Weapon auras

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    I know other games actually show things like swords sheathed on the character and dcuo doesnt. But maybe you could add localized back auras so you could atleast pretend your weapon style on your back has some kind of aura on it? I think you know what im trying to say.

    Or is it completely impossible to just have no back style and choose an option to show a sheathed sword, bow, etc on your back? Probably expecting too much.
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    Maybe it could be done using accessories, but that might be a stretch and I think it'd end up being pretty limited. I think it might be too much of an ask to have an accessory be combat reactive (disappears when in combat) and one that can match every possible weapon style in a given weapon group.
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    Doesn't have to be combat reactive. Unless you mean the second part. The unsheathed sheathed thing. But for the first thing. Lets say you used one handed and you wanted a random sword style back piece just to kinda go along with your theme. Make it possible for say the primeval back piece to have an aura around it like your hands or feet
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    U can put a material on it, isn't that enough?