We Want Blue Lantren (Hope) Power Set !!!

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  1. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Blue lantern for both factions, lets go.
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  2. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I should report you for trolling...
  3. Azifer Level 30

    To be fair, red lanterns are neutral.
  4. Azifer Level 30

    Comic wise, fear and will behave the same, in terms of basic Powers and constructs. Hope, Rage, Compassion, Greed, and Love, not so much.
  5. Permafrost Imp Active Player

    Does this mean we're ready to wrap it up? Because no, it's DC Universe Online, not Lantern Universe Online.

    Keep the lantern power limit to 2, which we have, and just focus on the upcoming Water power, capisce?
  6. bmce84 Loyal Player

    technically 3 since fear is a power on it's own. and no they'll keep kicking it over and over even if the corpse is so gone you are only kicking dust by this point.
  7. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    Lantern threads make me think Parallax Hal was onto something. Kill em all...
  8. Ionic_Guardian New Player

    First of all how are the Red Lanterns neutral? Makes no sense.
    And if we are talking real comic wise, All of the Lantern Corps have in some form or another have done something Good and Bad. Most of all the Lantern Corps have teamed up to do something good in the comics. So saying that some of them are just good or bad is not correct. All of the corps we should be able to pick whether hero or villain. Really wish they would implement that into the game.
    And another thing, people that keep hating on the Lantern and saying oh it's not the Lantern Universe Online need to just stop. Lantern are a big part of DC Comics and to be honest they are mainly the SPACE portion of DC itself, so they are just as important as any other hero villain or power. So I say add all the Corps in for both hero and villain. Would be a great thing.

    And I hear what people are saying about how there is only 1 Orange Lantern, but guys think about it, who's to say that in another Multiverse there aren't more than one people with the Orange Ring, even though the comics haven't mentioned it. So I still think doing an Orange Lantern would work.
  9. big-time69666 New Player

    nah blue is a lot like the support role in hard light lol
    if anything they should give green the choice to change constructs to blue and yellow the option to change orange.
    indigo and star sapphire and black n white lanterns can be a power set.
  10. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    People have been asking for this for ages and the devs have said it won't happen. Best we can hope for is skins or a function to have a colour option on light... if you pay close attention during gameplay, the other lantern corps have the exact same power movements. The only difference is the colour of light.
  11. AnonymousEUPS Dedicated Player

    Can we stop the "No, because lore" nonsense please. Yellow lanterns are supposed to weaken green... anyone yellow lantern villain remember ever having a buff over green lantern heroes? No, enough said. The devs have taken liberties with 'lore' multiple times so lets not use that as an excuse not to complete the set for the support roles.

    Can we stop the "No, because we've got enough lantern content" nonsense please. We have as much if not more Batman content as we have lantern content. We also have more elemental powers, and another on the way, than lantern powers.

    Having said that, it will take the removal of PS3 support and a good few years before we see any new power. The game will be lucky to even last that long anyway, lets be honest, the game is close to death. The casket is made, the hole is dug, we're just waiting for DC's bloody and beaten corpse to be thrown into it by the devs.
  12. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    I Seriously WISH People would STOP Asking for this Power...The Devs have Said Falt out NO MORE LANTERN POWERS...
    Its Like your Beating a Dead Horse to Run.
  13. Azifer Level 30

    Hey, cool it, I didn't agree with the idea of more Lantern Powers. Red Lanterns are neutral more so than any other Corps. They let their rage guide them, whether it's to enact their own plans or seek out revenge against villains of DC Comics, both of which they have done repetitively. While the other Corps have dabbled in neutrality, the Red Corps truly embodies it with their actions and motives.
  14. DarthxVexus New Player

    Even better than a blue lantern healer would be white lanterns. It makes more sense because white lanterns would not differentiatebetween hero and villain in regarrds to keeping them alive (and away from becoming black lanterns) and white lanterns are based on life.
  15. Saybro Committed Player

    They also said water wouldn't happen and look where we are...
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  16. Bose Well-Known Player

    Like * ∞
  17. Bose Well-Known Player

    The only lantern entity thats neutral is the Indigo Tribe. Theirs a reason the indigo tribe is factionless.
  18. Azifer Level 30

    Red Lanterns are neutral. All throughout the comics, they've acted on their own accord, whether it benefited the heroes or not. The only times they were villainous in nature was when they were pursuing one of their plans that solely benefited them, not villains, and it happened to be a risk or detriment to others.
  19. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    If you are really worried about getting a hero and villain latern, why not ask for White for hero's and Black for villans. Not that we need more lanterns. Heck, we don't even need water, but enough people cried about it, so we'll get it. TBH, water will probably be the last power.

    I can't see them making much money from power respec tokens anymore. It's very expensive in game to change powers. Those head mods change dpsing and off roles.
  20. Davenport Committed Player

    The problem with Blue being there is that they'd be useless for the most part. Blue Lanterns can't do anything significant without a Green nearby. The other Lanterns aren't bound by such a restriction.

    As for the stories, Red Lanterns have been on both sides of the situation. Sure, Atrocitus was a giant tool, but he has also fought for the sake of others as well, and I'm not limiting that to Blackest Night as his life was on the line as well there. Others have proven similar. All things considered, it makes sense for them to be on both sides.

    Sinestro Corps may be borderline interchangeable if you consider some of the comics as Sinestro actually did have good intentions, whatever his actions. He's just a bit delusional. And his Corps has some good people after his daughter started having a say, even working together with the Green Lanterns.

    Orange definitely wouldn't work. We can't have multiple Orange Lanterns because of the very nature of it.

    Now, Star Sapphires could work since their power is a bit different and the characters could be seen as borderline good or bad, just as the Reds are, but it's a sketchy idea at best.
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