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  1. Teufelshunde3Five New Member

    Upon reaching level 30 and beginning to earn marks for tier 1 equipment, how? where? can I get better weapons?

    I've been stuck with a 65 dps weapon for weeks now and the few 68dps weapons that drop are always the wrong weapon type and/or restricted to a role I'm not. My main char. is Fire so I can use dps or tank weapons. But all I seem to get as drops are for healer or controller.

    Is there a vendor somewhere (besides the ones in the watchtower that sell pvp gear) where I can purchase a better weapon with marks?

    And for that matter has anyone posted a list that tells where each vendor is and what they sell?
  2. thatnoob Member

    if i were u, i would just keep the 68 weapons and spec into them while you wait for another good weapon to drop. i would also try to get my cr as high and possible to be able to do the t2 raids and hopefully get a 103 dps weapon, the best weapons you can buy off someone i think are the ones you buy off central city with 113 dps but if i remember correctly u need 71 cr for those weps. i hope this helps
  3. Teufelshunde3Five New Member

    Thanks, that does help. Unfortunately I haven't gotten a 68 dps weapon that I could spec into, they've all been either for controller or healer.
  4. thatnoob Member

    i can help you run some instances and pass the gear onto you but i can only help u if ur a villian
  5. Chungweishan Well-Known Member

    I recommend buying a PvP weapon. 77dps is better than 68 regardless of losing a bit of Defense/Health. I used a T3-PvP weapon (90dps, I think) before finally getting a 103dps PvE Weapon. Nowadays, I just switch from 103dps PvE weapon and my T3-PvP weapon depending where I am.

    I don't worry about T2-PvP anything. Just a waste of marks in my opinion. T2 - T4 Vendors (the robot guys) are in the Meta wing somewhere.
  6. Octantis Well-Known Member

    If you don't want to raid or PvP, I think these are your only other options:

    If you have Fight for the Light, the T2 Alerts drop 90 DPS weapons that can be attuned to any role

    If you have Lightning Strikes, at cr 53+ you can buy a 100something (107?) weapon from a vendor for every weapon type and role

    After CR 53 the Bane Duo drops almost exclusively weapons

    Best thing to do is just wait out T1 and just get to T2, I think
  7. Teufelshunde3Five New Member

    Deleted all the villains I was messing around with trying to figure out what I wanted to play, and so far the only toon I have to lvl 30 is on the hero side.
  8. The Horn'd One Active Member

    If you can, look into getting the SPARC Mark II weapons form the Vendor in Central City. they are 113.1 dps & very effectibe until you get something higher from a drop. Once you get these, any lesser weapon is just for looks /style. Also pick up a Flash Compartment for your Role.
  9. Teufelshunde3Five New Member

    At this time I don't have the DLC that lets me go to CC, I think that would be Lightning Strikes? Can you give me some more info about those weapons, what do they cost? types of marks? and what if any CR is needed?
  10. Octantis Well-Known Member

    600 Marks of Triumph, I believe. CR required is 53. Not sure of the specifics. And yes, that's from Lightning Strikes. You can get the same DPS weapons, roughly, from the Cape Carmine T3 Duo.
  11. Teufelshunde3Five New Member

    I was only able to find the vendor selling the 103 dps weapons which sell for 600 marks in central city. If there's supposed to be another bender
    vendor with 113 dps weapons I couldn't find it.
  12. ZeroFive Member

    At cr 53 the 113 dps weapons will be visable to you at the same vendor. As easy as marks of triumph are to gain, and as big of an upgade as the 103 weapon would be for you. I would not hesitate to pull the trigger on that purchase....
  13. Teufelshunde3Five New Member

    I was at CR 57 when I got to CC and checked the vendor. Since buying the face mask and a 103 dps Staff I'm now at CR 58, so I'm going to hazard a guess that you actually need a CR of 63+ to be able to see/purchase the 113 dps weapons.
  14. thoughtpatern Active Member

    U may need cr a bit higher than to get in to see those better weapons. Like everyone is saying t3 alerts duos drop 103 weapons like crazy. I usually get a few brawling and martial arts weapons each day
  15. Rahiel Active Member

    The SPARC II weapons become available at CR 68.

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