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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by spord, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Base heal update:
    Soothing Mist- 145 > HTM 221

    Did you mean to buff it that much without the high tide mechanic? If you did, when we can expect to see a buff to the other priority heals especially Renew? This priority is absolutely pooping on the other healer powers now without even counting the high tide mechanic.
  2. silikyan Well-Known Player

    idk i went to test, no crits both soothing mist and renew were hitting between 4350 and 4700 and crits vrying to 8.9k to 9.2k to soothing and 8.9k to 9.7k to renew, without high-tide. Tests done on penguim lounge
    9847 resto and 326 dominance.
    well if they buffed renew more i´d be glad since i have a celestial toon but the numbers seem to be close at least 4 me.

    Ps: consume soul initial burst :(

    Pss: how you doing ;)?
  3. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Looking at base values it's clear to see the discrepancy, and that should be adjusted properly. There's enough imbalances in regards to the healing powers, we don't need to add more to the list.

    Edit: Just saw your edit lol. I think the HoT on DL (refuse to call it VL :p ) makes me the most nauseous out of everything, but CS burst is pretty sad :(
  4. Reef Raider New Player

    Yeah my numbers were to the point that I got exact same numbers as electric's bio-electric surge and celestial's renew (if anything celestial was negligibly higher) with soothing mist. I however didn't end up testing the High Tide numbers on it and won't be able to til later.
  5. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Higher? It's the low man on the totem pole for priority heals.
  6. Reef Raider New Player

    Just saying what I got. I can double check later but yeah was getting 115 for electric and water and 117 for celestial. Off the top of my head I was getting 83 I think for nature plus 32 for the Pi being up.
  7. EpicGrind Active Player

    So I calculated the shield Multiplier for Bubble and Beebe is right, its about 30% weaker than the other shields ( + or - 3%)
    Here are the shield Multipliers I came up with for Bubble and the other 4-Man heal shields

    BSM=Base Shield Multiplier

    Boon of Souls (Sorcery) BSM = Approx 1.93
    Swarm Shield (Nature) BSM = Approx 1.88
    Flux (Electrix) BSM = Approx 1.88
    Blessing (Water) BSM = Approx 1.87
    Bubble (Water) BSM = Approx 1.43

    I know Moja has said that the shield multiplier is determined by animation times, mechanics etc. But these are healer shields and they all work the same way and seem to have the exact same animations times and dovetails, so why do all these not protect against the same amount of damage? PLEASE provide us a answer. The way I see it, Bubble's shield multiplier needs to be put at about 1.88 with the others. Now keep in mind I know these numbers aren't 100% accurate, but they're pretty close.
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  8. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    the main use for the battle role isn't for team play it's for solo play or content that isn't as challenging as raids
    in a raid group where your the main role of something and your not over geared sure play your role but that still leaves hours and hours of play time when you're not just raiding. that's when this topic really comes into play
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  9. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    There's really no power there I'm seeing that would be good for DPS and I'm very disappointed that they don't have the waterballs Aquaman used in the old cartoon.
  10. Regularman New Player

    Yes, as a dps is a bit underpowered, I tried a few loadouts and there's a minimum of 30% (Aprox.) difference with other dps powers
  11. EpicGrind Active Player

    Blame the people who got Tsunami Strikes nerfed. They bi*****, complained, and moaned that it was too power hungry, even though it wasn't.
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  12. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    Yeah, it really wasn't that bad. I think the problem came from you could hit 14k per second using only tsunami strikes
  13. EpicGrind Active Player

    Yeah, but counter to that, their are several powers that have something where you can spam 1 power and do 10k+ and no I'm not talking about jackhammer.

    I think the problem is, people are DPSing against the sparring targets when they're testing these powers, then they go on the forums and complain that the cost is too high even though its obvious that the sparring targets don't regen power properly. But I digress.

    I just wish people wouldn't make such rash feedback when it comes to testing something new.
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  14. spord Developer

    The answer is you found a bug with Bubble. Thanks for testing.
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  15. Regularman New Player

    I think the problem with Tsunami Strikes was that, there was no point on using a rotation with other attacks, just keep using TS... maybe the other powers are too weak and now TS is fine for what it is.
    Yes, the sparring targets are there so you have a target, but they don't counter, move, defend, etc. You're alone shooting powers, you are going to run out of.... power... it's part of life, have a soda.
    on a personal note:
    The other problem that I see, is that, many people want a healer that can dps or a dps that can heal and tank and troll, use 1 power to kill everything, not power consuming, duh, the animation can't move my character cause is hard to move back to where i was 2 sec ago, etc, etc.
    Sound familiar?
  16. EpicGrind Active Player

    OK, cool. But why do all the other shields have a different max mitigation? Why should a Nature shield absorb more damage than a electric or sorcery, etc. They're all the same type of shield and serve the same purpose and seem to have the same animation time. So again, why do they have different mitigations?
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  17. spord Developer

    Animation time is precise and measured in milliseconds. If any of the shields do bonus things (that is usually a DPS role thing) it will also change the amount of mitigation.
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  18. EpicGrind Active Player

    I can accept that answer. It makes sense.
  19. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    yea i do agree that TStrikes need to have an added 1 sec cooldown or so it make it necessary to use other attacks.. Essentially based on the animation and cooldown you can just spam Tstrikes over and over without actually ever needing to use other moves..
  20. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    BUG: If you cast Bubble, then Riptide to cancel the cooldown of Bubble and then cast Bubble again you don't get the damage procs in damage stance.
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