Wary of Nexus and Wave

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  1. Evil Leaper New Player

    I have watched a few videos but am having trouble seeing what the tank is doing. I really like playing my Fire Tank but I really like to be prepared before I step into a quest. I'm always striving to be a decent tank. I don't want to be known as yet another tank that doesn't know what they are doing.

    I would appreciate an feedback that can help me play my role the best.
  2. Liongale Dedicated Player

    You will be holding block. A lot. Though they say powers hold aggro should last 12 seconds, count on it only lasting 6. As a fire tank, make sure you have some sort of ranged pull, as some bosses have moves where they attack someone else, no matter if you have aggro or not, and then will drop aggro if you don't pick them back up.

    Examples are General Luthor will telepot, attack someone, then he might not go back to melee you, he might range Mortar you for a second. Need to hit him again from ranged. Cybernetic will charge someone, and he might have a green shield that you need to hit him after the shield drops so he can take your yellow damage.

    Don't do any moves if you have an AoE attack on you or under you. Block if you can trust your healers, roll out if otherwise.

    Watch the boss attacks and time your attacks between blocks to strike -after- the boss hits you. That way you can go back into block before he strikes again for minimal damage.

    The the base mods to fortify blocks in your neck, and to take 10% extra healing in your chest.

    I'm sure other tanks can chime in from this point on.
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  3. Florida Boii Well-Known Player

    I think tanking Nexus is pretty straightforward (grab agro, block, cycle your powers.) The only problem you might run into will be the buff room. The lex in that room hits hard!

    When tanking Paradox, the sub bosses you can tank straight up will be: The oppressor & The warrior. With The Ravenger, you kite him up & down the speed force tunnel. With the sentry, you cant really tank him but make sure you have aggro so he spits those stars at you and not the group. Be sure to move when the Sentry pounces on you, you will not be able to survive that.

    With the Tyrant be sure to grab aggro of the adds that spawns after each phase.

    *Idk if you saw my paradox vid, but its in my sig. Pretty good info on the raid, the only thing that has change is the last boss fight because of the balls that shoot out on the edge of the arena.*
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  4. Dogico Loyal Player

    Nex first. I wouldn't recommend Dox until you are comfortable with Nex. You will be getting ccd alot, so I recommend going in with Burnout and Burning Determination and maybe your pvp trinket. When **** hits the fan you want to always have either of those two powers ready to pop you up and get back to blocking. Also if you haven't before you will need to practice clipping your powers in T4 raids/T5 ops-alerts, as you will be doing this quite a bit in Nex/Dox. For instance, clip Enflame with Burnout, health trinket with Burning Determination, Backdraft with Stoke Flames, etc. The clipping is to help you get back to block faster. You won't always need to clip, and clipping isn't an excuse to spam powers. Most importantly tell your group that it's your first time (idk if you are pugging or running with league), unless they're elitists they will be more than willing to offer some advice.