Weapon Mastery Might Damage?

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  1. Echephyle New Player

    I'm calling out to all dps fully specced into might. What numbers are you getting from your powers when you crit with weapon mastery?

    Is anyone getting 10k or more?

    Currently with high precision, many players are getting 10k and above on the hardest hits, like spin chop to dual flurry.

    I'd like to see if a fully specced might dps can get the same values with their powers upon crits with wm.
  2. Echephyle New Player

    Not one? Is everybody doing full precision nowadays?
  3. petzer New Player

    I'm precision based, but my might damage goes up x2.5 when I hit with wm crit. Secondly is there a reason to go full might, I'm at 4k might and 2323 precision. It's plenty of might considering I'm not specced into any might innates.
  4. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    isn't X2.5 about normal for a crit? or are you saying your crits get X2.5 higher?
  5. Echephyle New Player

    What is the biggest crit you've seen from a power? Is it anywhere close to what the weapons are hitting for?
  6. petzer New Player

    Not sure as I haven't cared to much about the damage of the might move, but on the dummy I kept noticing a difference of 2.5, but there was no crit bubble. Crit bubbles don't always pop up though so I'm not sure tbh.
  7. petzer New Player

    I doubt it, but I'm celestial so it's hard to notice the might numbers when I've got other precision dots on and am performing a combo. The lowest final move of the combo move I get without using annoint is about 2.5k.
  8. Echephyle New Player

    No offense, but as a precision based dps, you're not the one to ask. I'm looking for a might based dps fully specced into might. I'd like to see if the power can crit for the same as what the weapons do.
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  9. Waterfall Well-Known Player

    I think u r asking the wrong question. You r asking if might can hit as hard as prec. Which is irrelevant. The real question is "is might worth specing into?"

    To figure that out you need to compare to a baseline. Meaning compare to someone not speced or moded for either might or prec. If this baseline person does say.... 4k with a Wm prec hit and 2k with a might hit. Compared to a prec speced person doing 5k and 2.5k that adds 1.5k damage. And if a might speced person does 4.5k and 3 they would also do an extra 1.5k damage. This is a made up example, but shows that prec is hitting harder but both specs do the same damage. I honestly have no clue if this is the case in the game or not but that is what you need to take into consideration.
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  10. petzer New Player

    And I'm saying going full might build is pointless.
  11. Harlequin Devoted Player

    While I tend to agree with that, saying that as a Celestial really doesn't hold any weight. I'd be curious to see the numbers between a full Might, hybrid and full Prec Sorcery toon, for example. I'm pretty sure what the results would be since WM is so OP atm but the numbers would be nice.
  12. Remander Steadfast Player

    Yep, I pointed out as much on the test server. I used a full might build and my WM combo finishers were almost always hitting harder, and sometimes much, much harder than the buffed might casts (Celestial, Earth, and Electricity). Fact is that with WM as it is now, everyone should just go full precision, which is sad and the main reason I've been advocating changes to WM. I want WM to enhance my abilities, not replace them. I think I'm going to put that in my sig.
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  13. petzer New Player

    I guess what I'm getting at is that if you go full might you might be able to hit a big number with the crit wm move, but at the cost of the damage you could do with the combo itself, which is required to even get to that big might move.
  14. Echephyle New Player

    That's true. I've been leaning towards a mixed precision and might, but since the weapons seem to do much more damage, i might go full precision
  15. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    Great signature.
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  16. petzer New Player

    Like I said earlier I have 4k might with my precision build. The vestments gear really pumped up the might numbers. I've only bought the new weapon and rings along with a utility belt drop. The new vendor gear actually makes me lose precision on some pieces, so even if you go with a precision build you will still have plenty of might.
  17. WreckingBaII Well-Known Player

    11k from first tick of final ruin and 15k on second tick are the biggest I've gotten so far
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  18. Harlequin Devoted Player

    O_O Nice. What are your stats?
  19. Echephyle New Player

    That's pretty significant. How often does it hit that high and what is the low range of final ruin? Also, how much does a wm transmutation hit for with your might build? Does it ever get to 10k?
  20. Remander Steadfast Player

    How about a non-finisher?