War of the Light Part I: Creative Director Letter

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Spytle, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    Thanks for listening concerning the loot. At least I'm satisfied about that. Red Lantern Heroes......don't like it. Nonetheless keep giving us good content.
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  2. Cataclyzm New Player

    "However, there will still be some random drops found in the instances, and these drops will be the best gear available to players by a very slim margin. The stat delta is not extreme, so it certainly will not be a requirement to have this gear, but it will be a nice bonus for you to try and acquire these pieces over time. These pieces of gear also share a style-only purchase available on vendors, so the DLC's styles and style-feats can be acquired through marks or luck, and it will be up to you which route you want to take to acquire them."

    ^^^ This is the best part for me, even the gear earned in the ops if you're not lucky enough to get these pieces you can still acquire the styles and feats attached to them through marks. So awesome.
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  3. Breakforce Loyal Player

    Ohhhhh I just checked after you mentioned.

    SQUEE :D
  4. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    No disrespect Bam.....but wasn't most of your league complaining about the loot table ?
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  5. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Mepps said no power footage but he could be messing with us.
  6. WonderCleric New Player

    I was actually talking about the fact that it is for heroes as well. ;)
  7. Poo New Player

    Sounding like a very promising addition to the game. Love the way gear/loot is dropped. Much better.

    Doesn't sound like there is much content though "new 4-man and 8-man operations". Does that mean there is no solo content? Or is there always solo content?

    Looking forward to it though :)
  8. Lacedog Loyal Player

    i saw that, but that was also before this official announcement. heres hoping.
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  9. Magnificent Loyal Player

  10. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Respec Token is sitting in my inventory right now just waiting to be used for Rage. xD
  11. SkullGang Devoted Player

    So para doesn't have best gear anymore ?
  12. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Yes... Yeeeessss! Let the Rage flow through you! Come to the Tank Side!
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  13. Bamf 7 New Player

    They were upset that the gear was not in the loot tables. We will grind whatever is needed to get the best loot, but now with a minimal stat gain it is pretty pointless. This gear will rank with the crappy Norsemen set they implemented before.
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  14. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I am also curious as to what stats are buffed upon power use? I would assume rage crash is the equivalent to shields and fire's healing. What is the equivalent to 90% def, 60% health, and 25% absorption?
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  15. DrewCheech New Player

    Looks like I'll finally be making that tank I've been wanting to make.
    It's gonna hurt to put aside my main light toon, but those rage powers...man I can't remember the last time I was this excited to play
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  16. Aqua New Player

    Sounds pretty op, I hope Spord has met my demands for photon. If not, Spytle, watch out for Digid, he be lurking. :p
  17. Breakforce Loyal Player

    I will have one too, once I can get home from work to actually buy it!
  18. RTHERMITE Well-Known Player

    People got to understand that the red lanterns are not all villians, look at guy gardner, most if not all of the lanterns have been subjected to some form of trauma that allowed them to wield the red lantern ring. they go and find those that cuase harm to others and eradicate them by any means. it would be no different than if batman went around killing criminals instead. the red lanters deal with the most vile criminal scum. they fight with the green lantern corp because atrocitus's whole planet was devastated by the manhunters that where sent by the guardians, so the red lanterns hate everything about the guardians including the green lantern corp, hence the fighting, so I know it sucks that we will be able to play has both heroes and villians but in actuality depending on how you look at a red lantern can be a hero or villain.
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  19. Bandee0817 New Player

    finally, loads of ppl will stop crying and hoping there will be no new lantern power. im really happy that we will get new light power. lanterns are big part of the dc universe, they did it right that tey put another lantern content. we had lanterns at the first dlc and now we gat at the 9. we have bunch of another styled contetns, just like battle for earth (braniac), hand of fate and sons of trigon (magical and mystical themed), origin crisis (batman and luthor), and etc.... so accept it and dont be rude people that you dont like lanterns. im sure half of the dc fans are like lanterns. dont be jelaous :)
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  20. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Better is still better even if it is point. It may not be as much as T5 to Traces but you will still be stronger and you will still be number 1. Being at the top is the important thing. Most people will stop at the purchasable gear but grinding for the next step however small it is , is the the sign of dedication.
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