War of Light Part 2

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  1. Chicago Bull Well-Known Member

    I know we're far from this DLC, but I want to know what you're looking for in it or what you want to expect coming with it.

    It's probably a certainty for the Blue Lantern Corps.being a the whole basis of it.

    But one thing I want the DEVs to Incorporate in War of Light Part 2 is possibly Orange Lanterns(since it cannot be a power) just chuck it in there with one alert? Possibly for Larfleeze. Or is this too much too ask? :(
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  2. MercPony Well-Known Member

    No one knows if Blue Lantern will be a power until devs so say. I personally want it to be one myself though :)

    As far as Orange Lanterns go, there is a orange mist swirling around Lex Corp. Is a possiblity :)

    I wanna see an actual appearance from Dex-Starr too!
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  3. Vodka Well-Known Member

    I still don't understand why they couldn't just keep everything to the Hard Light powerset and let you pick your color as they get the rights to use them.

    Rage being able to be Good or Evil (hateful or righteous) can be said for any Lantern Corps. Sinestro was once a Green Lantern, but went evil. Hal Jordan went crazy. The Red Lantern Razer became good, who's to say a Sinestro Corps members couldn't also become good, or a Blue Lantern evil? Indigo Tribe and Star Sapphires were controlled by parasites and went crazy, but were not inherently evil. Greed? Could be good; it's a synonym for desire, if anything.

    But seeing as how the rings are swarming to Earth in droves and we're all just "recruits", seeing as how DCUO is forming its own canon, why can't we just pave our own destinies with our own emotions, instead of being forced into a morality we don't agree with?
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  4. Derio Well-Known Member

    Really want blue lantern to be a power. But for the most part I want

    -new legends characters
    -2 raids
    -more solo content
    -new bounties
    -new lanterns introduced.
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  5. Grid Ion Well-Known Member

    Not sure about WoTL Part 2 but I have a strong feeling that WoTL Part 3 will be based on Blackest Night.
  6. Serj Well-Known Member

    I believe it was mentioned by Jens that by the end of it we will have the full spectrum of the rings on one of their livestreams, so as far as input regarding WoTL p2. it's all we have.
  7. Octantis Well-Known Member

    I want this guy (Brother Warth) ...


    ... in Legends, and I want him to use a 2-Handed blue light hammer (please, no more Brawling and Martial Arts guys ...)

    Because each color is different, and wields the Light just as different. The only ones to make actual constructs in the way the Light power set currently uses them is Green and Yellow. I think they got Rage spot on. Hope, however, is a Healing type, recharging power only to Green Rings and no one else; it has been known to make constructs, but only shield bubbles have been seen, and rarely it has taken forms of people to help its target heal mentally. Blue would be best suited to the Healing Support Role, for that reason, and will probably use a lot of simple illuminations in its animations (honestly, I feel Hope would be a variation of Sorcery).

    Orange makes constructs of life forms killed by the ring. Indigo can teleport and use the powers of other colors near it, but lacks powers of its own. Violet? I have no idea. Haven't seen enough of the Star Sapphires to provide examples.

    Anyway, point is that each emotion in the spectrum functions differently when channeled through the rings. Constructs in the shape and variety seen in various Green Lantern books and in the game, are unique to Will, although Fear operates similarly (usually in a more "scary" manner).
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  8. Vodka Well-Known Member

    But what you listed off are all rather iconic, don't you think?

    Just because they have their own specialties doesn't necessarily mean that's all they have. Rage can produce constructs. It's uncommon amongst users, but those who can aren't just limited to wrecking balls and chain hooks. That's more of a user preference, don't you think? The same can be said of Hope - even though they usually prefer to be buffers/healers, they can make constructs.

    I don't know a lot about Violet, either. From my understanding, the Star Sapphires, due to the parasite, were much like Rage users in so much as they couldn't really form constructs other than protective bubbles. Not to say they're still controlled by it, but it seems they just prefer pure energy blasting.

    I can see where Indigo Tribe would be a problem, considering they use staves. As for Orange Lanterns, I can't see how they'd be implemented with their own specialty into the game. The best I can think of are the featureless humanoid constructs that both Yellow and Green are capable of making - and why they didn't just add that in as a power, beats me.

    I mean, the concept of all in one powerset is possible so long as you make everything vague.
  9. ncgreenlantern Well-Known Member

    I would love to see an alert were you fight a orange lantern Lex .
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  10. EPICQ Well-Known Member

    Follow the comics, Blackest Night is the final war of the light, all lanterns will be in WoTL 3 and the playable lanterns maybe Black or Indigo both would be controllers power set so GET READY!!!!
  11. Octantis Well-Known Member

    As someone who's pretty knowledgeable about the abilities of the rings, I'd get very upset if I saw an Orange Lantern using Claws and Whip Thrash. It just doesn't do that. Same with Blue. In order for a Blue ring to use ANY offensive attack (maybe short of a light beam), it HAS to be in the vicinity of a Green ring. That's according to the source material.

    Now to clarify, every ring and every color can make Hard Light, in most cases these are constructs. Red has been known to make constructs, but those are rarely used. After all, it takes focus and concentration to make a construct, and Rage doesn't really do that. This is why only a few who seem to have their rage in control actually make anything solid, although they typically don't look as smooth and refined as Will ones. This is why I think they were implemented pretty solidly in DCUO.

    But beyond those three (Yellow, Green, Red), none of the others can be palette swaps without deviating heavily from the source material. As said, Blue has no offense without a Green nearby (I also have never seen it used making constructs other than shield bubbles prior to Kyle Raynor in the New 52), Indigo is equally useless without another ring to channel from, Orange requires its own power set and would just be a bunch of summons (not much variety is actually available to fill 20-something Power Points), and again I have no idea what Violet does.

    As much as I would love to see other Lantern colors, I can't see any other than Blue (Healing Role could have some options, but I'd be curious to see what they do for the DPS powers due to the above mentioned reasons) being implemented. For that reason, I don't foresee any new powers during WotL 2 or 3.
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  12. EPICQ Well-Known Member

    Nooooooooo!!... but for real Indigo lantern are not useless with out other rings, they can use mind control tormenting enemies with torment they have done to others. They can Heal(tree) or Hurt(tree), heal individuals with great empathy or exposes people to the pain they have inflicted on others. Indigo Lantern Tribe if playable will be the first healing class with some trolling elements but not the type that can give power. Indigo will be a mix of Mental/Celestial, another healing combo class with CC elements.

    Blue lantern players gets a healing buff in healer role or a damage buff in dps role if near a Green Lantern.
    Indigo lantern players gets something from yellow or red lanterns since they can type into other rings but i am unsure what it could be... maybe a DPS buff with near by rage or a cc buff from near by yellow lantern?
  13. Octantis Well-Known Member

    I dunno, that seems too situational and dependent on such specific power types that it doesn't seem worth it to add into the game. It's too much fan service with not enough in-game worth.

    My opinion, of course. I don't mind people disagreeing,
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  14. Octantis Well-Known Member

    To further illustrate, here is a fantastic description of each from the Green Lantern Wikia page on "Lantern Energy Construct." I'm ready to change my opinion on the viability of adding any other Lantern powers in the game for players to use, but based off the following I just can't see it. I would love for someone to prove me wrong.

    Red Lanterns

    The Red Lantern Corps has been shown to be able to produce constructs created from rage. However, most of the time a Red Lantern is so enthralled in rage and hate that they cannot form coherent thoughts and generate enough willpower to create them. Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Atrocitus, and Rankorr have shown the will to form constructs made of red light.

    Orange Lanterns

    Orange Lanterns are unique in their constructs. Larfleeze, the only living member of the Orange Lantern Corps, has been shown the ability of creating constructs of sentients he has killed, their idenities stolen by the orange light. It is very rare for him to create more 'regular' constructs, though he was observed using simple constructs in his first appearance.


    The orange Lantern Avatars are unique constructs, in that they are accurate recreations of beings whose identity Agent Orange has stolen, though they are all subservient to Agent Orange's will, and have a fixation with taking things. Typically it is these avatars that wield Orange Power Rings. The avatars are unique for other reasons; for instance, a construct of other Corps usually isn't shown going far beyond the sight of the wielder, however the avatars are shown to be able to travel over many sectors of space while Larfleeze remains in his sanctuary. Orange Avatars are seemingly immune to the green light, as they absorb the energy before it harms them, even those created by the Guardians. They retain their original appearance for the most part, aside from wearing Orange Lantern uniforms and bearing the symbol, and their features tend to be somewhat grotesquely disfigured, as though constantly contorted with loathing, hate, and spite. Green Lanterns described the avatars as "flickering". To a degree they are like ghosts, as they seem to retain their personalities and identities, though bent and twisted to serve the current wielder of the Orange Light. For all intents and purposes they are phantom puppets, forced to carry out the will of their owner. They cannot, however, resist the blue light of hope, nor can they resist the violet light of love.

    Sinestro Corps

    Sinestro Corps constructs are rather the same as Green Lantern constructs, in that they are formed and maintained by the wielders imagination and mental fortitude, though these constructs can only by created by someone who has an intimate knowledge of how to wield and manipulate fear. Hal Jordan proved this when he used a number of Qwardian Power Ring to fire volleys of yellow energy. It was remarked by those accompanying him that his possession by Parallax allowed him to manipulate fear this much, though he could not form constructs.

    The yellow constructs have an advantage over Green Lantern rookies, as inexperienced Green Lanterns rings cannot affect yellow, though this can be averted by overcoming their personal fear(s), making the two energies equal. The yellow constructs can be drained by a wielder of the blue light of hope.

    Green Lanterns

    Green Lantern constructs are formed via the wielder's imagination and willpower, meaning that the construct can be any size and have as much power behind it as the wielder can muster. Power Rings have a limited maximum power outage however, though the Guardians and Ion are under no such limitations.

    Green lantern constructs can be solid, and composed of the green light energy of willpower, and only last as long as the wielder can maintain it, though the energy the construct is made of will soon either fade or return to the ring when concentration is broken. A construct however, cannot be made to create food or other sustenance.

    The Green constructs can be disabled by yellow items or energy if the wielder is inexperienced. The Red light can corrupt green constructs, and reduce their energy levels until they fade. The Orange Light will sap the green of its energies until it fades. The Blue Light can strengthen and maintain green constructs far beyond their usual parametres.

    Blue Lanterns

    Blue constructs are another unique form of construct. Unlike the other Corps, Blue Lanterns mostly form constructs not based upon their own will, but based upon the psyche of those the blue light is being used upon. In this way, people being influenced by the blue light will see something important to them (such as John Stewart seeing a construct of Katma Tui), but also normal constructs can be created, to restrain or harm those the Blue Lantern is attacking. The blue light can harm or heal, but damage is usually spiritual, or meant to not harm or kill the target. Blue Lanterns are capable of forming constructs based on their own desire, but for the purposes of a Blue Lantern, the previous method is usually more useful.

    Indigo Tribe

    The Indigo Tribe's constructs have not yet been seen except for creating shields. Instead, the tribe Leader, Indigo-1, was shown utilizing the powers of other Corps to create constructs.

    Star Sapphires

    The Star Sapphires are capable of creating regular constructs out of violet light, though they too have a unique ability. They can form constructs using star sapphire crystal, which is solid and not made of energy, and will remain after the Star Sapphire is finished. These crystals can emulate other materials, such as clothing, as the Star Sapphire Miri Riam was shown being covered in the crystal, which then formed into her uniform. These crystals delve into the emotional psyche of the opponent, rendering them helpless from the inside as well as the outside. Most violet light constructs have a "feathery" appearance to them, and the light makes curves, twists, and whorls when used by a Star Sapphire Corps member.

    Star Sapphire crystal constructs are shown to be able to convert members of other Lantern Corps to the Star Sapphire Corps, and are what form the uniforms of the Violet Lanterns. The Star Sapphire crystals cannot affect Black Lanterns, for they have no emotions for the crystals to infiltrate.

    Black Lanterns

    The Black Lantern Corps have not been shown creating constructs from energy, though they can fire black energy beams, and they are capable of emitting the strange Black ooze so often used by Scar to build, create, or destroy. Scar formed the words in the Book of The Black with the black ooze, and used it to cause a titanic tremor on Oa that destroyed its protective shell.

    It is later revealed that Black Lanterns can emit black energy, that actually takes a greyish-whitish hue. The light, or darkness, seems capable of the same things as green energy; creating shapes, beams, and other devices or objects useful to the Black Lantern.
  15. Nekron 99 Well-Known Member

    I think the story is moving toward introducing the Indigo Tribe, Larfleeze, and the Star Sapphires into Metropolis Battlezone.

    We know so far that the entities for the Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green Lanterns are missing and these lantern corps have been drawn to Earth somehow. Once they got to Earth they found these mists that could infuse people with the emotion for their emotional spectrum and there are mists for some lantern corps that aren't on Earth...yet. The Green Lanterns are capturing the mist in containers so they can study it. I'm guessing we'll discover their findings in WoTL2. The Blue Lanterns are assisting the Green Lanterns and additionally some heroes that have shown great Hope have joined the ranks of the Blue Lanterns (Barry Allen/Flash and Kyle Raynor). It's also been shown that the Blue Lanterns are not affected by the Red Lanterns and can restrain them since the red emotional spectrum of anger is weak to the blue emotional spectrum of hope. The Yellow Lanterns have recruited Hank Henshaw (Cyborg Superman) and he has become the master of the Manhunters. Although Henshaw is defeated, Sinestro and him escape. Presumably to gain new recruits and strike again. The Red Lanterns are searching for Predator, their entity who is missing and they have been drawn to Earth so they think one of the Corps already here must know something. They are full of rage and ready to smash the answers out of everyone's head. Their story is pretty much open ended since at the end of this DLC they are still here and still mad.

    I think in the next DLC we'll see some more lantern corps show up since their entities are missing too and surely they will be drawn to the mists in Metro to investigate. Sinestro and Hank Henshaw escaped and I would think they will recruit more to their corps and reattack. Possibly with the Anti-Monitor playing a role in the Sinestro Corps. The Anti-Monitor being the big boss that is defeated and he is exiled to the planet Ryutt where he is weak and not able to resist becoming imprisoned in a new central battery. I also think it will be revealed the the missing entities have been called by the Life Entity in anticipation of this new battery being created per the book of Oa prophecy and the third DLC will be a War of the Light vs the Dark (i.e. White Lanterns vs Black Lanterns).

    Although there are a lot of ways this could go but I see that as the way to having all the lantern corps in DCUO by the end of the DLC trilogy.
  16. Kaegrin Member

    Predator is the violet entity of love. You're thinking of The Butcher, who is the red entity of rage.
  17. Nekron 99 Well-Known Member

    Yep. Sorry I get all those entities confused.
  18. Vermilion the Original Member

    Maybe Dex can fight a Mist empowered version of Krypto.
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  19. Bendmetal Well-Known Member

    There is also an orange mist canister, so that means orange light in WOTL Part 2
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  20. Redscreen5 Well-Known Member

    Sodam yat pls
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