Wednesday, a very bad day for such long maintenances?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aduzar Light, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Maintenance on the day before the reset, is it wise to do maintenance on that day? I think not, because afterwards we have our evening or daytime occupations and as the reset happens very quickly, ended up having to play in "race" mode so as not to lose this raid turn!
    I propose to find any other day for maintenance except Wednesday, especially since the risk of unforeseen events is always possible it has already been seen in the past !
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  2. ClowninAround Well-Known Player

    Or just do your weekly content before the last day and not have to worry about it.......
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  3. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    Yea, seems like a good idea... until you realise not everyone has the same schedule as you do.
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  4. ClowninAround Well-Known Player

    Everyone has the same week to get things done. Tons of time to run what needs to be run.
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  5. August Moon Well-Known Player

    they mean work schedule , some peoples may only have Wednesday off
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  6. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    The fact of the matter is no day of the week is convenient for anyone, and people will still complain. The truth is though, the worst day to deal with this kind of maintenance is on Thursdays/Reset Day. So be thankful it's not happening then and play on.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    If you are working 24x6 with the one day off on Wed, you might need a new job. I mean I get what you are saying, but there are 24 hours in a day, most people work 8-10 of that ...not everyone, but most. Even if it's an off shift, playing on Wed is not the only option...even if it is the easiest.

    Besides the fact you are only leaving yourself 1 day to get weekly raids done, there are many 'daily' mission requirements for some weeklies like Black Canary, Supergirl and the 'Monster tamer' 3 day mission in the anti monitor event. Also by Wed most people have already run their raids, so LFG groups are scarce and queue up times will be longer...almost for certain.

    Not saying everyone is required to spend all their off time playing the game, but to assume that you will get done with 'everything' you need to do in a small window (1 day...or even 5-6 hour block) is setting yourself up for failure or frustration. Even without maintenance, ISPs have issues, PSN could have issues or maybe your PS/PC/Xbox flips out during an update.

    If you wait till the last minute/hour to get everything done...

    I will agree that Wed is not optimal, but maybe the maintenance was required for the next coming thing next week. If they pushed it to Thurs morning, I'd guess we have just as many complaints. Same with the weekend, overnight, Lunar eclipse, high tide or whenever.
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  8. Jaelia Committed Player

    I don’t think anyone can control the maintenance. Think mepps said daybreak is doing a maintenance on all games ? If I’m not mistaken. :eek:
  9. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    These points are true for any time and any day of the week, considering the worldwide player base, which renders them impotent for arguing for/against anything.
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  10. August Moon Well-Known Player

    trust me , i agree ,i actually work 2 jobs and only have Saturdays off so i get what i can on the few short hours i have on every other day
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    Im still sleeping, I was told to do that during maintenance periods.
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  12. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

    It was politically motivated. Inauguration was today. Since they are Texas based they are either trying to appease tech oligarchs or preemptively shut things down so their products aren’t banned entirely. It’s a sad day when people bend to extremism.
  13. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    Out of the many MMO's and live service games I've played. This game has some of the most consistently intrusive interruptions and maintenance I've witnessed.

    10 years of playing here and I stand by my statement, but it is what it is