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    Ultimately this is all coming down to money. Gunn has an unenviable job, he's got to hit it out of the park the first time. WB has been waiting for a Marvel sized hit. On the other hand, he's lucky, he gets to see how a bunch of movies will do, Black Adam, Shazam 2, The Flash movie, which I'm intrigued to see how it does given Ezra Miller's...troubles, the press junket is going to be hilarious. So Gunn gets to see what works, what doesn't and move forward.
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    Marvel still beating DC in the CBM war
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    I agree with you. However, the past couple of Marvel movies have misfired, both critically and box office. In truth they've made their money back, but not the boffo box office that other have done. With the exception of Spider Man which did very well.

    If DC does get it's act together, and puts forward a cohesive and most importantly, different, take on the Superhero genre they can breathe life into the genre.
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    I think WB / DC Cinema will do WELL going forward if they remember these key points:

    The CORE Justice League members (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman) - are like Gods. Batman - Batfleck - of course, nearly KILLED a God-like being in BvS so he definitely fits the bill as far as danger.

    Wonder Woman and Aqua-Man are both LEADERS in their respective worlds (Atlantis and Themyscira) - both commanding nearly COUNTLESS allies to their side if need be.

    Flash - Fastest man alive. Much more powerful than some realize - see his REVERSAL OF TIME scene at the end of Zach Snyder's Justice League.

    Cyborg - LIMITLESS command of the Cyber Spectrum and borne of a Mother Box.

    Martian Manhunter - Choosing to live among humans for MANY years in secret. An immensely powerful being that made an appearance in both MoS AND Zach Snyder's Justice League.

    Green Lantern - outside of the firepower and versatility a GL offers they are ALSO special in that GL's are chosen to wear their rings out of TRILLIONS of beings in the universe......................................

    Just THOSE I listed right there pose a much more different take on Superheroes - different than even MARVEL. They are DIFFERENT in how they relate to humans....how they relate to EACH OTHER. They each run the gamut of being bitter towards humanity (and for good reason in some cases), and love and admiration for humanity.

    They are SPECIAL - in some cases moreso than Marvel's take on super-powered beings.

    Additionally - James Gunn NEEDS to take a HARD LOOK at "Wakanda Forever" and "Black Panther" and start asking SERIOUS questions about adding / integrating MILESTONE (DC) characters into DC's Cinematic Universe.

    "Wakanda" is a COUNTRY. Milestone (DC) - is an entire UNIVERSE of Diversity that is yet to be TAPPED........................

    Add more FEMALE Superheroes to Justice League. Hawk Girl, Zatanna, Rocket, Vixen, Black Canary are just a few I can think of but there are MANY MORE.............

    I believe if James Gunn follows this format then he won't go wrong.

    WB / DC Cinema is going to get just ONE MORE CHANCE at this and they need to swing for the fences.
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    Mr. Gunn - do NOT turn Justice League into "Guardians of the Galaxy" - cracking jokes and all............

    You will lose many serious fans of DC Franchise and we'll see through the charade immediately.

    Stay true to the COMICS - add some NEEDED Diversity - even POWER Diversity. "Power Diversity" is adding characters like Icon to WB / DC Cinematic Universe - a Black character that is just as powerful as Superman.

    WB / DC Cinema CAN achieve GREAT things.......It CAN be done - but again we get only ONE MORE chance....................
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    An important thing to remember, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman et al are iconic characters. Don't change them so they're unfamiliar to the non comic book geek crowd. They know who Batman is, they know who Superman is, don't stray to far. I recall an interview with Zach Snyder, who said he was taken aback by how attached people were to the Christopher Reeve version of Superman. That version is almost 50 years old now, is there room for evolution, absolutely, but don't make him too unfamiliar.
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    I'm not terribly worried about Gunn. His work as a writer and director on super-hero projects lets me know he gets the source material and at the very least it'll be helpful in bringing in other creative folk who also understand. How much that will help him in dealing with execs who are more interested in seeing a return on investment than anything else remains to be seen.

    I have other thoughts, but I need more sleep before I try and dive into them (holiday work schedules are EVER so much fun for getting a decent night's sleep LOL).
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    That's an interesting question. I just took a look at Suicide Squad 2's box office numbers and they weren't great(169 million worldwide box office versus a 185 million budget). It didn't make it's budget back. So Gunn obviously has something else up his sleeve. I like him, and I'm rooting for him, but there were obviously conversations behind the scenes that swayed the suits.