WD + PD vs fake dmg

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    sup mr sore. i just recently starting using wd and gained maybe 10-15% dmg in raids. Honestly i was fine without it, but dps is all about doing damage as fast as you can, and that not super easy for elec. But anyways what "rules of clipping" are you talking about? there are so many things that i clip that do about the same overall dmg. The devs even made things "clippable" in the last update, and the thing is you can get knocked out of WD by getting juggled, something/someone blocking, getting stunned, so its technically only useful in pve, and worthless in pvp (though i love getting away with it in 8v8 matches) :cool:
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    I don't think the issue at hand is WD or PD. Granted, I agree with Sore that it's newly changed Clipping mechanics may or may not be intended but, I believe the real issue is the "fake" damage registering. Scoreboard Chasers are the best and worst kind of DPS. They're good in a sense that their main goal is competition so if you have 3 DPS with the same mindset, it's going to lead to a VERY fast burn on things.

    However, these DPS's are usually a bad thing because they tend to kill unnecessary while ignoring objectives things to inflate damage(Operations, FoS1 bosses, Prime). It's annoying at times when you see a guy so hungry for damage that he ignores a fallen teammate right next to him for the sake of staying number 1 on the chart.
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    All Number Puffers are Scorecard Chasers. However not all Scorecard Chasers are Number Puffers.
    Number Puffers are the types you describe. Where as a TRUE Scorecard Chaser should already know that it doesn't matter what the scorecard says unless you FINISH the raid.
    Food for thought.
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    Well then "Number Puffers" are the kind of DPS's I don't want in my raid. I enjoy a good dps challenge as well as the next but It's ridiculous when you're burning full power on a single add after the Avatars in Prime, preventing healers and trolls from gaining a SC, just to attempt to inflate your numbers.
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    This again.

    Dude, Sorcs can easily do false damage with Transmute in Outer since everything in there is virtually explode-able.

    Where clipping is concerned, it's brought about due to the game engine itself (Unreal Engine). Some view clipping as an exploit due to the people doing it dealing actual false due to many reasons (IE: power clipping, Soders, Merits, jumping like Mexican Jumping Beans, etc. which will break the animation on the Weapon Combos); while others will hide behind everything that was said about it by Mepps (sorry Mepps, there are people that actually do hide behind what you said about it unfortunately). If clipping weren't allowed, it's almost certain that those who do clip heavily and look downright thugly doing it will not be putting out the damage they're accustomed to doing on the already broken scorecard.
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    I cover the main rules in my Nature Guide.

    The main thing is that a pure first class attack should only be clippable by beneficial powers, not other attack powers. It's almost as if this 'power' is being classified as a weapon combo. It was like that once before and was fixed. Then recently that fix was undone. If you look far enough back, all attack powers freely clipped and that was the first thing to be addressed. It is pretty obvious how this will play out in the end. As opposed to GU23 where they are in more grey areas. It's hazy whether beneficial powers that lead to a might proc on weapon combos (fiery weapon, Weapon of Destiny, Menace) should be classified. WD isn't that grey.
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    ah, ok i get what your saying, but if you think about it its just like using bitter winds or something of that nature, except its interuptable. i honestly dont see it being an issue. its legit dmg, its fun to use (my fingures get a little sore), and everyone can access it no matter what power as long as they are willing to put up with the SS nonsense. Now if it were glitching and you could keep stacking it (with no cool down on WD), then i would see a problem, that would be GODLY OP lol.
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    I think he is mainly concern about pve too, add a bit the damage in score but not much, and the price is a lot of power, unless you have good controllers no way to perma clip in every rotation.

    Wish more players discuss in how to balanced the game in pvp, rather than focus on pve.
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    Yea, if you put it that way nothing is OP unless it allows you to own someones facein pvp with them having no chance. WD, block, contiue fight. (unless youre the guy that kept holding range on pistals, then you sir deserved my WD) <-- Not you mark.
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    once again ....just like the last thread...who cares!!!!!
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    It's kind of difficult to actually balance PvE around PvP unless you remove PvP gear entirely. In fact, you should never try to balance the game around PvP unless you make every piece universal. Case in point on universal gear being used in both PvE and PvP is Asheron's Call. In AC, there is no PvP gear with exception to PvP weapons (... and knowing how to strafe cast). Toughness is actually a crutch stat that's not needed. Case in point... just look at how broken PvP is in WoW and you'll see why.

    The moment you try to balance the game around PvP, then basically PvE gets broken.
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