We need more people on the villain side

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  1. Red McCarthyism New Player

    I hear enough horror stories about the hero side being full of obnoxious pre teens to not want a mass migration of them coming over...

    I'll stick to playing with obnoxious grown ups.
  2. Martian Reaver Well-Known Player

    1) A queue that folks can join that then allocates them into either dps or a role for a group that is at least one full step back from their top tier. The thing would pay out a couple of replay badges instead of any other loot.
    2) A universe inverter that lets heroes cross to the villain side and vice versa. Much like the PvP versus PvE teleporter. This could cost replay badges to use. Story wise it could be sold as going to an alternate universe where your character is the other side. Could also make for some interesting feats that had portions on both sides.
  3. AlwaysFumbles Well-Known Player

    Can you imagine if they only created rage as a villain only power? And made red plasmic aura non-tradeable and a villain only mission? Villains would be all over the place.
  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Nope. Heroes would be all over the forums demanding the powerset/aura and - since they're the majority - they'd get it. And rightly so, because creating content exclusively for a minority - especially when the resources are limited - doesn't strike me as a good business model.
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  5. AlwaysFumbles Well-Known Player

    By this thinking, they should eliminate the villain side altogether. Forum people demand things all the time and don't get them.
  6. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    The things they are willing to pay for - they get. Like Replay Badges, Purchase-able feats, Armories, Marketplace Amenities... Need I go on? And then there are all the nerfs - which are still free... If enough customers want something - within the capabilities of the game's engine and DCUO budget - they get it. And since most players are heroes...

    And why exactly should the devs care which side players choose and which is more populated, anyway?
  7. Caleus New Player

    No no no, we don't need more people. We're fine as we are.

    Also if you're waiting long on queues you're doing it wrong, well not wrong just making it difficult for yourself, shout in LFG Chat, shouldn't take that long to get picked up and to do a raid.
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  8. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    I wish there was a respec token to switch to villain from hero. Even though I have a villain cr 100 sp143, I'm still lacking plans mods and items and all my collection. If there was a way I can transfer my hero to villain that be so cool. I worked so hard on my hero which supposed to be villain but my wife and friends were on hero so when i created my hero I forgot about my villain. I get bored fast if I try to go through all the farming I did on my hero. Heck I just recently pushed my self to raise him to cr 100 from 61 lol
  9. jr1nc Dedicated Player

    i think future content should be more of a villain/hero defend earth type thing... to have the same villain so we can work together ... or have the same instance to que into... as well as allowing us to que in together (be on the same team) i am considering on working on the villain side just wished i can have my main toon go evil! and keep my SP would be great!
  10. DivineSire Dedicated Player

    They could try to make it so that everyone is neutral but if a certain amount of villianous acts are committed you get switched over to the villian side or so many heroic type acts are done you get put on the hero side. A mix of both (getting switched back and forth alot) would put players into the "anti hero" category.
  11. Redscreen5 New Player

    I started a villain bur personally couldn't stand the HOD. Found WT much easier to navigate and less lag in those days.
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  12. Lokkii Committed Player

    Quality of Quanity, the villians may not have the numbers on the PS server but are by far better players in general.
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  13. Deranya Dedicated Player

    I find that to be the exact opposite, I still need a guide through the WT after over a month or more xD
  14. RapidRay Committed Player

    Logged onto my 60CR villain this morning after reset and cued up for Gorilla Island just to get it off of my Journal. 45 minutes later I get in with 2 level 13s and a level 30 controller who never takes a step into the instance, but we can hear them talking on the phone in the backround.
    We wait a few minutes after taking out Tiny, then I put the vote to kick up. The kick passes and we reopen the instance. 3 manned it the rest of the way as no one else came in.

    These days (on the USPS server) it seems like the entire community is running the T6 without healers and the shouts for tanks and controllers are almost constant. There's a distinct shortage of support role players.

    I'd like to offer a blanket solution to the dwindling villain population, but to be honest, I think it may be beyond repair at this point.
  15. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    You didn't give HoD much of a chance i think. It's a much smarter design than WT, it's tighter with less unused space, but it's natural that anyone would prefer the HQ they learned first.

    What really puzzles me is that you had more lag in HoD. We've always had much less players standing around or dueling in the HoD which should result in considereably less lag. In my experience WT used to be the laggiest, most annoying place in the game. They did fix a lot of the lag when they updated the phasing system and they moved the mailboxes out of the central hub, but it still is a pain to navigate for me, it takes twice as long to get from one wing to another and HoD got the same fixes.
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  16. Mister Majesty Committed Player

    I won't be a villain because this game doesn't give me the option to be one.
  17. Kid Sorbet New Player

    I would love a Suicide Squad DLC / GU that effectively gets rid of the villain side. Permanently make all villains deputy heroes and streamline the content. Honesty, it would make for MORE content for everyone as the devs wouldn't have to split resources to create content for the tiny player population of the villain side. Make it happen!!!
  18. Sixfiguredice Well-Known Player

    Having to go level up a new toon on villains is a bummer I have multiple 104s I would gladly go be a villain if we had tokens to change sides. Just compare the feats to link with similar villain feats. They should let heros and villains que up together but have different objectives. Would make an interesting new raid where it takes 4 heros and 4 villains having to work together but then split like FOS 2 but then have a mini game or puzzle or burn this person fast determine who's the boss at the end and what drops. Villains can be villains sabotaging the raid or heros can be heros preventing it. Make it more social where we can have contact messeging villains etc
  19. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    I'm leveling up a new villain atm...

    Bought my PS4 and went to the dark side!
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  20. DirtyPirate123 New Player

    no we don't need more people... We need to get rid of some in trade chat.. anyone who plays on this side knows...cough...yellow...cough please come and take them all to the hero side.
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