Water battle healing, precision.

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  1. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I've shared my Celestial and Electric battle healing, so I figured now I'll share my Water battle healing info.

    Dual wield to flurry shot.
    Hybrid spec: all critical damage/healing.
    Max precision, rest of SP into resto (increases shield strength).

    Artifacts: transformation, Clarion, Page of Destiny (current, but will be switching page to demon fang for the extra precision).

    Full dps gear/mods.
    Precision augments, 1 upper resto augment.

    Weapon buff, soothing mist, mending wave, tempest guard, bubble, Riptide.

    When you start the fight, weapon buff and attack to get the Clarion shield activated. Once the shield breaks/vanishes, use bubble+riptide. When Riptide is cooled, use bubble+Riptide again. When it cools down this time, use tempest guard (to mitigate damage until Clarion shield activates again). Keep on the flurry shot.

    When used properly, you'll almost never be without a shield, and your healing out will be pretty low (example, I healed RTE3-reg with this, and had only 2.1 million in healing out, and all healing was done by the Clarion+weapon attacks, never touched priority or group heal, but it's there if needed).
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  2. Achikah All About That Base

    Been tinkering to figure out a good Hybrid for my water alt for awhile now and it's always felt a bit clumsy, mainly because I don't use water too often. However, I came up with something similar, just Brawling over DW and a SC in instead of Riptide. Seemed to do ok, however, I think Riptide might be a much better option though, especially in regs and the addition to the Clarion.

    Definitely gonna give this a try. Thanks for sharing!
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