weapon tree SP boost adjustments

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  1. Unida Dedicated Player

    I see the 2nd line has been boosted up a little but....

    one thing that does confuse me tho, the bottom line boosts are left (for dmg) at +25 prec and +25 might - its obvious that prec and might don't scale with each other (108 vendor chest has 909 might , 284 prec) yet you get the same relative boost in the this line, but at a greater skew to precision

    gear ratio is(for chest at least)
    is 1 prec = 3.2 might
    either that bottom line need to be

    +25 prec + 80 might


    +9 prec + 25 might

    to balance it in regards to gear scale, else, yes it just skews more for the relative benefit of prec based powersets
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  2. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Gear has lower Prec than Might because weapon DPS is equivalent to Precision. If you have 9k Might and 4k Prec and 500DPS then you have 9k of both. If you check usual Might and Prec+DPS values they are pretty much equal now. That's why bottom row innates and mods give the same of both.
  3. generalzod Committed Player

    Yes yes yes .. could we please up this a little to compensate for the Hugh stat boost you made since weapon mastery was introduce ! i say bottom tree from 25prec + @ 25might + to 75prec + @ 75might .. or jump the the second row ! this would be very nice its not much of a jump as on test server right now
  4. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Even with the linear stat scaling we are still at the same position that innates don't make much of a difference. I guess the reasoning why the bottom row innates didn't get increased is that new gear will increase them much slower while adding new feats to let us get more of these innates. So until we actually max out all the bottom row innates we will get more stats from them if we keep getting more of the new SP. They might not get devalued much compared to our gear since gear stats won't inflate exponentially.

    So while right now on live with stat inflation the innates get devalued very quickly, they might keep their value if we look at the total of all innates we are able to unlock (since we are getting more feats and available SP on a regular basis).
    The third route would be percentage based innates which obviously everyone wants. Those keep their value on a single point basis, but since the available SP pool is growing the total impact of percantage based innates increases over time (except for crits which are flat damage increases and can be maxed out). I guess for this reason they won't change those innates to be relative values anytime soon.

    Now for the Iconic innates, since those are single point purchases AND require Power Points which are hard capped at only 15 I think they should definitely be percentage based, all of them. A single Power Point is worth a ton and will never get devalued, so those should grant us notable stat increases that don't devalue either.
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