Weapons Combo 101

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    So I was doing a little digging on weapons, thinking there must be tree diagrams of how combo chains work for me to reference, yet somehow I can't find them on the forums. Not sure if my search methodology is faulty or if I imagined their existence in the first place, in any case, I'll create them myself and hopefully it will be helpful for you for any purposes.

    Please do not hesitate to point out incorrect information and/or provide any suggestions you have in mind!

    ~User Guide~
    m = Melee Tap
    M = Melee Hold
    r = Range Tap
    R = Range Hold
    (M)(R) = Cross-Weapon Combo
    * = Attacks that last so long as you press Hold (until the max hit is reached)
    ⤒ = Press the Up button while Nearest to Target
    ↑ = Press the Up button while Near Target
    ↓ = Press the Down button while Far from Target
    ⤓ = Press the Down button while Furthest from Target

    Attack Range notes:
    ST = Single Target. If there are other enemies standing right between you and your intended target (i.e. target lock), the one closest to you would take the hit instead.
    Cone = Multiple Targets in front of you. Please be aware that not all cones share the same width thus some split more and some split less.
    AoE = Area of Effect that hits every enemy near a detonation point. If it's melee-based, the detonation point would be the player's character. If it's range-based, the detonation point would be the targeted enemy.

    Direction Arrow notes:
    When an arrow points backwards, it merely indicates repeating 1-2 moves is an option but provides no combo bonuses.
    Dotted lines are combos that are not accessible after Weapon Mastery is purchased and the hit count from those pre-WM combos is not calculated.

    Dual Pistol
    Dual Wield
    Hand Blaster
    Martial Arts
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    Well done
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    Good job!
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    Nice presentation
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    This is a pretty handy guide. That said, in the meta people just spam Brawling Shuriken Storm (AOE focus), Dual Wield Flurry Shot (more single target focused)---or Hand Blaster Solar Flame (non Weapon Master, Low SP).

    I wonder if there exists testing somewhere that shows the damage numbers for the styles. I'd be curious if the non-meta styles are 5% less damage or 50% less damage than the meta ones, because I'd like the freedom to pick the weapon based on theme (and not suck). Also, I wonder why the game gives like 7 styles per weapon, when you need to use just 1 or 2 at most.

    Bottom line, it would be great to know which styles are the best options to use for other weapon. This is the type of info I have not been able to find.