War of the Light Part I: Creative Director Letter

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  1. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Curious, what is the ratio?

    Alerts that you can do daily, or raids that you can do weekly.

    We have 3 t5 alerts taht can be done daily, and 2 raids that can be done weekly.

    In a single week, wouldn't it be expected for you do have done 2 raids, and up to 21 alerts? Is that factored in to your decision?

    If you took the weekly lockout and made it daily for raids do you think you'd have the same outcome?
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  2. Bamf 7 New Player

    Zelda and Mario Bros is also surviving as a novelty, but I would not call them money makers in this day and age. Your point is exactly as it seems. Pointless
  3. risingtide New Player

    Exactly if you just look at t5 alerts vs raids. You should see a ratio alerts played:raids played of 21:2. If the actual ratio is below that then 8 man content is actually preferred over 4 man. I'm not saying Jens is wrong in saything that 4 man is more popular but the game inherently makes 4 man more popular with daily vs weekly lockouts.
  4. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Ehh it could be lower to adjust for the fact htat not everyone who likes 4 man stuff is going to do all 3 every day.

    But the point is that there should be a strong imbalance in that ratio to begin with just due to lockouts. I'm curious if that is factored in.

    I know ingame I see much more in the LFG channels for raids than I do for alerts, but at the same time it's much easier to grab 3 friends and hit an alert or even just random queue a pug or two.
  5. 500ty0w1 New Player

    Entitled much? At what point do they do to be excused, by you no less, about creating the things they want to create? They have the stats on what people play, which I'm sure they apply different weights to account for lockouts, replays, etc. You are outside looking in, so don't pretend to know better, dude. You just don't.

    Anyway, I was disappointed by the one 8-man ops as well, but you don't see me being rude about it.
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  6. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

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  7. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    My mistake then...I think thats because of weekly lockouts vs daily, but understand the reasoning behind it

    I still dont want to see just 2 raids released every year, as thats far too big of a drop off from the 6 we got year 1...I would also like to see no separation when it comes to villain/hero content just for quantity alone (although I do realize that was a big complaint in the past)...Our league, as well as many others I know, has always been solo and raid heavy with really no in-between
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  8. risingtide New Player

    True, I would just not trust logs when comparing 4 man to 8 man simply for the reasons we've outlined. There are too many factors that would put 4 man above 8 man that are not popularity to trust them. I guess you could look at RP badge usage and determine what is reset more but even then I feel it would be skewed in 8 man contents favor due to rewards being better. Data Logs should not be used is my argument or if used they should factor in amount of content, daily vs weekly lockouts, ect.
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  9. risingtide New Player

    He's not being rude, in fact he is being completely civil. He is acknowledging the work they have done and complementing it at the same time expressing his opinion that he would like more 8 man content and that 1 doesn't seem like a lot. Need I remind you that T4 had Gates, Prime, Vengance, and Dawn with the villain equivalents. T5 is going to have 3 if what Jens says about DLC10 being the start of T6.
  10. Decree New Player

    I see what ya mean. They should throw another raid in like gates if they can't get 2 long raids done. Back to to older formula of 1 medium raid for starter dlc content and 1 long one for the higher end of the dlc content.
  11. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I pay monthly to play, I am entitled to an opinion no? And where in that post did I say that I knew better about their sales then someone else? Im making a guess based on observations ive made

    Im really not trying to come off as rude, because I sincerely get the work that went into the monumental overhaul of the game they just went through, but I also know what I want to see in the game
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  12. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Beat me to it. Also, there are feats tied to the amount of times you run alerts and raids do not have such feats. To me it's comparing apples to oranges and to get an accurate number we would need an actual poll from the community.

    Anything under 8 man is ho hum for me. 4 man okay...better than duos or (ugh) solos. I play this game for PvP and 8 man raids...everything else is meh.

    Edit: Okay maybe not apples to oranges, but apples to grapples. In theory a grapple would satisfy one's taste for both grapes and apples, but all it really does is leave you hungering for the real thing.
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  13. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    Lockout has little to do with it when it's the actual number of unique players that participate. More players play the four player content and do not play the 8 player content. Follow me?
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  14. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Im the same way

    If im on then im running a raid or occasionally q'ing up for PVP...If I have time for a quick alert then ill do it to help someone out, but otherwise its raid or nothing
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  15. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    I thought the complaint was that there was no villainous content. If what they count as villainous content is poluting a stream that goes through a city (dude those 5 barrels of toxins probably didn't have any effect on a stream that runs through GOTHAM... esp with all those robots taking over). And who do we fight? SUperman? Batman?... Green Arrow? No... Swamp thing....

    The other one... who do we fight? Another Villain Ras Al Ghul....

    Can't say anything positive about that split up of content.

    Nexus was well done, just change in batman/Lex, but if you told me if they hadn't done that and we all jsut fought lex that we could have had a 3rd raid, I'd have been all for that other option.
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  16. risingtide New Player

    Of those Unique characters how many continue to play after they did that 4 man content. Just because someone ran it doesn't mean they like it. Also that still doesn't factor in that 4 man groups are easier to set up than 8 man thus the new players or "unique players" would find it easier to get into a group for the 4 man content. I still don't think counting unique players is right because people could be a unique player play the 4 man content then quit the game because they did not like it and never get to the 8 man content that they may have liked. You are relying on plays to dictate wether 4 man or 8 man is more popular when in reality I could play something and not like it.

    Also factor in content like Area 51, Gorrilla Island, Bludhaven, ect are done before 8 man content is even accessible. If some has a bad experience in those 4 man content they may never get to play the 8 man content.
  17. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I think the fact that Nintendo almost never slashes the price of a Mario or Zelda game while third party companies sometimes have to slash game prices within a month would go against this. Mario, Zelda and Pokémon games are Nintendo's main system seller series, so I'm pretty sure they are money makers for Nintendo. Heck, they practically invented the Nintendo 2DS specifically to sell more Pokémon games. I'm not particularly saying that Mario games bring innovation to the board by any means, but they're just fun to play which is what video games were originally supposed to be. They may not be best viewed by what people consider the "hardcore" community these days, but they are definitely not a novelty by any means.

    I play video games for fun, not to be the best (like no one ever was).

    (apologies for the severe off-topicness)
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  18. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    This i can agree, have something for everyone is the way to go :D

    oh and a bit of clarification: i didnt suggest just 3 items in a table, i meant 1 in 3 chances of getting something useful. not the same ;)
  19. SkullGang Devoted Player

    What CR do we need to buy from vendor ? (please don't say 100)
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  20. dyslexia Active Player

    Glad to see some community concerns addressed i.e. gear & weapons in vendors.
    However I still have nagging questions about certain things I hope haven't been overlooked.

    1a) As far as gear is concerned.. Utility belts, namely useless ones like the dps cr 87 belt & the control cr 86 belt that have 3 consumables slots. Has this been remedied with upcoming drops of the upgrades of items like these, to something more user friendly like more wildcard/trinket slots?
    1b) Stat increases on new gear.. I hope some consideration is given to vitalization increases for controller gear considering its always gotten the least increase versus all the other roles gears primary stats; i.e. with t5 healers resto on gear got a massive jump, as did defense for tanks & as did precision & might for dps, while controllers increases were marginal at best, therefore elevating community problems with people not wanting to play the role in being forced to "just give power" & "be a battery".
    2) As someone who doesn't care for the entire lantern story in the game or in the dc universe (sorry just seems like a lazy idea to play off every color of the rainbow & thousands of sectors with their own guardian, thus overflowing the dc universe like rats)
    Are all 3 proposed parts of this story going to be released in sequence, or will it be broken up with other dlcs in between?
    If its not broken up, its going to be a years worth of dlc suckage for folks like myself that don't care for the lanterns.
    3) Assuming the alternate metro zone will be like gotham wastelands, why are we still basically limited to the two cities?
    Are there any plans of possibly expanding on central city in the future to more than just 4 blocks of reapers?(the rouges could factor in largely in an expanded cc, just a thought)

    anyways, looking forward to something new to do, which is appreciated even if people will start out on day one with LFG: cr101+ only for new raid.

    p.s. the rage crash sounds like the crash invulnerability tanks had in CoH, left you with a smidge of health & power when its time was done. gonna be some tanks yelling at healers for not paying attention if its similar XD