War of Light Part 1

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Will Power, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Will Power Well-Known Member

    My Expectations

    New Mentors Hal Jordan and Sinestro To Play out the Storylines of all of the Fight for the Light content and War of Light Content.

    More Challenges Duos and Alerts/ 4 man Operations

    I want an Open World Map of Oa to explore for Feats and to pick up missions from the Guardians and your Mentors.
    Open World Challenges and an instance Challenge

    New Duo that are also Placed on Oa

    New Alert that takes Place anywhere but Earth or OA.

    However I know that its all going to be in Metro or Gotham

    My Dreams will never come true.
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  2. Whiteroom Well-Known Member

    Things they have said.
    Full alt metro
    Large scale dlc
    Blue vs Red
    Mogo and Ranx

    Its known the first one will be raid heavy and red/blue.

    Your dreams will not come true when you say you want the opposite of what they have already said it would be.
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  3. amazonianmale Active Member

    There has to be a raid. Dlc 8 doesn't have one, so dlc 9 will most likely have one.
  4. Will Power Well-Known Member

    We just got one Nexus and Paradox and not everyone has beat these yet. I went in to Nexus with a pug got to room 3 and got my rear kick so I'm waiting on the Sons of Trigon to get better gear to tackle it.
  5. darkmoon caverns Well-Known Member

    It won't even be coming for another 3-5 months. The way they release DLCs is they alternate between big and small group content.
    DLC8 is small so big is next and guess what is next...
  6. Brice Allen Well-Known Member

    Blue Lanterns - Hero Tank
    Red Lanterns - Villain Tank

    Villains always get the cooler looking stuff. :p
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  7. tukuan Well-Known Member

    My understanding is that DLC9 will be the large scale to follow DLC8's small scale. In the keynote the devs said there'd be an alt version of metropolis but another article commented that we'd fight on Ranxx and/or Mogo

    So my money is on one or more DLC4 BD/Veng style 8 man ops with the finale being on Ranxx or Mogo. Mostly cause if they are going to develop the alt Metro as the play space a) they would want people to use it as much as possible and b) they wouldn't have the dev resources to fully develop the separate raid space into a large area.

    Presumably for that to happen they'd have mitigated concerns about the lag issues that I've heard happen on the PS3 8man ops which would likely be due to a combination of a smaller player cap in these areas as well as the coming PS4 hardware.
  8. LL Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression the small big thing is how they are doing Dlc's from this point forward. Meaning the first part of War of Light would be small, then building up to the large group content.

    They have said a few times already they have done things backwards and starting with the new dlc's they are going to fix this.

    Of course I could be wrong...:)
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  9. Starblast Active Member

    I feel like one new raid for each DLC is needed. For example, this new DLC9 I'm very excited for but they could have easily made an FoS3/prime style raid to fight trigon added on. I also feel Home Turf and the Last Laugh could have benefited from some sort of Raid like this. Even though looking back you may say DLC 2 and and DLC 3 may have needed this too, but given the state of how the game has progressed, those at least felt more complete at the time and I would imagine do for people just playing the game for the first time leveling up.
  10. Will Power Well-Known Member

    So the order would be Small Small Big when it comes to the order that way they don't have to do what they just did and make a Middle Class gear between T5 Blue and T5 Purple drop gear.
  11. Ala Rebelde Well-Known Member

    This is BS, Relic already obliterated the BL Corps.... :(
  12. Whiteroom Well-Known Member

    And Trigon is small, so War of Light should be big. Most seem to be operating under the assumption that T6 will come with DLC 10. My main reason for believing that they are starting with small at DLC8 is that they have already said that they will be making a full alt Metro for War of Light. That screams big Ops to me.
  13. Jafin Well-Known Member

    New interview with Larry Liberty from Gamescom. Please remind him that Ranx is a member of the Sinestro Corps, not the Red Lantern Corps! :p
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  14. jallenw23 Active Member

    I really hope the armour styles are lantern based. I really want the lantern chest emblem on one of the styles.
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  15. darkmoon caverns Well-Known Member

  16. spack2k Well-Known Member

    i think they said after Sons of Trigon they will release House of Power and after the War of Light DLCs...
  17. Jafin Well-Known Member

    No. War of the Light is next, then Halls of Power, then Amazon Fury. This has been confirmed. Also the League Halls that were originally supposed to come with a DLC will now be part of a free update for everyone.
  18. Whiteroom Well-Known Member

    I thought they said Halls will now be a GU not a DLC.
  19. Will Power Well-Known Member

    I want a Form like T2 Style that has the Green Lantern Emblem embedded on it.

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  20. LL Well-Known Member

    It is the way I took it. If they go big again its more for this same tier which they don't need or keeping it the same way they have been doing which is dropping large raids first for the new tier. That is exact opposite of what they said they wanted from this point forward.

    Like I said I could of misunderstood them though. I have not been paying as much attention to the news lately with moving and all...:)

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