War of the Light part 2

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by AstroCreep, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. AstroCreep Member

    I need some clearification on the upcoming DLC. Will part2 come after the current DLC or will it come something else in between? I would love more then anything that they finish this trilogy before something else, but hey, its not my call to decide that.
    My main reason for this is my cravings for the blue lantern inspired by styles and the lack of content in this one. And the Blue lantern inspired by boots style are the Best looking boots they have come up with so far, i dont know why they have such an fetish for boots above the knee or to short in the height or just to chunky.
    And i just love lantern lore in general.

    But are their any official information about how they will release the upcoming DLCs?
  2. Black Dawn Well-Known Member

    There will be two DLCs between WoL part 1 and WoL part 2. The first one, DLC 10, will be Amazon Fury (I'm speculating that it might contain a new weapon), and DLC 11 will be Hall of Heroes, which will contain league lairs. If I have the names of the DLCs wrong, please someone correct me.
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  3. GeoShock Well-Known Member

    As far as I know first part of Amazons DLC will be first.
  4. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    Halls of Power no longer includes League Halls. League Halls will come as part of an update around Halls of Power.
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  5. Black Dawn Well-Known Member

    Cool, thank you!
  6. Grid Ion Well-Known Member

    All I am interested right now is a new weapon.
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  7. Derio Well-Known Member

    Amazons fury is next with a reskinned gotham. Then Halls of Power, with league bases coming in a GU before that, then finally estimated at the end of this year is WoL part 2.
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  8. MsTickle Fate Well-Known Member

    11 was originally named "Halls of Power." I don't know if that's been changed.

    League halls will be separate from DLC, though, so non-Legendary/non-owners-of-the-DLC can use them.

    Although I don't see it easily fitting into an Amazonian theme, I do wonder if Wand won't be the next weapon based on its suddenly appearing in use by Zatanna in the updated Titans alert, and elsewhere. It's now in-game, after all.
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  9. Black Dawn Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I knew it was Hall of something but it slipped my mind. I would love wand as a weapon, but whip would be cool too. Oh and sword/shield. XD Any new weapon would be great, more boosts to buy from that tree for my stats ^.^
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  10. Mr.Me Well-Known Member

    WHy would they make a new weapon when people will pay $5-$10 for weapon style packs that should have been added into DLC's to give people more stuff to do?... cough, cough, red & blue energy weapon packs - now red lantern DLC... Double dip much SoE? Sure is nice paying for everything 2-5 times, zzzzz...

    I took months off the game and now in less than 2 weeks I've ran just about everything and am quickly running out of things to do besides replay and keep getting the same drops over and over, and I only replayed a few missions, could be collecting weapons, ect., but...

    The shallowness of the content isn't solved by "Playing Slower," nor is the fun increased. Waiting a month so your not locked out of rewards doesn't some how make the mission more exciting. It just means that the value of the mission is less because instead of it being worth playing once a week / once a day which would amount to say an hour a week / day, it amounts to an hour a month that its worth while to play. This wouldn't be a problem if there where more than a couple of solo missions and a a couple ques added all the time. Now their breaking down the content into even smaller packages and charging us 2 and 3 times for them.

    DCUO Dev Mind = Put out "Armories," wait one week put out DLC 9 "War of The Light," then proclaim Armories not part of DLC 9 and Not part of legendary Membership.

    Legends have already paid so you collected that money, then made more money off armory sales, then more money off people going legends to get early access to DLC 9, then more money from people buying DLC 9 when its live, then more money from people buying DLC 9 when legends runs out...

    At what point have you they made enough money to justify just adding some content to give us something to do long term and not just milk everyone's wallet dry? I have no problem with them making money btw I just have a problem with them doing it threw artificial means and manipulation, vs doing it organically.

    Armories should have been part of DLC 9 and legends should have go access to 4 armories if they play threw all the content required to unlock them, any more than 4 would have to buy them. Prem that buy the DLC out right should have got 2 armories, and F2P should have only got one. Giving legends 4 they can't keep them when legends runs out unless the buy them so you can't say your losing money you just might have to wait a little bit for the pay off. The benefit is you make your customers very happy witch means better chance they keep spending.

    We all know and agree the only reason armories have been handled is so that the game can make "more" money, and that people think that's ok, or that some how its a good thing like it guarantees fresh new stuff will be made in the game is absurd. What good is paying extra now so new stuff can be made if your going to have to pay extra again when the new stuff you already paid to develop comes out? The only thing being guaranteed is that going forward you can expect to the game to keep offering you less and less at a higher price tag.
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  11. Black Dawn Well-Known Member

    Accusing the Devs of "milking" the player base is kinda low. I know this is your opinion, but please don't try to disparage the development team. There are other ways to show your displeasure without resorting to name calling.

    And do you have any evidence for that guarantee you gave at the end? Maybe some inside notes from the team stating that they are going to give us less and less but charge us more and more? Or are you just speculating, like I was about the weapon being added?
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  12. Grid Ion Well-Known Member

    Well tbh I do agree with him on some points. Although I wouldn't go as far as to calling it 'milking money' but imo he made some very solid points. For example 'charging for more armories'. That's just one thing..
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  13. IGotYA Well-Known Member

    The lack of actually New content on this dlc is another one...
    Like really? only 1 raid and they coulnt even put 4 boss in there?
    Ok lets pretend i buy the "people want to play alerts/duos/solos and not raid" and thats the reason
    we only have 1 raid... why not at least make it worthwhile running/reseting it?
    I mean only 3 drops that have a pretty **** chance to be for your role,
    last time i reseted it i got: Tank hands, troller chest,tank chest on my celestial dps and nope not reseting it again
    that aint worth 87 Replay badges i would rather reset paradox and do quick eo runs to get the marks to buy the gear.

    The 2 stupid 4man ops you spend around 10min running around without a single boss fight,
    its like they listened to all the people complaining about the CC part in BiA/FR
    and decided to make a longer version of it on metro just to hear more people complaining.
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  14. Mr.Me Well-Known Member

    I didn't call anyone names, I referred to a type of behavior, its a type of behavior that is common practice in my line of work so it's become something that dealing with takes up a lot of my time giving me a fair amount of experiences with it. They are milking like it or not, maybe they don't mean to idk, but when you purposely separate features to increase your profits that's what your doing. And they admit that is what their doing, literally the only reason Armories weren't in the DLC is because they say its a separate feature, why is separate? Because they will make more money. Call it "cleaver marketing," if you like but in my line of work its called milking, or worse.

    I'm not displeased at least not completely. The new powers and what content they did put out is good I don't really have any issues with it other than it always feels shallow, and in this case a big part of why it feels shallow is because a major feature was "separated," and required a separate perches eliminating any build up of the system.

    What I am doing is voicing my opinion unbiasedly, meaning I'm not going to hold back just to be nice. The lack of depth is a big glaring hole for me, and I'd be lying if I tried to pretend that it isn't. if that offends anyone Idk guess you'll have to ban me, and I'll have to go play some other game hopefully one with adults. Where I can speak an honest opinion with out the threat of exile. (Managed to use exile in conversation... :D)

    I don't mean for it to discourage anyone either, on the contrary I hope it gives them a reason to set the bar higher, but how would they know that if all I did was act nice and worry about who's feelings get hurt? Look if their going to say that its a business and their hear to make money, and I'm the one paying the cost of all this then your feelings are absolutely irrelevant. Either we are friends or we are not, and in this case we are not this is a business relationship apparently that's why they couldn't toss the player base a bone with the armories right, cause they would "Lose Money," right? Sorry can't have it both ways, and my opinion although some what negative is as valid as any other.

    As the old adage goes, "The proof is in the pudding!"

    They don't have to charge you more, they only need to charge you the same then offer you less and less. That's basically whats been going on, there's all kinds of things from weapon packs that are just style's to things like armories. We could argue about wither they should have been part of a DLC or not. The bottom line though is that if they weren't part of a DLC its because the game wanted to charge extra for them. If they want to charge extra then they want more money, but there's no extra fun or reward in just buying something from the market... sigh idk why I typed this much idc that much tbh. :D

    My point is just that, I'm not here to just hand over my money all the time for things, and be stuck paying for them weather I like them or not. I'm here to have fun and enjoy my self that's why I paid my money upfront. Extra money can be earned by helping me increase my fun, not by taking the current amount of fun and breaking it down and charging more for it. When people bought subs. and life time Memberships there was the expectation that the game would be expanded that was part of the deal, part of what people paid for.

    When you go to Vegas or places like that you know its going to cost you a lot of money but you go anyway, and when you leave broke at least you know you had a good time. The reason all of this works out is because they make you feel great while your there so you don't mind all the extra costs.

    Ever see someone donate to charity? Some people die and leave millions of dollars to charities and other funds, why? Because people want to support things we feel are good and do right by people.

    Just a few simple facts that support the notion that if you take care of your customers they will in fact take care of you... just saying.
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  15. Amanda Bailey Well-Known Member

    I'm so excited for league Lairs. I bet Amazon Fury drops awesome base items. I honestly hope we don't get a new power. Sorry, but I do. A new Weapon and better Instances would really compensate for it. We have a lot of Powers as it is and I believe new Powers take up a lot of space on PS3's memory so maybe they should make amazing base items and such. I want Whip! I will never use any other Weapon. Whip would be amazing and I would totally rock out a Lashina style.

    I can see Wand being a new Weapon. ObsidianChill said it didn't make it past the developing stage into the game for Players so hopefully they went back and revisited it because it would make a wonderful addition. I'm not for sure if there are Amazonian Magicians, but if Zatanna is in the Amazon DLC then yes, it would make the DLC. I hope it does. Whip or Wand.
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  16. Grid Ion Well-Known Member

    Yeah definitely I mean I am kinda worried right now..How long this dlc is going to last? There is nothing much to do. I am guessing many people will be taking a break after they have farmed 90lvl gear. Well the new dlc is quite 'noob friendly' so it won't take much time for everyone to farm the new raid and completely skip DOX and Nexus..I mean lets be honest here..Whats the point of even running the hardest raid(Dox) in the game right now ? Unless it's giving out any rare orange loot...I see no point in running DOX anymore..
  17. Grid Ion Well-Known Member

    Whip, yes. Wand..Umm not so appealing.
  18. Amanda Bailey Well-Known Member

    Don't knock it until you try it.
  19. Mr.Me Well-Known Member

    Also let the record show from 12/25/13 - 1/25/14 I've used about 13,000 (or 1,300 which ever is about $130) SC, 1,000 replays, 15 r&d scanners, and some other misc. items aside from the 13k SC, and I'm a legend.
  20. Jacknyc47 New Member

    I Dont Know about you guys, but i think paralax Will get a comeback, and Also theyll finish the trilogy with black lanterns. Im certain of that.

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