Watch tower teleporter race?

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Hemmy, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Hemmy Committed Player

    Simply put. Teleporters in the watch tower appears as a race. Simple, don't know how easy to fix, but it's very obvious.
    UPDATE: They also appear to not be functional in the slightest. :( as teleporters, or races.


    I hate to be the bearer of more work, but happy fixing everyone!

    16% credit for this find goes to Mrs woooo
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  2. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    Only work-around I was able to come up with is that you can warp to base and use the teleporter there.
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  3. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Seeing this in instances as well. Could not proceed in the new solo because of this.
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  4. Hemmy Committed Player


    didn't want to make a whole other thread for this, so I'm putting it here in the theme of "improper assets used."

    This effect can be produced by dueling someone. It lasts the entire fight and them some. IDK why or how. It appears to come about 100% of the time.

  5. Kid Dynamite New Player

    I found this glitch too. Wasn't sure if it was just something to do with having a higher cr, and trying to run older content. I've only been on Test Server for under a week.
  6. ErnieB Loyal Player

    Mayber a leak of future content?, WT races wouldnt be so bad.
  7. Hemmy Committed Player

    Lol as much as I'd like races, probably just a bug. I don't think they want people trapped in the tutorial forever :p (which btw, is totally what happens right now.)
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  8. Avian Dedicated Player

    The league hall teleporters in WT also have that.
  9. SSeid Committed Player

    If such fix is not easy or fast.. might I suggest adding the proper teleporter mods in the vendor so we can at least move around freely. Btw this addition should have been there already.
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  10. Harlequin Devoted Player

    This is quite annoying. My Tunso toon is stranded on the WT unable to reenter my league hall.
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  11. motionsick Well-Known Player

    Yup. Busted. Can't use the teleporter pads at all.
  12. Trexlight Devoted Player

    I just needed to get mainframe mods :(
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  13. Zamara Dedicated Player

    I saw that after last update, even the phase shifter appears as a race.
    Basically every yellow portal appears as a race, and you can't leave your base through the portal so you have to use the teleporter or warp to the HQ.
  14. bagofboom Committed Player

    This has got to just be a random occurrence of some sort. I was in and out of the tower via the teleporters most of the day and had zero issues. In and out through different ones and with my teleporter in my base and league hall. I didn't get this at all.
    I'm not discounting your experience, it's obvious it's happening to some players, i just wanted to show my perspective in case it could help the devs figure it out.

    Long Live DCUO!!
  15. Hemmy Committed Player

    It's possible this is a random occurrence. However, 100% of people I've talked to have seen and experienced this on the Test server. So much so that "Why aren't the teleporters working?" or something similar is repeated in Server chat every few minutes. I'd consider myself lucky if I was immune to this bug as you seem to be :)
  16. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Still can't get back to testing.
  17. bagofboom Committed Player

    Again today I've run in and out of the tower through various teleporters at different times without incident. And again, I only say this to add perspective as to it NOT happening to me. I'm not in denial, lol, I do see that it IS happening to others.
    Hopefully it gets settled for those of you that are dealing with it.

    Long Live DCUO!!
  18. Absolix Loyal Player

    Are you talking about your experiences on the test server? The normal servers are fine, it is the test serve where the problem has popped up.
  19. Harlequin Devoted Player

    I really, really wish the Bases and League Halls teleporter mod were readily available on test. Just saying.
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  20. bagofboom Committed Player

    Ahhh, well the thing is, I have a learning disorder as in I fail to learn the most basic of things. My folks said I was just stupid but in all actuality it's simple laziness. Lol.
    Gotcha, test server.... not live. Duh.
    I humbly bow out of this thread, although not gracefully, obviously.

    Long Live DCUO!!