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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Mar 17, 2023.

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  1. Glitter Character Artist

    1. For materials and auras we just collectively look towards our tech artist wizard FiZz and he looks at the reference, ducks into his crystal cave, and emerges days later with awesome stuff like the paint chroma. XD

    2. So, when we plan out what we are making for booster bundles or capsules we generally cut it down to scope before we start making items. Sometimes we do need to pivot, but generally we've planned in advance what's going to be going in those.

    3. I think the toughest item I worked on was my first gear suit ever - the Shim'Tar Regalia. It was super tough learning how to make, but it was also just so much fun working with Megzilla on concepting and making that suit come to life. Such a great memory, but really stressful for me at the time ahahahaha
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  2. JayHawk Character Artist

    3. Lets see: Zbrush for 3D sculpting, Maya for modeling and UVing, Marmoset for baking textures, and 3DCoat and Photoshop for texturing.

    4. So on the character team we spend most of our time making new stuff. New gear, new NPCs, refreshing old models. However sometimes design needs a bit more for whatever they have planned and we have to get creative in order to meet our timelines. That means kit-bashing old models, retexturing and using what we have available. However even if we're using old models we try to make sure to update their materials and try and make them look like they fit in with our newer art.

    5. I did the Paradox Kraken boss and that one was pretty complicated and way different from the normal things I've made. However I'd say one of the new characters coming up in the next episode will be my new most difficult.
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  3. Revrec Environment Artist

    1: Keep the grind keep improving if you want to work in games learn the technical for your portfolio have 1 - 2 super awesome pieces quality over quantity. Do 1000 hrs of anything and you'll be a pro! Detach all emotion from your work, that's when you will produce the best stuff.

    2: My fav is Rock Adam! My second would be Santa's Death chair! HBU?

    3: Leads Develop a plan then design and art do a brainstorm and finally make requests. My lead assigns us work based on what he thinks is best for the team. I then create the work receive a crit make adjustments and do final implementation.


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  4. Ughitsjaylon Level 30

    can you guys make some more dark magic type tattered clothing outfits, and some more casual clothing like crop tops, jackets, jeans, normal shoes, and skirts/dresses, glasses, also i would you guys consider updating the animations for weapons and powers, and not only the animations but the weapon stances for when you’re standing still? :)
    oh and maybe the ability to change the color of your powers in game
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  5. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    1.What ever happened to the powerset movement mode concept? Is that still something a current dev would be interested in picking back up?

    2.Can we expect to see more filter materials such as Shaded Comic/Wet Paint? These are truly the most versatile ive seen yet, love having effects but keeping my colors the same

    3.for all devs: There are so many Gotham’s, which 1 do you like most?
  6. Elacron Environment Artist

    I can answer some of the environment related questions!

    3. League Hall items are a bit trickier to make and sometimes we run out of time after making the regular sized ones. BUT I would like to try to get more in for y'all in the future!

    4. Open Worlds are hard! They're big and a lot can go wrong when making them. A lot of planning is involved to make sure they're within the scope of the episode. It takes a long time to populate the Open Worlds with assets that can properly tell the story of the environment. We also have to make sure they're fun to be in them while running through the encounters the design team has created.

    My favorite part of creating the open worlds is adding all those little details that add to the experience!
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  7. PowerNuke3x New Player

    Hello, I would like to know if you have plans for a new Superman style (Slimline), something like the Original Champion chest that was released a little while ago as a daily reward, cool serial something in the style, new emblem who knows. Many new players didn't get the chance to get the emblems already released in the past!

    I have a lot of ideas for the game that I would like to share with you!
    I've been playing since 2012 and my intention for the game is to see it active for many years to come!

    Thank you! and SHAZAM!
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  8. Glitter Character Artist

    Hey there!

    So that's a great question about emblems. When it comes to emblems on shirts, the size depends entirely on the geometry of the shirt. We take that geo, duplicate it, and push it a little out and then the emblem goes on that. We do our best with any new shirt assets that have emblems to make them as large as possible now!
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  9. JayHawk Character Artist

    Personally I love characters with cool armor and memorable silhouettes. The most annoying characters to make for me are ones that have things hanging off their waists. Skirts and coats can be really tricky because of the way legs animate.
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  10. Elacron Environment Artist

    I would also love for y'all to be able to sit on chairs! LOL
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  11. Eve YouTuber

    Question for Glitter because she said she was the one to make Grail:
    I'm assuming you made the player gear aswell, how easy or hard was it to make the male one? because this one looks a lot different than Grail's actual style, so I wonder how hard it was and what was your inspiration. (P.S, Grail is perfect. Thank you for making my favorite villain so amazing)
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  12. Wolfkueen New Player

    1. Can we get the Harley Quinn hairstyle with the the two way ombre option?

    2.Would like to see more skulls, bone, and sanguine base items, such as a sanguine puddle of variant sizes.

    3. Any plans to introduce Alexis Kaye (Punchline) to DCUO? Would like to see her in the game with possibly her style obtainable.
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  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We're about out of time for tonight's Q&A. If we haven't answered your question, we *may* still get to it, or perhaps next time. Thanks for stopping by!
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  14. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Hey Devs,

    Considering a certain Briefing teased that DCUO is designated as Earth 512, and also considering the reworked Black Adam NPC style is an Original that doesn't show up in Comics (its a great mix of Old + New Black Adam, and looks awesome btw), have you's any interest in Designing more Original Costumes for Hero/Villain characters when it's time for them to be updated too?
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  15. Glitter Character Artist

    Hey there Zoe,

    Isn't Grail amazing?? - I LOVED making the gear and npc. Tbh it was a great challenge because I ended up totally concepting and coming up with the male version myself. I wanted to try to do something different than just trying to make the exact same style for both male and female since sometimes it doesn't quite read well and went with like a gothic barbarian combat look. It was super fun to work on~
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  16. Elacron Environment Artist

    I would like to get more league hall items in! Sometimes we just run out of time :( There's some new foliage assets that are using some new techniques we haven't used before. We also used a different technique to light the Open World so characters will look better in it too!
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