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  1. Cheerioooooooooos New Player

    Hey I’m a Villain Day 1 Player. I recently been making my way back into DC. I noticed that with the population of the game the devs have yet to combine the two sides. I myself and a few players suggested a CUSTOM LFG chat be created and we shout in that chat per raids and alerts etc. I know that we can’t que up together but there’s ways around that as if we can just invite you once on the inside. I would think of the chat as you would the 5v5 chat but for PVE content. I’m not looking to get trolled I really think this we be a big step into reduce looking for a tank for hours on the villain side.

    The name of the Chat -community will decide
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  2. muellersascha Well-Known Player


    as in "Cross" LFG
  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I have made at least two threads about this in the last year or so. the population cross could be easily solved with a unified LFG and allowing to build groups regardless of faction from it but they devs still refuse to make the small change that could solve the population problem. it's sad really that they continue to do nothing about it.
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  4. Redd Blur Active Player

    Theres a vs chat option. That enables you to chat with the villain or hero
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    is VS chat broadcast or local area only? Thought it was local area. IT's also not on in default chat or in a default tab. Also, on the few times I looked at VS a long time ago it was mostly posturing and 'heroes suck' or 'Villains suck' chatter. I think a 2nd cross faction LFG is a good idea, with the same LFG rules for posting frequency and broadcast vs local. The biggest issue is you still can't build a cross faction group, and many Villain purists don't have a hero to que up then leave to swap to their villain toon, so you'd need a 3rd party to volunteer as filler, then leave vs the actual user doing the swap. Not impossible, but a bit of a PITA.

    Seems like it would be an easy add....duplicate the Vs channel with LFG specs and rename to XLFG or LFGX or whatever. Private channel is what I normally use, but obviously the limitation there is how many people will ever see it.

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  6. Cheerioooooooooos New Player

  7. Cheerioooooooooos New Player

    Chat name XLFG let’s already been inviting people
  8. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    While this is a good idea, it won't be useful until you can actually invite people of the opposite faction to your group.
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    You saved me the trouble of saying it. :D
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