WD + PD vs fake dmg

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  1. Quasimoto Active Player

    Now why did you have to tell everyone about PD.....
  2. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    IMO if you're playing a support role, especially healers which are in the shortest supply, you ought to be playing the role as skillfully as possible. Clown box means you're attempting to play damage role and are ditching an invaluable heal related power for both transmutation and clown box. You could instead just as well grab the boost II orbital strike and boost II sidekick or backup if you needed a damage move that didn't restrict access to more role specialized powers.

    Though you may still get the content done with one of these errant players, by making the content more difficult more people will be unwilling to repeat the content as readily.

    DCUO's design is only so flexible when it comes to raids, especially with raid bosses that have rage-mode timers. If the devs ever added an iconic power that could heal yourself at least, then there's more room to work with, but for now i'd advise to just stay away from this. If I end up in an instance where the other healer is also sorcery and they're using clown box, i'm out. If it's a sorc dps, then I couldn't care less, but if you're healing you better be dedicated to the job.
  3. Liightmare New Player

    Fake dmg is exactly what it sounds like. during a prime run last night we had a sorcery dps transmuting cb while we were waiting to start the raid. by the time we started he already had 35k dmg out before we any ads out. i dont mind the cb transmuting for dmg on ads but u should not get 5k of fake dmg.
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  4. OMG Well-Known Player

    The thing that gets me is a sorcery dps could stay back in a raid popping the clown box & could lead the scoreboard without killing 1 add.
  5. Potent New Player

    I don't know if he would have taunted me or attempted to rub it in, however the possibility is there, as I hear things all the time about players saying "Oh, I can out DPS Potent" etc, etc.
    Lol, "Damage is Damage regardless". Maybe, but damage that does not contribute to the raid in any way should not be on the scorecard, which is what the 5000 damage dealt to the decoy is.
    "If it wasn't intended for players to receive damage off of Self Destruct it wouldn't have been in place" Sure, just like Stasis Field/VB/Thought Bubble/Snaptrap weren't meant to stack but did. Or anything else that wasn't meant to be that was, and was changed.
    "What does it matter as long as the raid was completed?" - If there was a real DPS actual doing real damage, the raid would have gone faster and smoother, and I wouldn't be doubling people and carrying them. That is why it matters.
    I wouldn't say anything had he used REAL damage and beat me, maybe would have given him props. I play this game to have fun, and it is in no way fun to carry people through raids or content.
  6. SlayingDaimon New Player

    And if your team didn't decide to vote to kick a player who does that then you totally deserve to have your ego beat down.
  7. FeelsGood New Player

    Gates Run brought up

    The problem really wasn't about using WD/PD. The question was brought up if it was possible to do 1.4 Mil in gates where the other DPS do 700k-800k in 28mins. The Answer is No. This run was completed in 22mins but i didn't get my cellphone until about 2 mins after the raid was done.

    People are using any method to get on the top of the charts now Gadgets DPSers with are decoy/turret explosion inflates the scoreboard more than Sorcs DPSers with clownbox/transmute. I've seen a few HL DPSers using clownbox and shock sodas LOLz

    DPS chart calculates both object damage and damage to adds. I'd admit myself I am scoreboard chaser myself because i would like to know how i'm doing in the group or if i'm testing a new rotation how is it actually working out for me.
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  8. OMG Well-Known Player

    I am just trying to make the point of 5,000 in damage that comes from using the clown box is fake & does not contribute to the raid in anyway except for the scoreboard.
  9. TheDark Devoted Player

    You made some points. But damage is damage. It's not maybe. It registers damage on NPC's and objects. Which just tells us that the scoreboard isn't even a true measure of "real" damage." Why not just purpose a log or chart on damage between each in different sections?
  10. FeelsGood New Player

    I think the title thread needs to be changed to object damage needs to be moved to it's own calculation in scoreboard
  11. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I'm just tired of seeing every sorc scrub wrapped up like its christmas morning especially when their healing . as soon as i see a CB i already know they suck lol
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  12. OMG Well-Known Player

    ^ this is too funny
  13. zzzJackFrostzzz New Player

    everyone can clip the clown box, scory use transmute everyone else needs shock sodas, they will both do the same damage..... I want to see everyone with clown box in there loadout then all at once everyone pops a shock soda or for scory pop transmute and then there clown box and watch it kill brainaic in prime..... in one shot lol
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  15. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    lol i think there are just so many parts to my statement -_-
    the main thing i was orginally getting at is WD itself will not skew dmg like clowbox and such, and i know people were complaining that WD was op, but even if it was who cares if it gets you a speed feat vs someone was faking (or useless) damage and draining power to do so.
  16. cadaverhead Well-Known Player

    You pve score card chasers are funny
  17. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    Ran track in college, being first is much more rewarding than 2nd... but i guess that mattered more when we got awards :(
  18. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    I have actually just tested out the cb/transmute glitch, by itself, and not damaging anything else in the area gives you an automatic 5k in damage. I walked into Inner by myself just to test it out. As for wd, if your killin stuff, it benefits the raid. I just get annoyed by someone cb glitching and bragging about their damage, because most of it really is fake damage.
  19. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    everyone that knows what PD is uses it. Most of the dps are flight so id say not everyone is going to use it even if we told them.... man i miss flight... running up walls and getting turned around is a high price to pay lol.
  20. Sore Steadfast Player

    WD simply breaks the rules of clipping. You know it's going to be fixed later. Exploiting it now is a crutch. By all means go ahead. I simply hope you can still perform without it later when it goes back to normal.

    Clownbox is just cheese. DCUO deserves to have better mechanics than that.
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