we didn't only play for prestige before...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by RSL, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. RSL New Player

    so why are people saying "now there's nothing to do" just because we hit a cap? there's still a @#$%load to do. marks. feats. pvp. same stuff there was before. we didn't get prestige for it before... why are we crying because we aren't getting more [after MAXING OUT, mind you]? why? because that's what we do. cry for more more more now now now.

    let's remember why we play the game. because we enjoy it [hopefully]. and just get back to playing it. you got yr prestige for the week? AWESOME! now get those marks. now get those feats. now play that pvp. do what you were already doing. :D
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  2. Notangie New Player

    Some people said inactive players came since there was a new objective. Now that the objective has been reached and progression halted, the deactivated are back to no reason to log in.

    Then there are people who prefer small leagues and have received the message loud and clear, we are no longer wanted they want big cliques, I mean gangs, I mean mafias, I mean leagues.
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  3. LordStrongsword New Player

    In fact, others made alts to help with Prestige, seeing there is a serious lack of T6 content atm. Personally, I like helping to achieve a goal, sadly the goal is capped and it really shouldn't have one. This MMO finally gave people a good reason to join a league, and they are shortchanging it by putting an artificial cap on it.
  4. 2reu New Player

    I knew this would happen.....we would take things for granted...take things too far.....and now looks at us...LOOK AT US!
    We have become lovers of pleasure rather then lovers of the community! There are wolfs among us that will say DCUO has forsaken us!
    I say it is US (mainly you) who has forsaken the community! We must let the developers know that we are capable of respecting it.

    No more maxing things out in an hour and then whining that there's nothing to do, through your own doing you have brought about dcuos cap wrath and now it's vengeance is upon us
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  5. RSL New Player

    those players will ALWAYS play like that. they come in droves after every DLC/update then disappear. you'll see them in 2-3 weeks when DLC drops. ;)

    i don't think [realistically sized and active] smaller leagues have much to worry about other than we can't get things immediately like a giant league. but we don't have a voice channel full of screaming kids in the background either [or imposed silence because no one has voice privileges]. we do have actual conversation and relationships with our members. we come out ahead. if your league has 3 members... i dunno. not to be rude but is it a league? or is it batman and robin? size matters, but only a little bit. my league has about 7-9 active players and we expect to hit 125k on sunday. we do about 10k a day by logging on low CR alts and running everything we can. i don't think it's fair that leagues with 3 members who only log on 2 days a week expect to get and maintain league halls like people who put in the work. not saying yr league is like that but i suspect some are. if you put in the work [and have a reasonable size] you will get the hall, and you will get the proficiencies.
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  6. the solowing Devoted Player

    hell i find no reason to login, we been doing the same thing for 8 monthes, what more is there to do, i mean comeon DCUO is a pretty small "MMO" that comes out with rather small content in DLCs, if world of warcrafts : fall of deathwing patch last 11 months and people were quitting left and right because a tier cycle that lasted waayyyyy to long and DCUO adds just a daily here and there a few 4 mans and 1-2 raids and tell players to suck on that for 8 monthes at a time. People will leave alot quicker.
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  7. RSL New Player

    good lord you people are just non-stop negative.
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  8. the solowing Devoted Player

    and you need to stop trying to kiss up and understand the situation we have had no "end-game" goal for EIGHT MONTHS. As a villain we have NO A&B outside of feats (which some of us dont care for) S.M is gone, hell people have all this gear and not a thing to do with it!
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  9. MARK2099 New Player

    Just remember not everyone like some tedious feats (me included), atleast using prestige as excuse we were playing older content and then maybe do some of those feats in the process, since some hit the weekly cap so fast they don't feel to play older content as much, not saying is bad, since we hit the cap i was doing some older feats but let say without prestige earn the motivation to play older content was reduce a bit atleast for me, not sure about the rest.

    Anyway like you said op, we used to play before league halls, league halls just give us an incentive to play older content more often.
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  10. Mister Brees New Player

    It's not the cap's fault people derped all their gear into the dematerialization boxes at the same time.
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  11. Gottcha Well-Known Player

    You are so right about this. It's awesome to have something to work for as a league big or small.
    It's not the cap, it's the inflated value of destroying old armor that has become worthless.

    It makes no sense getting 80-300 for running actual content and 1000-3000+ for useless gear? That is the only real flaw I see.
    If that had been reasonable from the get go there wouldn't be this discussion and others like it.
  12. the solowing Devoted Player

    would you run older content if the value were reversed....
  13. Deepeess New Player

    They said they have been working on this for a year.... anyway..
    When I saw the prestige earning thing, I thought "Hey cool I can play old content again with a purpose",
    But nope, first the prestige earning was so low it wasn't worth it, and now after we have the league hall,
    just doing T5 raids will net you enough marks to buy pieces and donate it to your league and then you hit the hard cap...
    Then what? Decorate your league hall? Don't we already have bases with that purpose?

    I guess people are more desapointed than anything, the hard cap is bad,
    I know theres a reason for it to be ther but its bad, after you hit it it takes alway
    the "will" of people to play and earn more prestige then we are back to log in do TD and log out.
  14. Doc Holliday New Player

    Because before prestige wasn't here to be waisted.

    It's like hitting the idiotic, broken MoT cap and resetting gates...

    It's pointless.

    Ps what about the leagues where members have 185+ sp?

    And please don't suggest we que up for broken pvp..
  15. Omega Boy Committed Player

    I'm genuinely curious. What are you going to do with the extra prestige? The cap is roughly equivalent to the amount that you can spend in a month after the permanent items are unlocked.
  16. Gottcha Well-Known Player

    I run tons of content with tons of characters and am active in 3 leagues, I don't run content for the prestige but for the fun of it.
    The illusion of having a common goal and "reason" to do it adds to that fun and this trek to getting a League Hall has been awesome.
    Luckily I have 2 more leagues still working towards that, one will probably get one today. Last check about 10k to go, so today will play to top it off and enjoy running around the new hall (cap out prestige and buy some stuff).
    Then play more in my smallest league that is around 40-50k prestige that will take a week or two more to get there.

    I'm going to milk the fun of this new content, like I've milked all the fun of all content from day one.

    Once DLC 11 drops no one will care anymore about coming together to "farm" prestige we'll come together to run the new content.
    Right now is a time to make noise about what we did or didn't get while we wait for the next something new.

    I'm afraid it's a vicious cycle.... Get something new, 2-3 weeks later (or sooner) start making noise until the next something new.
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  17. Mister Brees New Player

    I'm pretty sure my league decided to not max the proficiencies until we unlocked all the stuff. We ended up getting one boost, a bank slot and two statues. I'd be cool running 4 boosts while buying upgrades.

    Edit. Just realized what you meant by that question. Lol. Well, that's what we are doing with ours with the cap how it is now.
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  18. Omega Boy Committed Player

    That's cool. We plan to do that as well. I just can't understand the leagues that want to reset the cap with replays to get more prestige than they can spend or the leagues that want no weekly cap so that they sit at the storage cap for an entire month. The cap is equal to 13 proficiencies. You could run 10 every month and still have leftover prestige for permanent stuff.
  19. Twilight Man New Player

    It took about 4 posts before the normal forum negativity took over and destroyed the OP's idea and attempt to self-evaluate.

    DCUO Forums, working as intended.
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  20. the solowing Devoted Player

    being positive =/= being realistic

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