purchase from the account. Or just keep their 7 cents - you can find that in the Arby’s parking lot on any given day.

    This shouldn’t be difficult (unless they really *don’t* keep sales records)
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  5. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I believe a dev has already said that players who abused it would be banned indefinitely. Maybe a different word was used that would indicate an “until further notice” feel to it but as of right now I’d assume that it’s a permaban. In recent threads devs have been hounded on not doing enough and in a somewhat recent thread I remember a dev (mepps I think) acknowledging that they can do more (or something along those lines).
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  6. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I love Arby's ! Just saying :D
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  7. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Not that simple. There has already been damage done because of this. Players didn’t just buy said items and that’s it. They purchased the items and used the stabilizer on the current TC which then was used to flood the market. Damage has already been done:
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  8. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Didn't they just blanket ban them all and then were going to then look at case by case ?
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  9. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I'm sure you thought you had a point here but I think you're missing some context.
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  10. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Please do enlighten me.
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  11. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The item in question, the pack everyone who got banned for purchasing repeatedly, was not on sale. If something in the marketplace is 4500 MP and suddenly drops to 1 MP, that's an almost 100% drop in price and nothing ever goes on sale for 100%. It was an obvious glitch.
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  12. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I would say it was mis-priced, which is not a glitch. An employee had to key in that figure. Obviously it was an act of Human error on the part of the Company which was taken advantage of by apparently both the naive and the unscrupulous player groups. Hopefully the Company will use this as a learning experience to pay attention, double & triple check behind their work, and I don't know, make sure everything is correct before they let something go live like this.

    It was the players' fault for buying it but it was the Company's fault for mis-pricing it in the first place. This is why quality control is important. One careless act has caused all this trouble.
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  13. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Or maybe it was a glitch and said bundle defaulted to 1mc. Errors like this can happen. The issue is players taking advantage of these bugs in order to gain an advantage. Same with the fortification glitch. Another error that players abused. People like to hide being the “I didn’t know better” excuse all the time. It doesn’t take much thinking to know that an item wouldn’t be sold for a penny. Especially not a bundle.
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  14. nawanda Loyal Player

    I agree it was too good to be true, but let’s not assume everyone is up on marketplace pricing and what the previous price was.

    I think a fair comparison is when an online retailer advertises a TV incorrectly for $10. It is too good to be true and people place orders in the hope the retailer won’t notice and then will get the TV. Invariably the orders get cancelled but what the retailer doesn’t do is ban everyone who placed an order from using their site again. The reason being that they take responsibility for the fact they made a mistake. They even apologise. What DI has done is ban everyone who ordered just one TV without any communication. It’s high-minded, dismissive and, honestly, just a little bit pathetic to treat even people suspected of wrong-doing in this way.

    I just think there needs to be a decision made on permanent punishments and some communication. Whether I agree with the outcome or not, I’m really not that fussed. I think they need to take a harder line on cheats than they generally do, my post isn’t an appeal for leniency, it’s an appeal to demonstrate some sense of openness and fairness. It has been well over a week, provide an update.
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  15. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Equally there is no excuse for failing to check behind your work. I won't let either party involved off the hook. I have to make sure my work is correct and if not there can be terrible consequences because these involve multi-million dollar clients. I will hold others to the same standards I am held to at my place of employment. There is no excuse for failing to double check behind your work.
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  16. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    So you’re saying that there is absolutely no mistakes done in your company?
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  17. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    I recall something years ago at the supermarket. The person pricing chicken breasts obviously misplaced a decimal. All of the packages instead of costing $10-$15 (this was awhile ago) cost $1.00-$1.50. I bought a whole bunch, maybe 20-25 pieces, and I thought to myself at the cashier line, if they say something, I'm quite ready to pay the real price, but they didn't and I got about $100 worth of chicken for $10.

    I don't know if what I did was dishonest, but I never tried to conceal it, or deceive anyone.
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  18. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Your assumption is that an employee of the studio made an adjustment to the price? Like I said the item wasn't on sale so there was no reason to intentionally adjust the price.

    This kind of thing has happened before in the past (also leading to several bans) and was not connected to any sale or some employee keying in an incorrect price. The price was simply glitched without any direct human interference. Computer error actually happens on its own from time to time.
  19. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Very few because we all know what will happen to us if a mistake is made. Mistakes are not tolerated at the Company I work. Our clients are Fortune 100 / 500 companies, so we have several layers of Q&A to make sure nothing goes out wrong. If on the off chance something does go wrong, there is a quick inquiry into what or who caused the error. Corrective and punitive measures are then taken to mitigate the damage. Yes people have lost their jobs over what was a tiny mistake that cause our clients big problems, which in turn adversely affected the bottom line for the Company.

    Just as this has adversely affect Dimensional Ink / Daybreak, and their players who seized unwisely upon the opportunity presented to them. As I said before, I hope this will be a learning opportunity for the Company, as well as the player base itself.
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  20. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Nothing just happens on its own. A computer is only as smart as the person programming it.
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