W.I.P. Combat Balance - Jump Canceling Solutions

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Spytle, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. BOXIE Well-Known Player

    Listen here, not all powers are suppose to be the same. You going to have other powers stronger then other, nor matter what role you are. some are better for healing, trolling, tanking, and even dps. You take the power that does the best. What makes the power really good is the player using it, cause not everyone can jump cancel or clip. It takes practice and knowing your power to be the best. And when this so call power balanced is released i promise you there still will be powers stronger then the other because of the player using it ajnd understanding its mechanics.
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  2. La Shark Dedicated Player

  3. La Shark Dedicated Player


    There 2 types of hardcore players that let their sub continue way after they've completed the latest raids and fully geared. These were a once bankable. Meaning guaranteed.

    1. Lore
    2. Combat

    Which one of these are now unbankable? Meaning can't count their subs towards dcuo's books-account?

    Also, people jump mmo's all the time. Sub for 2months get geared then leave and unsub. This is called static players. Static vs constant.
    Constant is what a business wants.

    I concede, you won giggles.

    Combat players are not welcomed here. We now don't have a home and walk away with are subs.
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  4. helvetica New Player

    I bet the Devs will love to hear from you about what they should be doing for balance when they're ready to start powerset rebalances. Save it till those threads.
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  5. mgkaenzo Committed Player

    The main jump clipping power are fan, fear gas and the one from rage I don't think I really miss exept some that already have a fast cast time without jump clipping were a nerf won't really change.
    I think nerfing fear gas and the power from rage won't make this two powerset under-power, for fan nerfing the power jump cancel won't make it underpower imo but need to make the combo still jump cancelling or at least being cancelling with any power as a "weapon finisher" like other combo, btw it seems really fair, hl rotation without fan power would just lose 1 phantom triangle per rotation.
  6. Frankzilla Committed Player

    @ Giggles you 100% support every nerf/change as long as it has nothing to do with photon which is imbalanced lol. Also if we are not supposed to clip animations so fast why did they create consumables that gives us that ability they should be gotten rid of to right. Now you pvpers won't agree with that but you are abusing that as well.
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  7. Collector New Player

    Dear Devs please take into consideration this! When you are falling in the game you can still cast and attack, do your combos, clipping,all the combat mechanics! I say that is how it should be ALL the time, treat jumping like falling, so a player can jump (whether it is to get out of the way, get better placement or for what ever reason), and not having it interfere with the fighting mechanics of the game, so it does not effect your weapon or power combos.
    Problem solved!
  8. TrueOlympus New Player

    You know what's funny? They listened to use when we said Mental was the most balanced power in the game. Just didn't know they'd go THAT far
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  9. Jax Prime New Player

    It has taken them 3 years to finally address an issue embedded into a lot of the current players...? This loophole is what actually saved the power HL and is a lot of fun for a lot of people.

    There must be a major flaw in the way they develop these powers if it is evident that JC was intended in half of the areas it is applicable. Tbh, as Dianna said, this is simply a marketing ploy. They should really not ever use the "play your way" motto ever again.

    The main reason is that equality is recognising difference and working within those differences to achieve balance. Not scrapping those differences and intending to make everything the same. It removes any attraction from other content when everything does the same thing, has the same animation times etc.

    You are seriously over exeggerating the impact JC has. Powers like Mental and Celestial do not need to JC yet they do quite a good job, the latter actually being a great powerset. If JC was such a scale tipper, these powers would be like Earth when compared to powers that can "abuse" this "loophole"

    Yet they managed to do a very good job with Celestial and Rage. I commend the Devs of this game, I actually like them, they interact with us and are for the most part respectful of the community. However, that does not mean that their idea of improvement is good. What they suggest as balance we see it for what it is.

    If you cannot accept that this game will never be balanced and the scale will be constantly tipped to favour certain play-styles or powers then my friend, you and I will never reach a common ground.

    I disagree with this. However, it seems you will not budge on this so I will not go further on with what the Devs know and do not.

    You can call it that and sugar coat it all you like, the stank is still going to be horrendous.
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  10. Giggles Loyal Player


    The fact that jump canceling was needed to make a power set viable, clearly shows there was a problem. Good thing it is being fixed. None of us know what other changes they will be making to Light, or any power set for that matter. They said they would be changing animation speeds, and that goes hand in hand with damage balance as well. So let's stop with all these assumptions and just wait until the devs do the animation pass, after these jump cancel fixes. Okay?

    I said it before and I will say it again, changes like these are a part of playing an MMO. If you are going to keep playing MMO's you will need to learn to adapt and make the best of it. With these animation changes, Gadgets will surely be effected, that is what my main is, and honestly I'm not worried, I will make it work.

    These changes will breathe some fresh air into these mechanics and give us all something new to learn and play. When it is all said and done, it may feel like a new game. I'm looking forward to it. You should be as well. Stop fighting change so hard, and embrace it. You will be better off in the long run. :)
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  11. PrimeraDivine New Player

    Why are you babying the game devs? People spent time in the war room clipping and doing jump cancels. Now you are babying for the people don't take time to learn how to dps and use a rotation. Like really?look at weapon mastery..where the hell you going to use that in t5? Everything blocks... Unless you remove bosses from blocking go straight ahead and add it. But to go stop jump canceling because it so calls "breaks" those two rules...like come on? you give animations that have long casting and you have a 5 sec buff by the time u done with animation ur buff is gone then you must clip to something else. Stop babying the game. you nonstop nerf. u buff then nerf,buff and nerf.. if you truly want balance powers. remove em all and place one power that has 4 roles.cause there will always be a power better than the other because of the player and the time they take to understand the power. You look at people complaining about getting one shotted cause clipping and jump canceling. but they don't tell you they don't block. if you can't block why play the game? People learn your role stop asking to be babied through the whole damn game like your beyond sad and killing this game.
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  12. Opamp Committed Player

    Probably a huge minority here - but I would enjoy not having any animations cancelled. It makes the game fun to watch and play when people are casting their spells.

    In addition - I highly doubt that abilities are balanced around cancelling (if balanced at all)
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  13. Kn1ght New Player

    I'm cool with change and all, In most cases it's for the best. But this BIG change is kind of scary. There is really no way to know how this change will impact the game, until we get the chance to test it at the test server.

    All HL has is speed. HL is Like an "assassine". Imagine an assassine without speed, and you will see how HL will be terrible without the ability to jump cancel. If HL or other powers that uses jump cancel (Gadget, never really tried it), did not have the ability to use jump cancel, they would never be the so called "best dps power". I don't know what people want, some say HL dpsing is easy (Syptle), but when they try it, they know it takes a lot more time to get good at it. It took me like 2 weeks to learn the combo I use right now, after a friend thought me how to use it. And it took me another 2 to 3 weeks to be able to use that combo at a constant pace in a raid. What I'm trying to say is, you need to practice to get better at it. I think every power has the tools to do good damage, as long as you practice, get a good rotation. If people saw me at the war room doing my combo, they would think i'm using a mouse and keyboard, but I actually use a 360 Controller, and i'm able to do a triple grenade combo, without messing up.

    Animation is cool and all, but the reason why many people play this game, is because of the fast pace gameplay. It's nice to have the option of having to see the animation and not see them. I would suggest giving a bonus to those that decide to use full animation of a power since it takes more seconds, insted of nerfing Jump canceling.
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  14. MrKappaKappaPsi New Player

    You just proved my point. You want Jump canceling nerfed because it doesn't fit your play style. How do you think devs decide to nerf something?? If no one from the community doesn't say anything they believe things are going fine. Example Earth launched and aftershocks did not work, but if no one from the community let them know that nothing would have changed. It is10 times harder to get something buffed than it is to get something nerf. Because people like yourself are few but talk very loudly. Its sad but 70% of the people who play this game don't understand there power or role. So instead of trying to get better the cry for nerfs of their competition. I switch my tank to rage and I was terrible at it. So instead of asking to nerf Ice or earth I learned, watch videos, and practiced and got a lot better. If the forums nerf threads would be replaced with buff this power threads, this game and community would be 10 times better. However continue to voice your opinion loudly and rudely. We will se what the devs say and just get better no matter what happens. If you believe that your power is deficient in a way ask for it to be buffed. I've never seen a athlete say well I would train harder but instead I hope the other team get sick.
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  15. helvetica New Player

    You were a little all over the place bud. One of your points was that balance meant power A could do X amount of damage at a certain time and so could power B. Well, unfortunately, JC clipping allows specific powersets (they don't all benefit equally from this exploited mechanic) to over perform because of how the powerset is constructed. HL is 2.5x more efficient at killing than it is intended to be by using this mechanic.

    As for the rest of what you've said here... *shrug* JC isn't being nerfed. You can still use it to get out of the way of damage. This isn't an "us vs them" thing. Don't blame me or people like me for getting something fixed. The community identified these problems over the last 3 years and the Devs are choosing to fix it. We're not a small vocal minority, we're the majority. Honestly, just deal with it... it's getting fixed.
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  16. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    Still a horrible idea BTW. Hey can we just put the best combos for each power in the power slots? You know instead of have L2+square be snap trap can it just be K007? This is where we're heading anyways. Cmon Devs I don't want to spend hours getting good at your game anymore. I want to hit a button and feel beast with literally no effort or skill. I want to be the best and if I don't want to learn it take it out or make it easy for everyone to do.
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  17. Vinny Tireshine New Player

    You got WoW and FFXIV if your into that slow of a pace of combat... The speed of combat is what sets DCUO apart from all the other cut and paste MMOs
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  18. Dump Truck New Player

    Helvecta is an electric healer as well.... just sayin
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  19. SlipAncDC Active Player

    I don't understand you guys.
    Firstly you complain about DPS guys being able to JC simply because it allows them to dish out a decent amount of damage, So what?
    Atleast you're clearing content, and then you're usually the same people who despise those "scoreboard chasers" but have the biggest issues with being topped on the board.
    Most of what I've read thus far is nothing more than a witch-hunt basically, users such as dreyen? or whatever his name is, is mad because he can't be a superhero, because we can JC, like seriously, what does someone else's playstyle have to do with you and yours?

    I believe nerfing (or whatever you're willing to call it) will cause more problems than it will solve, just as every 'fix' they try to implement disrupts something else.
    The only reason I typed this all is because of how annoying it is to see most of you try to take out this -yes broken feature but you have to realize the same broken feature has become part of many playstyles up until now.
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  20. Opamp Committed Player

    The game is quite fast already - as you don't need to click on the target to perform an action.

    In addition - jump cancelling, better known as animation cancelling, is generally looked down upon or as a glitch in games.
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