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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by spord, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    And what about the ability to simultaneously heal and deal damage at the same time???
  2. Regularman New Player

    You cant have healing and damage (you can but...), I think it should be good for both but in different terms.
    You can DPS + Protect (water shields) or Heal + protect, other healer powers would do damage + heals
    I really hope that the way we play keeps changing and making roles more important, giving a dynamic to the way players interact.
    Electrified NPC should recieve damage from supercharge water powers... just saying.
  3. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    I hear you.. BUT before stats revamp.. healers MIGHT were extremely LOW and now AFTER REVAMP its EXTREMELY HIGH... My HEALER toon CR is 194 with 10k MIGHT & 4.5kPRECISION(in healer ROLE OBVIOUSLY).. Not spec'd into PREC/MIGHT at ALL.. ALL GEAR no mods or SPs into MIGHT.. Whats the point of having all that MIGHT if we can deal damage in healer role??? I think ALL ROLES should have DUAL FUNCTIONALITY OPTIONS...

    • 1.Tanks - can be Conventional TANKS(turtle) and/or AGGRESSIVE TANK(Battle Tank)
    • 3. HEALERS - HEALS :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  4. Anatoly New Player

    Removing movement on Tsunami Strikes has infuriated me. Did you really move that much, y'all? Now it looks incredibly dumb, much like the character is stuck in its own frame. It looks bugged.
    I think devs listen to players more than necessary, seriously, stop allowing players to set the rules of what game should be.

    P.S.: sorry, one little thing is enough to push a man over the edge.
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  5. Trexlight Devoted Player

    1. Tanks - Passive Tanks (Turtle), Active Tanks (Attacking), Battle Tanks (Dps/Tank Gear and Spec Mixture)

    2. Controllers - Power Regen, Debuff, Shield, Battle Controller (DPS/Controller Gear and Spec Mixture)

    3. Healers - Heals, Group Shield, Battle Healer (DPS/Healer Gear and Spec Mixture)

    Fixed that for you.

    You have a job in your Role and thats it. call me a Purist or whatever, thats fine but the game has obviously given too many options to players and here we are going back and forth on what to balance and how to play it. You are a Healer, your job is to stand there and heal and provide shielding to your group, not worry about doing damage. If thats want you want then you change your Role.

    Battle *Role* is a possibility but its a situation that the Devs do not acknowledge nor intend to "balance" the game around in my eyes as it is a choice on the player and truly shows their skill level as a player and in that Power and Role.

    As per the rules from the Stats Revamp, if an Ability has extra functions, it'll have its damage/heal decreased to balance it out. You want a Heal to do damage then what you'll have is a Weak heal doing okay damage and then we'll have an outcry of Heals being even weaker and #HealsMatter going around. If you are truly worried about doing damage in Healer role then you are already playing the Role wrong. If anything, I'll be okay seeing Celestial Healers kind of complain about it since some of their heals rely on dealing damage to the target which in fact makes that Power special.
  6. Regularman New Player

    YES! It look better before, it had that tai chi flow movement perfect for water.
    Struggle a little! is part of the fun!
  7. The3meraldKnight Active Player

    I thought of another concept today for a way to buff the usability of High Tide for Healer Role.
    I saw someone (can't find the post atm) say that High Tide could be more useful if it could be used twice (consumed twice disregarding Riptide move). My idea is to have the original use/effect on High Tide apply and when you use another move that utilizes HT, have it apply again for 50% (or even lower for the sake of it being OP) of the original heal (We could call this Low Tide).
    I do feel like the coding and the math required for this to work is going to be difficult. Keep in mind this is only an idea.

    I'll try to explain my idea if it is still confusing in a semi-loadout fashion.
    1. You would use HT and then use Soothing Mist (HT PI gives an increased heal). Now if we had Low Tide PI, and we used SM again, we would get a smaller increased heal, 50% of the original increase.
    2. You could use HT, Then use Mending Wave (HT makes the heal crit). Using MW again, could either mini-crit heal or give a small increased heal from LT PI.
    3. Use HT followed by Blessing of the Depths (makes the heal a HoT). Using it again on LT, would either give you a small increased heal, a HoT that gives smaller numbers the second time, or a HoT that lasts 50% as long as the original HoT.
    4. HT, followed by Tempest's Guard (gives a heal at shields end). LT would give another heal 50% strength of the original heal.

    This does feel a bit complicated, but I feel like it would make HT a little more useful.
    The other part I want to clarify, when using HT, and a move (Soothing Mist for example), and then another different move (Blessing of the Depths 2nd example), HT would affect SM and when using BotD 2nd would give BotD the LT effect.
  8. EpicGrind Active Player

    I'm not gonna lie, I like a active play which is why I DESPISED AM's. But this was rather annoying. When I DPS, I wanna be able to stay in one safe spot vs every time I use a power it moves me a few feet. SM is a perfect example of that. The boss could have a damage cone and when you're DPSing you slowly move towards him and put yourself and your group at a higher and higher risk.

    And yes it did move you a lot. I stood at 13m which is midrange. I used about 5 Tsunami Strikes full combo and I was within 7m. Thats pretty ridiculous.
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  9. spord Developer

    Yes. Electroburst heals within a 25 meter range. Bio-Capacitor cost 150 more power and has a cooldown 3x longer.
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  10. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Agreed. Needs to be posted elsewhere. I thought about that before I responded...but my opinion wanted out too bad so I posted with some remorse. I will post it elsewhere. Thanks Light.
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  11. krytine Loyal Player

    Why does water now get a sc that gives health and power when that was taken away from electric are the heals weaker and why is a none troll role able to give power when it was said that was for the troll class
  12. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    I fully agree, it looks horrible now. I didn't even mind it moving forward. Other powers did that too. Please revert this
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  13. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    It's only personal power, not to group members.
  14. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Is there any word back from the devs on adding power back to the dummies anytime soon? Even if it were just on test server (although I'm really for having it added to live server as well), and even if it were only the equivalent of the (former) roleless buff for trolling we get in alerts, it would help a ton.

    Why? Well, because we seem to be at the point where people are saying, this hits too hard, this doesn't hit enough, but we don't actually have numbers to compare with. What's the damage potential of different rotations? We don't really know because we can't run too many rotations at the moment.
  15. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Is it possible to add mobility to Aquatic Arsenal and Tsunami Strikes similar to how it is with Frenzy? I also didnt notice the movement with Tsunami Strike to be too terrible to have it removed.
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  16. krytine Loyal Player

    The description doesnt say personal power and it does say group heals but again. That was said it is the function of a troll to buff and give power not a healer
  17. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    It doesn't have an SC that does that. I assume you're referring to Flood of Power? Flood of Power only returns power to the user and reduces the cooldowns of the user's powers, while also granting CC immunity and shield to the user. It doesn't mention anything about healing at all.
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  18. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    I love to Battle Support, and players should have the option and tools to do it if that´s how they chose to play. Nothing against the players who prefer to just heal, or tank or troll in the tradional way, the "purists" already have the tools to play the way they want. People like me are just asking some tools to play the way we want, that´s all, nothing more, nothing less.
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  19. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I'm right there with you Ala... it should become an option in my opinion. I'm sure some older players will disagree because it changes the format in which the game was designed. But as we have all learned through the years there have been a lot of changes in DCUO. In my opinion and it is only my opinion the battle option for support roles is doable for the most part. Granted the damage isn't as significant as a DPS and it shouldn't be but there's nothing wrong with helping with the burn while fulfilling your role. I had a similar post about battle support roles a while back. I think for the most part minus a few things that would help the support roles can be viable helping with damage. In my opinion A Healer or troll they can do damage and still run their role as support is very intriguing. I saw your video on how you tried to Battle heal. I don't think the damage is quite where it could be but you showed that it is a possibility. Big fan of your videos but you showed that it as a possibility. Big fan of your videos and I have even been in a few doing runs with you on test. My kids think it's the coolest thing.
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  20. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player


    Thx for those kind words mate. And let´s hope that water, and eventually the rest of the powersets get more tools to properly Battle role ;)
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