Want to try the most optimal WM power.

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  1. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    I want to get some suggestions for what power can really make the most out of WM, not a power that needs it to do well but one that can enhance it, plus which relics.

    My thought is Sorcery, like every power it has a weapon buff, it also has a pet, it then has 2 dots soul well and circle of destruction, for a SC im thinking of Grand summoning, thats 4 pets at 1 time. i have no idea for the last power slot though.

    The WM combo will obviously be dual weild into flurry shot. have the precision mods in the mainframe, an im not exactly sure which artifacts as i pretty much run soul cloak, gemini, and solar amp on all my other characters.

    Any suggestions? maybe something for a melee WM when i can use it, maybe the last power for Sorcery, or even a different power, im open to all ideas.
  2. L T Devoted Player

    I don't think you'll be happy with soul well. Even with 2 going at a time the damage seems meh to me.

    For pure single target, sorcery has a 12 second single target Dot that probably works great with flurry shot mastery
  3. Yaiba Committed Player

    Rage with Berserk is strong in normal contents where you can go melee without any risk :cool:. I recommend Two Handed -> Flurry, works well with Berserk :cool:.
  4. xm3n3hun3 Well-Known Player

    you should use the shield ( boon of souls) or the SC generator (karmic suspension) - your choice

    you'll need the Offering for your pet (fury)

    and I wouldn't do the dots, you're better off using soul barrage and soul storm , the dots are pathetic now ( test on league hall sparring targets - you'll see what I mean )

    you might want to add transmutation (adds karmic hex and it knocks down, your fury likes to use this as well )
  5. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    or you could use powers and not be a flavor of the month chaser with a WM percision build. and pave your own path. ;)
  6. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    FINALLY!!!!...been playing since PS3 exclusive...as long as i have played i have loved 2H...and yes 2H/bow combos are glorious...finally someone Fing gets it...(btw try sorc...put up the ring put up the well empower your pet shield yourself empower weapon...let the hammer and arrows fly)
  7. gemii Dedicated Player

    rage precision

    Bow/smokebomb melee

    SuperCharge - beserk
  8. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Gadgets is good for survivability. Has a 12 second cooldown shield that you can clip with the weapon buff which is also 12 second cooldown. Cast it every time with your weapon buff and you're basically shielded 99% of the time. Also has a shield that detaunts.

    As for artifacts, venom wrist is an absolute must. I personally feel cog of mageddon is 2nd best as it's buff will give you and the entire group 1,500-2,000 precision (depending on your health) and it gives 5% health which helps with survivability. 3rd best would either be Sparring A.I or Eye of Gemini depending on how/if you use SC in your loadout.
  9. Mighty Hyperion Committed Player

    Considering that every power in itself is eventually flavor of the month, it is pretty hard to do anything without being considered a chaser. I know sort of what you are saying, but WM is something new to anyone who has been spamming powers for years and may add to the game at least for a short while.
    I know I have made a precision based toon just to get a break from A,B,C,D, repeat even if it is just slightly different.
  10. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    so i tested out Rage precision an i think it might be really good, looking for a lil feedback, I use Gailing Eruption cliped with the weapon buff, then hit plasma retch, have robot sidekick up an do dual wield into flurry shot, artifacts are venom wrist, soul cloak and gemini. do like 2 or 3 combos an then plasma retch, 2 or 3 combos an the rotation repeats

    heres the question to anyone who can test better than myself, i use Beserk, and Neo Venom Boost, They do stack, i confirmed this an they do not share a cooldown as i thought, my Gemini isnt 80 yet so i dont know if we can get 2 gemini up at 1 time but i doubt it, im also pretty low right now an my other artifacts are pretty low, can any1 confirm how good this is? Beserk is a tick off you so you do still need to be close.