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  1. nutterz72 Active Player

    So I just started gotham under siege dailies for my villain. For the most part, it's ok, but does anyone else feel like we are getting the shaft compared to heroes? Two things in particular is very frustrating and they involve the same quest, think it's the Suggestion Box quest. Villains have to activate a couple of things and guard their objective. However, the activation time takes forever it seems with very little to do but stand around waiting. The other thing is, last night, some awesome hero decided to kill everything I activated and I'm sure was laughing up a storm. On hero side, we just kill things and move on. No activation time, no waiting, very fast and simple. Also, my first hero to take down happens to be Donna Troy and her cursed amazon deflect. And of course I was the only villain in the gotham under siege, that I could tell on the map, so no help was available. Hero side, it's just a matter of hit and block, hit and block/roll. Hell, on hero side you just range the villains to take them down - meaning you just get far enough up(if you fly) to the point of a grey rectangle and they rarely hit you. And if they do, it's not for very much damage or you can pull out of it very easily if they bring you down. Donna Troy, you have to pay attention to when she blocks and by that time, she's lassoed you taking up most of your health, not to mention hitting that amazon deflect. There is no 'barely out of range' window for her, since she flies and uses the damn lasso. I know I'm just starting, but there are some significant differences I feel between hero side and villain side when it comes to the hero/villains to take down and the daily questing. It's not very balanced and more challenging for villains especially when there is no help to count on. That's my rant, peace!
  2. X-zero Loyal Player

    Wait until you try TD. WW requires everyone to pay attention while Circe just requires the tank to pay attention.

    Amazons with Amazonian Deflection are not fun lol.
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  3. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    Wonder Woman, Donna and Wonder Girl all have Amazonian Deflection. Fun times. But personally I like the challenge of villain side some days as I feel more accomplished for finishing content that may be "harder" than the Dirty Heroes have.
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  4. nutterz72 Active Player

    oh goody! Now I'm psyched to get to TD....NOT!
  5. nutterz72 Active Player

    I like a challenge too, but not when it's so far uneven. Like I said, heroes get to just run around and kill things and move on. We have to wait on a couple things that can be killed by heroes. It than turns from challenging to just plain frustrating. I completely switched from fire to sorcery for all the pets just in the hopes it will help against Troy.
  6. Skyfairy New Player

    It's not too bad to be honest, it used to be a lot worse. On release Wonder Woman would use her deflection move every 10-15 seconds which meant you really, really had to watch her closely. Since the fix/nerf she uses it maybe every minute or so, and I've never seen her use it once her ally dies (though that may be my selective memory).

    You'll be fine!
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  7. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    Well, the nice part of the mission you're talking about is that you can activate the 2 Amazons at the same time so you're only waiting on 1 really. As long as you don't go a block away from them you'll get credit for both. And to be fair both Hero and Villain can go to the area of the opposing faction's missions and be d***s by killing everything.
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  8. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    Punch a few holes in the hero. You're in PvP phase anyway
  9. Sbel Devoted Player

    Villain content isn't consistently harder than hero content. :rolleyes:The boss fight of Strike Team, for instance, is so much harder on the hero side that I'm about 95% sure it's broken. Guy Gardner. *shudder*

    But the Amazonian Deflection does add a special kind of fun to some of the missions on the villain side. ;) I first ran into it, literally, in the tunnel of lust duo. I could not figure out why I was dying! :p I could finish the duo fine on the hero side! I finally noticed the bracers 4th-5th time I tried it. With the GUS stuff, I killed myself twice on the bracers before I remembered, glowing bracers = stop hitting. :D
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  10. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    It doesn't necessarily mean harder content but there are instances of it. Saint Walker is a pain to deal with in AnB on villain side.
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  11. Sbel Devoted Player

    I kind of wish the devs would stop trying to balance the sides, just declare the villain side to be 'hardcore' mode and deliberately make thing harder. I'm sure a lot of people would complain about being 'forced' to play one side or another, but it'd get some more people on the villain side, and it seems impossible to balance the content/loot for such a wide range of playing abilities.
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  12. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    I like the idea but there is one fight I want harder on Hero side than villain. The final boss fight in Hall of Power Part 3. If Darkseid makes his appearance as a boss, I want his fight to be 10x harder than villains would have facing Highfather.
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  13. Sbel Devoted Player

    Heh. Villains will probably have to fight Darkseid too. :rolleyes: He'll probably want to destroy the world/universe and us as well, or something like that.
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  14. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    Ugh, don't jinx it. I'm all for wanting a fight with Darkseid but what would the point've been to work for him. Heroes need a reason to say that they legitimately can stand on the level of say someone like Superman. Darkseid is one of those foes, when done right, makes you feel powerful after facing him.
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  15. THX 1138 New Player

    What server are you on? I need her to, I have gotten close a couple of times, but those bracelets are really hard to spot sometimes, I'll be halfway through a combo and I spot it but too late, time to lie down again.
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  16. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    That one "guard" mission is probably the longest daily mission for Gotham Under Siege. I don't like running it. There is a lot of dead time involved and you have to hope a Hero doesn't show up to kill the NPC.

    As for Themyscira Divided, it is always fun tanking it and watching all of your teammates die at the same time because they didn't see Wonder Woman's bracers.

    The mission I dread running each day on villain side is Security Breach. I know the developers said Mantis and Big Barda are exactly the same, but they don't play the same way. Mantis will basically stick with the tank the entire time. Barda likes to roam around the room and attack random party members. The tank has to grab the Nullifier and run in circles around her while attempting to keep aggro.
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  17. nutterz72 Active Player

    Good news, I finally defeated Troy! Took 6 tries today, a few last night before log off, but she's down. I switched to sorcery and had every pet and henchmen on her. I had out my tanking pet, had the pet superpower, henchmen, orbital strike, and finally used my supply drop. All my pets and henchmen died, but did a decent job getting her health a little lower and keeping her distracted and juggling her. Lots of squinting and missed opportunities on that fight because your constantly checking just to make sure she's not blocking before you wind up anything for powers or weapon attack. Of course, the second boss had to be Wonder Girl. This time around, it seemed a little easier, she hits less hard and it seems her blocks are more obvious for some reason. As far as Suggestion Box goes, every time I do that one, I sit there watching the map constantly and if I see purple, I panic. Luckily just passer-by's that could have been jerks but weren't. I realize when a game has factions there are always plus and minuses on both sides. I'm use to being spoiled since I have played a hero for so long. Got 4 toons to 106 cr, 128sp, and just want the luxury of being spoiled rotten on the villain side, but not seeing it. I'm still chugging a long, just at a slower pace as heroes.
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  18. THX 1138 New Player

    Must of been our lucky day mate, on the third attempt today a troll was passing by and stopped to help out, He also scored a feat out of it so win win :D