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  1. Rahkvyo New Player

    I have been using water dps and am looking for any help regarding a decent aoe loadout. All the ones I have seen on youtube or different post have been pretty subpar. Not sure if its just the power or if its the loadout itself and would like some help from someone experienced with water might.
  2. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    What artifacts are you using? And are you okay with using iconics?

    I haven’t redone water in a while but the last water loadout I used is:

    Drown, ebb, depth charge, freezing breath, robot sidekick, and a sc

    The rotation is also pretty straight forward:

    Drown > ebb (comboed and clipped)/depth charge > freezing breath (tap range to cancel after 2nd tick) > ebb/depth charge > repeat

    The artifacts used for this that I use are trans, strat, and grim. This is also obviously a ranged loadout and none SS. If you are looking for a melee SS loadout someone else will probably help you with that.
  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Like deity asked, which arts are you using? I switched an alt from celestial to water, mainly because I can heal end game with water without using any artifacts. So her artis were already trans/ solar/ la mort and that's what I'll be sticking with till next double amd I'll be changing la mort to scrap. But I do a mix of aoe and st because I only have 2 armories, 1 dps 1 heal. So I use trident drop into finisher into shark into heat vision. Then run rsk. I personally use the super that isn't a super, dehydrate. Sometimes I'll put in neo venom. But that dehydrate hits for almost 2mil if it's full and crits. Only problem is you cant tell when it's full. Once I have scrap on, I'll stick to dehydrate all the time. It crits around 800k when half full.

    But if I was trans strat grim, my loadout would be 100% different. Then I'd be running what deity wrote
  4. OracleWillTeleportYouOut New Player

    Low power and easy rotation I use for alt with similar damage:

    depth charge -> high tide -> aqualance -> tsunami strikes full x2(self clipped)
  5. Stanktonia Committed Player

    There’s an orange bar under your name that shows supercharge progression, you can use that to gauge dehydrate
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  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Lol 10yrs playing and you've taught me something new. Strange how that keeps happening to me. Thank you!
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  7. Rahkvyo New Player

    I ended up using trans/strat/ and amulet or grim. If Im running grim i run ebb, freezy breath, robot sidekick, call of deep, depth charge, and sonic shout. I run drown if not using sonic shout. This build ends up doing pretty good damage but I ended up switching to rage, going full melee and running some tank armor since its only like a 7% or less decrease in terms of damage and how many pieces of tank gear I have on as a dps.