WD + PD vs fake dmg

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  1. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    I know lots of WD users, and i can tell you right now exploding pets, using decoys, and transmute can create 2x more dmg than any possible load out. If you see crazy high numbers and slow/mediocre burns, the damage is not because they are clipping like mad and "abusing" WD, its because they are doing fake dmg. Dont look at the scoreboard and judge unless you know those people and know what they are using. This is where "that power is OP" comes from, and unless it really is glitched, there is no "god" power/ability in the game.

    I ran through Ace Chem with a few leaguemates once on my healer, i did 300k dmg, top dps 120k. Transmute + all the objects = godly dmg, unfortunately maybe 10% counted. (i was betting the guy i could out dps him) < and that is what causes people to think they need high numbers.

    I trolled gates, did 76k, 10k under the healer, but we finished in 21 mins, and i was ok with last place. Thats why if people just do their parts and we actually trust the others know what they are doing (leaguemates/friends), numbers dont matter.
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  2. Potent New Player

    I almost got out DPS'd by a guy in Seeds because he was using Decoy. When I confronted him about it, he called me a "Scoreboard Chaser", and began trying to argue that Decoy didn't do fake damage, etc.
    I admit, I am a Scoreboard Chaser if that is what you want to call it, competition breeds excellence.
    My biggest problem wasn't that he almost beat me(I ended up snagging the top by 15K at the end from a 40K deficit.)
    It was the fact that I basically carried both of the other 2 DPS through the raid(I had 415K, 2nd had 400K, 3rd was at about 220K), and it didn't show. If the 2nd DPS wasn't using Decoy, he would have been around the 220K mark with his buddy.(They were in the same league)
    When I basically carry somebody through a raid, and they have almost the same damage out as I do, when almost half wasn't even damage that contributed, that's when I have a problem.
  3. Deviant New Player

    I ran Gates with a pug on my DPS alt yesterday and the Sorc healer kept CBox + Transmute in their rotation. And he was giving the 2nd DPS in dmg a run for their money. We ended up running with only 2 DPS, since the 3rd froze before even entering the instance. And we didn't realize we were glitched to where we couldn't send invites or enable "Find more players" until after the 2nd boss running short man all the way through.

    Question for other Sorcs, is this combo useful for heals? My understanding it's best for DPS that want to inflate their numbers.
  4. Kroye Loyal Player

    Good or not, I've run with a few sorcery healers that use it on lower level content for the giggles.
  5. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    The ops are the easiest place to get away with it cause you are so spread out. honestly if you got 3 GREAT t4 dps, 1 should not have 300k while the other two only have 120k before you are even to the second boss. most of the time i like to hold my own when dps, with maybe a few tries at being #1 because i am competetive too, but ive never stat padded just to look good. Besides it just wastes power.
  6. SoylentBob New Player

    So, he did 200K in real damage and 200K in fake damage, because he was in the same League as the lowest DPS? How much damage does a Decoy do, especially for a guy with such poor regular damage? Is he running a 77.9 weapon, because he's getting half your damage even while spamming superpowers?
  7. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    No matter what stat you are reading from the scorecard there is always "fake" stats. In my opinion it is better for a dps to get the fake damage from something like Cbox which still does a lot of damage to the bosses and adds that need to be destroyed over the dps that try to boost their stats by farming every little mob possible. In the ops some dps will go out and try to kill random enemies, in Prime the dps will kill the adds to get their damage up. Farming is worse than the fake damage because in itself it is USELESS fake damage.

    For controllers, they have to battery through all this farming which is fake power out.

    Healers can go in and take damage and heal themselves for fake healing out.

    And tanks damage in isn't always accurate through damage mitigation and prevention.

    I have seen / heard about raids where a sorcery healer will still get decent damage in, beating the tank (hi Luna!), or else as said already in third dps while keeping up the most healing in.
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  8. NeverMiss New Player

    I use all combos so get beasted. If your DPS is that good you should not be worring about decoy at all.
    Also working as Intended
  9. Elusian Crowd Control

    Not only, it does some real dmg though and thats not less. If you have a problem with the added "fake dmg" from the self-destruction then you are not a real dps though (you =/= specifically you). Scoreboard-Chasers can't see a difference between SDB from Gadgets without a real use and Clownbox with some real neat dmg aside from fake dmg as a by-product. I would like to get rid of it as well, just to proof the rest how good it is still. Note: Not using Clownbox for myself.
  10. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    IM am in no way saying dont use transmute, decoy etc.. but just dont spam it when there is no need, or go into a corner and use it on single mob over and over AND then talk about how much dmg you can do. Im elec, and i like it cause i know exactly how effective i was.
  11. Vashta Well-Known Player

    Oh it's this thread again.... :rolleyes:
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  12. NCR RANGER New Player

    Funny thing is if you run 3 Balanced controllers (by balanced i mean 1200 vit 1200 might for example) and 2 DPS, the combined damage between the 3 controllers would be higher than the third DPS's.

    Thus Making it a much more viable way to run 8 person content, no one is argueing about who should give power out, everyone has power, there is debuffs and power interactions galore.

    Controllers aren't just batteries when will people learn?
  13. Skyfall New Player

    Lol. Another dps out thread.

    No bueno.
  14. TheMarvel New Player

    With 3 controllers are you inferring all 3 should/would be dumping power?

    I can only imagine the PoT arguments with 3 …
  15. KING New Player

    I don't understand your point with the three controllers...

    The third controller isn't going to put out more damage than a good DPS. I don't get your point about combining their damage outputs. If you combine the damage outputs of 3 controllers it may be close to a third DPS.....but you have three people doing the job of one....And what about if you add the third DPS's damage to the two controllers?
  16. SoylentBob New Player

    Yeah, you'd need the 3 Controllers to equal the Damage of 2 Controllers + DPS, which doesn't work from the given.
  17. Potent New Player

    Exploding Decoy puts 5000 dmg on the scorecard every time you explode it, sometimes you can explode it twice for a total of 10000 dmg added to the scorecard.
    No the guy was FullT4 Modded. He was just a horrible DPS using the wrong powers/loadout/rotation etc. The decoy was the only place he was getting his damage. I only mentioned that they were in the same league because I said "his buddy", and figured I would make some reference as to why they were actually "buddies". His friend was also defending him about there not being fake dmg etc.
  18. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    It doesn't benefit healers in the way that transmuting the object will suddenly grant that much heals instead of damage. Transmuted healing was nerfed a long time ago and the heal effect is minimal (double digits well under 50). Not even sure if the damage from transmuting clown box is even related to the transmute effect, or if it's just triggering the gas release damage early. I tried it out only briefly and was disappointed since other moves do more damage when used 2-3 times than clown box would given it's long cooldown. Wouldn't sacrifice any of my sorc powers for clown box, nor would I sacrifice any for the watcher.
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  19. Deviant New Player

    Thanks for reconfirming my assumption. Pretty pathetic to know Sorc healers are having funsies at the expense of the raid. btw we were not doing so great with heals. And what I expected was right, the other Electric healer was semi-solo healing the instance on top of being 1 DPS short with 7 players. Still beat it, but took longer than it should have.
  20. TheDark Devoted Player

    Was he rubbing it in? Did he taunt you? What does it matter as long as the raid was completed. If you were looking to compete perhaps you should have set rules?
    That player used the Decoy as a tool which gave him results. If it wasn't intended for players to receive damage off of Self Destruct it wouldn't have been in place. Damage is damage regardless of how it's done. Yes some ways are not favorable. You admitted you're a scoreboard chaser. You feel his damage is fake. Dismiss his existence.
    What would you say had he used a "proper" rotation and beat you?
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