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    So, I'm sure we're all aware of the massive amount of online webcomics out there. Good, bad, or downright horrible, they exist. I'm curious to know which ones you all keep up with. Here are mine.

    Questionable Content
    This entire series is amazing, and they release a new one every single weekday. It isn't anything overly emotional, but it is very interesting regardless.

    Although the main storyline is abandoned for now, it was amazing when I read it. It literally brought a tear to my eye, but if you tell anybody I'll kill you. It is incredible, and even the newer content that has nothing to do with the main storyline is incredibly funny.

    Slightly Damned
    This is a very out-there comic that is a little hard to get into, but once you do it is well worth it. They update this comic every Saturday.

    Google it. It's like, limbero or something.
    This is based off of the DC comics characters. Since he is completely non-profit and it is just considered fan art, it is perfectly legal, which is a good thing because it's hilarious. This is one that ANY DC fan needs to watch, but try and remember that it has NOTHING to do with the actual characters.... kinda. For example, the comic is based on our young superheroes at age 8. Of course, Bruce wouldn't be Batman at age 8, but guess what? He is. It's just one of those things that you need to deal with and appreciate the humor.
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  2. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    I'm currently keeping up with penny arcade, xkcd, PVP, trenches, table titans, full frontal nerdity, order of the stick, and cyinide and happiness.
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    Table Titans? D:
  4. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    Thanks for all the detailed information and links. I'll definitely look into the JL8 content. :D
  5. Lights Derp Loyal Player


    It's about a D&D group and their in game/out of game exploits.
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    Oh goodness, I read way too many to list here. :confused: The things can get viral in their own way. You see a link or recommendation on one webcomic's page, it leads to another, and then another, and so on. Then you have the challenge of trying to remember which comic updates on which day.

    Gotta agree with Questionable Content, though, great read. Something Positive is another one that gets regular laughs out of me, but it does have more than it's fair share of dark humor to it, so it's not for everyone. Grrl Power has some good moments to it, too, and some fun takes on super heroes as well.
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    OMFG I am SO looking into this one!
  8. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Sadly enough, I have reminders set on my phone to remember what updates when :( lol
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  9. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    Its still new with only 2 story arcs completed so its going to be easy to get up to date.

    If you're into D&D stuff also check out

    Order of the Stick www.giantitp.com
    The in game exploits of a gaming group lots as they progress through a campaign. Lots of content int his one

    Full frontal nerdity ffn.nodwick.com
    The out of game exploits of a gaming group while play various games, get prepared to play, and just general nerd talk in nerdy situations. Again lots to get caught up on with this one.
  10. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    I know it's not a webcomic, but I really like The Guild. Felicia Day is so damn hot.... lol
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    Ctrl+Alt+Del is a great one xD I also like VGCats though it doesn't update very often.

    A fav of mine is Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (its a bit of an adult series though).
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  14. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

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  15. PmZ New Player

    http://www.snafu-comics.com/ this site has been around for a good while surprised no one else mentioned it /end thread
    personal favorites are PPG, Grim Tales, Tin, Sugerbits, Invader Zim and others
  16. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    These are all awesome comics. I'm excited to give each of them a gander. A perusing. I'mma read 'em.
  17. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    Not exactly web-comics but there are these youtube clips based on Marvel books.

    Astonishing X-men motion comic

    Death of Ultimate Spider-man (high quality fan-made motion comic based on the comic)

    Amazing Spider-man #700 Death of Spider-man (Fan-made highlights of the the comics)

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