What´s going on with the lag and dalayed animations

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by arielflores, May 21, 2024.

  1. arielflores New Player

    Can someone tell us what is happening lately that the whole server is lagging so hard even in zones where aren´t population? The game is not enjoyable at all since is lagging so bad and the voice chat and chat daily problem. Hopefully all these problems are getting fixed before new content drops.
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  2. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Don’t hold your breath, they haven’t even acknowledged it
  3. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    The episode needs to be delayed until they get this fixed. There's no point in adding new content to an unplayable game.
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  4. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    The only time I found it to be minimal is that sweet spot between midnight and about 3 AM my time. Any other time you try to play the game you shouldn’t even bother because the lag’s gonna be so bad you’ll be caught in a five hour cast for arctic gust.
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  5. Kikumod Daybreak Games

    Hey guys - just wanted to check in since I know there are a lot of concerns over server issues and lag, especially with the new Episode coming soon, and I know the lack of consistent regular communication from us to you has been even more frustrating.

    I'm still just the temp Community Manager, and a lot of my responsibilities have been focused on making sure social media and website/forum posts go out in time - but I know that having someone to communicate with is important to the community, especially when there are major issues like these happening.

    I don't have any specific answers for a lot of your concerns just yet, but I'm going to check in with the devs and hopefully get more info from them that I can share with you guys soon. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.
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  6. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    ps5 is unplayable , super laggy , powers are laggy. almost not worth playing .
    if theres like 6 people close bye , u cant play anymore

    we need en ETA on this fix or at least delay ep release cuz its ganna make it worst
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  7. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    for real
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  8. mxkekxng1 New Player

    The lag, suppressor turret delay, might move delay and CTe being delayed is a US server issue. Eu is perfectly fine, maybe that will help with narrowing down the issue.
  9. iTiredOfTheLies Active Player

    What? The EU is suffering from the exact same thing! It’s just a small portion of these forums are EU users, they’re not here to voice their concerns or complaints.
    Why would you think this is a U.S. specific thing?
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  10. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I'm not sure it's lag. Some of the problems mimmick lag, but I think its different. It seems to be an issue related to cooldown timers in general. So, for some powers, the animations are going longer than they should. Some powers take longer to cooldown. Cogs in general are off with the animation bars that show the timing of operating them.

    Now yes, server lag could do this, but I'm not experiencing anything else that would happen if it were server lag, or lag from my ip...such as gameplay stuttering/freezing, voice chat breaking up, or a delay when blocking.
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  11. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    Oh, come on. I think it's hilarious when I'm in the Vault, and I pick up a seed to throw it, and my toon immediately stops doing the carry animation, the seed flies away, and I turn around and head to the next seed, and then my toon stops and does the throw animation. It cracks me up every time!

    Seriously, though, pleasepleaseplease ask the devs to fix that!

  12. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but timing the lag averages between 3 to 5 seconds additional time between when I activate a power to when it is applied. If it’s a channeled ability, then it’s a three second additional cast time. This issue makes just about every power in the game on playable everywhere in the game, but most especially in the alert and open world. This Tuesday will mark four weeks that this is been going on. I wasn’t able to enjoy as were most others weren’t able to enjoy the double Mark benefit from Dakota last week. I get maybe an hour a day where it doesn’t lag. I’ve also noticed that the lag will be present with 100% accuracy. The second the population of any server in the open world exceeds 25 people. I have no lag in the base, but once I leave and go elsewhere, it’s inescapable. Are you guys going to be able to do an update to fix this by this Thursday?
  13. Chilontius Active Player

    how about the MISSING animations? :) (See signature)
  14. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I was lagging bad while soloing Bizarro in Doomed Metro and I was the only one in the map. So it's definitely not dependent on phase population. Though high phase population certainly makes it that much worse.
  15. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    omg the alert lag is somthing els
    I HAVE NOT SEEING the game lag this much in like ever since beta ,. its INSANE
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  16. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    You know my league has been around since mid 2011 and for the last four weeks now we have not been able to play this game at all. The lag is so abysmal that there isn’t a single place in this game on any power that we try that doesn’t make it unplayable. Several of my teammates have deleted the app because the game is so horrendous with this persistent issue and the developers for all that we’ve seen haven’t done a damn thing about it. It is really hard to restrain the anger or even appropriately expressed the level of deep frustration that we have when the very purchases that we make come with issues the devs won’t fix. We have issues with voice channels not being there, getting kicked out of an instance mid combat, bosses auto healing to full health when they were shot away from dying, and certain feats being impossible to get due to the slow spawn time. If the developers need to shut down the servers until Thursday to fix this issue, that would be an acceptable response, but if your response instead is to choose to remain silent, then I might as well join them in deleting this app, because this is getting ridiculous.
  17. iTiredOfTheLies Active Player

    I ran HODe earlier as a fire tank) and died so many times because during the second and last boss fights, the lag was so intense… I was dying with what I was seeing as two hits, but I was being hit more, just not seeing it, and by the time I was getting my moves off. I was dead! I think I rage wuite for the first time in about a year, and turned the game off! But not before apologising to the group.

    You people wanna be absolutely ******* ashamed of yourselves!! Putting out a pathetically copy and paste dlc for one: but the shape it’s in!! The ps5 is still ****! The game is quite literally infested with bugs from start to finish.

    DLC has been out a few days now, and I’ve spent most my time now off the game. If your goal is to drive away players - whoever runs the show, is doing a fabby job!
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  18. TANK69 Well-Known Player

    That was wendsday, when we asked you to not greenlight the new episode becasue of the lag. Now its sunday, you didn't even said a single word to us, so basicly you are just useless like the last one.
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  19. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    Let me guess you were getting the same issue I was where you would cast absorb heat and gets stuck in it with no healing while you slowly get your brains bashed in. Or something similar with other powers
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  20. iTiredOfTheLies Active Player

    Exactly this! We faught Metallo 2nd boss, I took him to the corner and just lunged him before he did his power move (can’t remember its name) basic stuff! but where I should’ve lunged him successfully each time, it wasn’t registering - and I was becoming trapped in Ansorb, but also the screen FR was having a breakdown. One sec it was fine, but if you moved, it all went to ****! It got to a point I had to pan the camera and tilt it in a way, where I could only see his bottom half (was the only way the frame rate stayed steady. Only died once with him!

    LB! Fk my actual life! Stuck in AH, jumped all over and stunned. No significant health back of from AH, screen was choppy af, was like i was taking damage from invisible sources. I was so worried about being basically 2 shotted, I couldn’t focus on grouping them. I tried a few variations, put in group breakout, it was meaningless tbh, use it, get stunned by grodd anyway. Fire obviously relies on you healing your aśś! But hard when you’re getting pummelled and it isn’t registering till you’re already dead.

    I’ve found fire very, very squishy lately for some reason. So I came in last night and switched to earth! I used to be earth, and find it very safe (crap pulls) but… I’ll see how it goes. At least in a bugged fight, it may stand more a chance of surviving. But I fell asleep before I played anything. But I’m fuming I felt I couldn’t survive as is, because of their **** DLC and its bugs. (Sorry for the rant dude!)
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