Was there a reason for making all Bounties level 30?

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  1. mgibson New Player

    Bounties taught me to tank a different way. They served as my testing area every time there was a change in the game via updates, hotfixes, or DLC. They also taught me to solo content not meant to be soloed. In cr 60s-70s, I could fight Mr. Freeze and win. Good boost of confidence.
  2. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    0o .....nobody asked yet?
    Do the new Bounties drop items????? (new, by way of having been ranked up, but still same bounties at same locations)
    Someone pleading for help in shout prompted me to help to take down 3 Bounties last night. I did not have the quest from the poster and upon beating the Bounty was rewarded a Mark of Triumph.
  3. Teffy New Player

    ITT: People who didn't bother reading the patch notes.

    All bounties are now Level 30.
    All rewards from bounties have been scaled up to Level 30.
    Repeating Bounties now rewards Marks of Triumph.
    If you had the old, low-level bounty in your journal, it will be automatically completed so you can obtain the new version. (<- THIS PART SEEMS BUGGED)

    It was stated this was done for two reasons: Reduce the clutter in the journal prior to Level 30, and to add a new method of obtaining marks at 30.
  4. SoylentBob New Player

    You do most of the damage, because your ally swoops in at the last battle after you've cleared the fodder. You free Flash to fight Grodd instead of soloing him. Grodd mind-controls one Flash to fight the other Flash. You activate the generators when Supes fights Lex. You keep the Joker's goons off Batman. You're the distraction while Catwoman and Huntress fight. When you rescue Harley or Robin from Harley or Robin, you're only saving a sidekick from a sidekick. Blood heals you while fighting Fate. You need Fate, Raven and fishnets to heal, control, and tank while fighting Blood in the hospital. You need Lex's kryptonite to take on Supergirl and Parasite with an army of leeches to take on PowerGuns. Giganta and Wonder Girl duke it out after you stop the ritual. Wonder Woman and Circe battle while your rhino self chases Exobytes and wrangles some adds.

    You are praised for your efforts by appreciative mentors, but you're still a trainee. Their respect must be earned, and you're simply helping out until you prove yourself (by saving your mentor) and earn a seat at the big kids' table.
  5. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I HATE to burst your happy little bubble but have you PLAYED the game the past few days and even been in a Police Station?

    1. All those bounty posters in the PD still sit there but the lights are off and no one is home. You can't click on them and they do not give out any missions.

    2. Exactly what level 3 quest have you done that offers up level 29 gear? I created a new character after the update and at level 28 most of the gear I am wearing is level 20 -24. I am being spoon fed missions that I have no other option but to run and today I made level 28 defeating Bruno Manheim (a level 23 boss) Guess what level gear I got from that? .. just a hint it was NOT 29 or 30

    3. The 30 level bosses like Bizarro, Minotaur, Avatar of Sin, Etc. are still roaming in the exact same spots they were in when they were not level 30 and didn't pay off with a Mark of Triumph. There are NO lower level counterparts. And here is the really FUN part.. My level 25, at the time, DPS joined in a battle against Bizarro and actually managed to survive and I got ONE MARK. Absolutely no XP and no gear at all because that is now tied into attacking them at level 30. I accidental got too close to the Avatar of Sin while doing the Brother Blood arc in front of Ellsworth Hospital the thing took me out with one shot.

    and 4. You go try to even BUY gear above your level at any vender in any Police station and see if it will sell it to you. Save up MOT and buy tier 4 gear when you are still only a T3 and see if it lets you put it on. Gear is designed and set to only be worn by characters high enough to use it. And that isn't even anything new it has always been that way.

    There I think I have shown I did read all your posts .. now considering its the 15th and providing they have managed to download the game and actually log on we have a whole bunch of brand new players that really don't need people providing bad information as they struggle to learn the game. Check your facts once in a while.
  6. Mirai Well-Known Player

    I guess Alan Scott was sick that day, then.

    In any case, my only problem with the change is that you now have insta-kill monsters roaming around in low level mission areas, rather than challenging threats for low level characters.
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  7. SoylentBob New Player

    Killer Frost was insta-kill until you had some T1. You can barely fight the OMACs when suddenly she use her death ray.
    Power Girl griefs Villains struggling with those troopers nearby.
    Bizarro would pounce on nearby 10s that didn't realize Lv13 on him was not the same as Lv13 on a toon.
    Full House, Enchanted Statue, and Minotaur could interfere with nearby missions, especially if riled up by other players. Kordax, Judge, Arkillowog, Hawx, Grundy, Clayface, and Avatar all mingle in mission areas. If you are at level, the mobs should be tough... and a wandering boss monster is the last thing you need.
    Lightning Strikes gave us reapers on every corner to grief speedsters (thankfully, they're banished to CC). A misplaced shot could agro some cultists. Getting too close to the Ring War vendor could ruin your day. Simply trying to explore the Metropolis of Mxyzptlk could run you afoul of some angry lanterns. Someone could be fighting Lv22 Flash or Heatwave right in front of the Safehouse and get you killed while you're still waiting for the scene to load. There are some uber bee people that are a little tough on Lowbies headed to the Metrodome, and you don't need the DLC for them to kill you. The same goes for "Ardent" bosses that are near the fields of lower Mobs.

    There has always been danger around every corner.
  8. Mirai Well-Known Player

    The difference was that the danger was a tough challenge rather than a hopeless ganking. I was never insta-killed by Killer Frost or Fire at level 30 with no raid armor. Sure, they killed me a couple times, but I had a chance to try to fight or run for a bit.
  9. SoylentBob New Player

    but the OMAC missions aren't Level 30
  10. HardlineHero Committed Player

    The pre-30 level wanted and bounty missions were fun and gave good XP. I dislike the new leveling system because it's too linear. I feel like I'm playing Final Fantasy X now. Before the update, one had a lot of latitude while leveling. Now it's go here and do this. No fun at all.
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  11. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Agreed! there are things I like about the new setup. The ability to earn marks so I arrive at 30 and can purchase at least a few piece of gear immediately. The ability to repeat side missions... Hey I did the Hive mission with my new toon and figured.. "what the heck I got a mark by the time I cleared the first room. Why not go back and use 4 replays to grab another one taking out the Spec Ops I knew would be lurking in other rooms." And that was just one instance.

    Like you I do not like having no say in what I do and when I do it. I never have more than one mission in my journal. Other games, heck other games Players in THIS game, have people screaming for more content and what this did was take content and our ability to make decisions on what we feel like doing that day away from us.

    Now back to the Bounties.. Forget about Killer Frost. I was able to help take down Minotaur with my level 24 DPS the other day. If your up running THOSE missions you are level 27-29 and can survive and help take down a 30 level. ON THE OTHER HAND.. at level 12 you do not stand a snow ball's chance in Hell of surviving one hit from Bizzaro outside Metro City Hospital. At level 19 I was doing the Brother Blood arc and got taken down with one shot just getting to close to the Avatar of Sin.

    Oh and let's be real clear on this ... I helped defeat Minotaur with a 24 level.. Now before the new system I probably would have pulled in about 2000 or more XP along with a trinket for that. NOW .. I helped battle and defeat a 30 level boss and I got one mark. THAT"s all .. no XP, no reward .. NOTHING else but the mark. I forget exactly how many of the old under 30 bounties there were but I think it was 10-12. Honestly ... unless you JUST turned 30 and want a few more marks to buy gear before you start doing alerts. just who do they think is going to be running around down there battling these things? I have a CR 97 Controller, a CR 94 DPS and a CR 68 DPS.... the top two run one mission from Zatanna a day and earn 315 MOT. The CR 68 can earn more MOT in ten minutes running the Reaper mission in Central City. Not to mention all 3 already have Bounty Hunter form taking those things out tohelp them level faster.. WHY would I waste my time to earn one mark battling them now?

    The Bounty has turned the area around numerous low level mission sites into a serious hazard zone. And it didn't do much else.
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  12. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    True, their level 29.
  13. SethWolffe New Player

    Having the original level Iconics hanging around battlefields made doing quests in those areas tough enough, but the players could gang up on them and take them out for a couple of minutes while they continued to due their missions. Now that the Iconics are all but invincible in the area make me wonder if it's worth it to even attempt the quests in those areas since there is no way to drive off the iconics. Very stupid move SOE. Very stupid, indeed.
  14. Zeo Committed Player

    I hate to see the devs trying to use logic on a game that you can fire laser beams from your eye...
    I'm also making a new toon, currently lv18, I don't felt any difference in my level progression and my level already is superior for the given quests (i'm purposely not taken the lv9 missions, I'm just following the new quest marker), but I do races, briefings and investigations.
    Bizarro, Minotaur and some other lower levels bounties now walks alone all the time, It was fun to see the new players banging together for pass those burdens, now you expect us to cooperate for kill lv30 bounties? You devs are nuts? Theres no cooperation in this game, just see how many "I got kicked from Raids" topics and not to say about the loot system, because the players didn't want to share with the others.

    Trying to make us cooperate with the others in DCUO... nice move...