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    You'll also note that many actors who play villains are actually nicer than their hero acting counterparts.

    Case in point: Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) > Tom Welling (Clark Kent)
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    Interesting take but has considerable truth to it.

    Case in point - Waaaayyy back when Superman encountered Darkseid, then - during Darkseid's invasion of Earth he eventually murdered his close friend Dan Turpin out of spite. That one despicable (and terrifying act) led Supes on a road of vengeance, recklessness and carelessness.

    This was played out masterfully in the STAS and even carried over to The Justice League Unlimited series.

    Superman's utter hatred of Darkseid - even after MANY years - almost gets HIMSELF killed and even places his close friend Batman in harm's way. Also consider how Supes almost knocked the Watchtower out of orbit by his strikes on Darkseid - placing Hawkgirl, WW, MM and Batman in danger.

    Even into the MOVIE realm - Superman appears more FEARED than loved...an outcast.

    I'm just talking about SUPERMAN....now BATMAN is a WHOLE OTHER level of CRAZY..

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